The best 3 conditioners to mix with hair dye – A hairdresser reveals when this mixture can be useful

woman holds a hair conditioner bottle while thinking about mixing it with dye

  • The three best conditioners to mix with hair dye are Trésemme Moisture Rich for dry hair, Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish for curly hair, and Olaplex 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, for all hair types.
  • Remember that a conditioner and hair dye mixture isn’t suitable for coloring hair. It doesn’t matter whether you use permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.
  • This mixture of conditioner and dye (only with semi-permanent dye) can be used to revive a faded dye or lighten a very dark dye.


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I think I’ve been generous in offering you the information you wanted to know right from the start. Because  now you know, in my professional opinion, the three best conditioners to mix with hair dye. 


I even recommended the best conditioners to mix with dye, considering the condition of your hair or hair type.

olaplex hair conditioner to mix with hair dye

But, now comes the warning.



Why not? Because that mixture won’t do you any good. Quite the opposite.  If you mix conditioner with permanent hair dye you will interrupt the coloring process. 

mix of conditioner and permanent color

And you’ll also damage your hair because mixing conditioner with ammonia and dye developer will degrade the chemicals and weaken your hair, stripping it of moisture and nutrients. Plus, you’d have to start praying for a stylist to fix your hair color.


So  you can mix conditioner with semi-permanent hair dye to achieve certain things, as long as you respect certain proportions. We’ll go into more detail about what you can achieve later. 


But be careful. Mixing conditioner and the semi-permanent dye won’t work for either dyeing or changing your hair color because the dye won’t bind to the hair cuticles. Then when you rinse the dye out, the color will go down the drain.

Also, semi-permanent dye contains moisturizing agents, and if you mix it with conditioner, your hair will be overloaded with oily residue and the dye will slip.


So really,  forget about mixing conditioner with dye to change your hair color.  But you can mix conditioner with semi-permanent dye to achieve certain things, which we’ll discuss now. You’ll also have to respect certain proportions when you make your mixture.


Mix conditioner with semi-permanent hair dye to achieve one of these two things

woman with faded color can use mixture of color and conditioner

Revive a faded semi-permanent hair color

 Proportions of conditioner and dye: 2 parts dye and 1 part conditioner .


If you use semi-permanent dyes, you already know the advantages and disadvantages. The biggest drawback is that it fades quickly with washing. And it fades faster if you use shampoos and conditioners that include sulfates.


Therefore,  if you notice the dye you used is starting to fade, you can mix the conditioner with the semi-permanent dye color you previously applied to revive the color. 

Here’s an extra tip:  if you bleached your hair before applying the semi-permanent hair color , use a TRÉSEMME conditioner as it contains biotin, an important ingredient in hair repair.


You can also opt for the Olaplex 5 conditioner, which is excellent for hair damaged by chemical processes.


Lightening a very dark semi-permanent hair color

semi-permanent dye manic panic very dark can be mixed with hair conditioner

 Proportions of the conditioner and dye mixture: 2 parts conditioner and 1 part dye .


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I know. Maybe you got excited about fantasy colors and opted for an intense blue or purple. But don’t be so quick to throw out the dye if the color is too strong for you.

 You can mix it with some of the conditioners I recommended to lighten the color, since they’re all white. 

If your hair is curly, I advise you to choose the Fructis conditioner to mix with the dye. It will leave your hair silky from the roots to the tips without your curls losing shape.



You should never mix permanent hair dye with conditioner. However, mixing conditioner with semi-permanent dye will revive your hair’s faded colors or lighten a very intense dye color.

But mixing conditioner and dye will never work to modify hair color.

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