My hair feels sticky after coloring. How can I fix it?

sticky hair product build up

If your hair feels sticky after coloring, it may have to do with one of two reasons:

  • Your hair is saturated with products
  • You have seborrheic dermatitis


In this article, I’ll help you discover why your hair feels sticky after coloring.

Then, I’ll tell you how to deep clean your hair to prevent that feeling of grease.


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Oh, and since I always like to think outside the box, I’ll also tell you what else you can do to prevent your hair from feeling tacky and sticky the next time you color it.

Shall we get started?

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1) Your hair is saturated with products, and that’s why it feels sticky

If your hair has become sticky after coloring it, it may be saturated with product buildup. That’s just the way it is. Some hair is more prone to accumulating residue.

What residues do I mean?


It has to do with the residues left by the products you use every day including shampoo and conditioner.

 For example, if you like to use a styling cream or a leave-in conditioner and serum or thermal protectant, your hair accumulates products. 


If you also wash your hair with shampoo with silicones and then color it, the situation worsens.

Many products have silicones.


Although silicone gives your hair shine and a spectacular look, that only happens in the first few washes. Only in the first few washes?


Yes, because silicone doesn’t allow the hair to breathe. Then, over time, it accumulates in the hair fiber resulting in a sticky and undesirable appearance.

Thus, hair that accumulates product buildup becomes dull, tacky, and sticky.

It takes time for hair to regain its shine and body after it has been treated with silicones for too long or too short.


 Chances are that your hair has been accumulating products for a long time without you noticing it. 

So, when you color your hair, it’s like the straw that broke the camel’s back and made your hair sticky.

Shall I give you an example?


It’s like when you apply wax on the floor: if you don’t apply the right amount, the floor gets dull and sticky. It can’t shine. Then, to make it shiny again, you have to remove all the excess wax you have applied.

But don’t worry. You’ve already taken matters into your own hands and are looking to solve the problem of your sticky hair. Do you want to know how to do it?


I’ll show you how to remove excess product from your hair so that it starts to shine again and regains the body and movement.


How to wash your hair with detox shampoo to stop the sticky feeling after coloring it

detox shampoo wash hair before treatment

If your hair feels sticky due to product buildup, you need to wash it as soon as possible with a deep cleansing shampoo.


 These shampoos are usually on the market under the name “detox”, “anti residue,” or “clarifying.” 

They remove any product residue that you have accumulated in the hair.

It’s like resetting your hair, exfoliating, and starting from scratch.


Now, you may need a few washes to notice that your hair recovers, but I assure you that your hair will return to normal faster than you think.

Of course, you should include a detox shampoo in your hair care routine and use it once a month, as your hair has a tendency to accumulate product residue and become sticky.


 Wash your hair several times with the deep cleansing shampoo until you notice that it’s back to normal and no longer sticky. 


Once your hair is back to normal, make sure to use silicone and sulfate-free products to wash it.

 Remember: there are shampoos for every hair type and many don’t contain silicones. 


ph balanced shampoo before keratin

Most styling or leave-in products have silicones.

While they are useful and helpful, they are not suitable for all hair types. But if you want to use them anyway, do so with caution. That is, you can use a styling cream or a serum, but not all at the same time.

Why can’t you use several leave-in products at the same time?


Well, because your hair has a tendency to accumulate product buildup and become sticky, especially after coloring.

But don’t worry, with a detox shampoo routine once a month, you’re covered so you won’t suffer from sticky hair again.


2) Seborrheic dermatitis

As I told you at the beginning, the second possible reason why your hair has become sticky after coloring is that you’re going through seborrheic dermatitis.

It’s an uncomfortable but quite common situation, which can be triggered by several reasons such as for example, hair dyes.


Have you tried washing your hair with detox or deep cleansing shampoo, and still feel it sticky?


 Then, you probably need an appointment with a dermatologist. 

They’ll recommend a treatment for dermatitis that has made your hair sticky. Remember, this problem is more common than you think and has a solution in most cases.



The hair usually returns to normal after changing some habits in the washing routine and care.


Detox shampoo or dermatologist doctor, my two tips to stop feeling your hair sticky

In this article, I told you the reasons why your hair can feel sticky after coloring it.

  • We have seen that this can happen due to residue buildup after using too many silicone products.
  • You may also be suffering from seborrheic dermatitis.


In the first case, you just need to add a detox shampoo into your routine.

In the second case, you should ask a dermatologist for treatment.

Get to work, and you’ll see that you’ll soon have amazing hair again!

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