Can I leave Color Oops on longer than 20 minutes on my hair?

hair dye removers

  • No. You shouldn’t leave Color Oops on your hair for more than 20 minutes.
  • Firstly, because it stops working after that time. Secondly, because if your hair isn’t healthy, it’ll only dry out and damage it.
  • Therefore, the maximum time to leave Color Oops in your hair is 20 minutes. Today, I’ll tell you how to use it correctly.


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What happens if you leave it on your hair for, say, 25 minutes?

Regarding the objective of Color Oops, which is to remove the hair dye, nothing will happen because Color Oops loses strength after twenty minutes.

Therefore, it won’t continue removing the hair dye that you want to remove.


As regards hair health, the news is not so favorable.

Although Color Oops is much gentler than other color removers you can find on the market,   it could damage your hair if it’s not healthy. 

Besides, why would you want to leave it on your hair any longer?


The Color Oops formula allows you to apply it several times in a row. So, you don’t need to leave it on for longer than the indicated 20 minutes.

Therefore, you can reapply it if you need to keep removing the hair dye.

Do you still think that leaving it on for a few more minutes won’t have any consequences?


Read on, and face the truth.

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Why may leaving Color Oops on for more than 20 minutes push your healthy hair to breakage?

looks dry and frizzy

Yes, just like you read. If you leave Color Oops on for more than 20 minutes, which is the maximum time the product needs to work, your hair could be damaged. Consequently, the dreaded frizz and styling difficulties could set in.


Therefore, your hair should be completely healthy when applying the color remover.

Although Color Oops contains neither ammonia nor peroxide,  it has a large number of sulfates and sulfur. Those chemicals are very corrosive to the hair. 


Take it from me. I’ve been working in salons for 22 years. Over the years, I have witnessed many manes ruined by misusing hair color removers. Most of the mistakes have to do with leaving the remover on the hair longer than what the manufacturer recommends.

Many women believe that it’s easy to remove hair dye or bleach.


YouTube is a useful tool, but when it comes to health, it’s a double-edged sword.

Tell me the truth. Would you trust a YouTube tutorial to make a small incision in your skin and remove a mole?


If you have any sense of sanity, your answer will be no.

The same happens with hair.  Not all content on  YouTube is generated by professionals in the hair industry.  And then, that’s when one can hear things that personally creep me out, such as:


Who would think that after using Color Oops you can immediately bleach your hair?

Do the people who recommend such a thing have any idea that hair isn’t made of steel, and that it isn’t immune to chemicals?

But the nonsense doesn’t stop there.


You can also find advice like this:

  • “You should leave Color Oops on all night.”

All night long? I pray to God no one followed that advice. Otherwise, chances are next morning, you’ll wake up with a serious hair loss problem.



At least listen to what someone who has been a hairdresser and colorist for 22 years tells you. I know some things about hair.


Color Oops is one of the most widely used color removers on the market. That’s why it is so famous worldwide. It’s also one of the most used because, while being a chemical product, it’s very gentle on the hair.

If you follow the directions, you won’t suffer from breakage, dryness, or hair loss.


As I see that you are willing to take care of your hair, here’s how to apply Color Oops correctly.


How to apply Color Oops respecting the 20 minutes of exposure of the product

Here’s the-step by-step to follow strictly to remove your color without damaging your hair.


Step 1: Choose a place with good ventilation

First and foremost, choose a place with good ventilation to apply Color Oops.  Women who used the product complain about its strong and persistent smell. 

Although Color Oops doesn’t contain bleach or ammonia, it has other chemicals, which is why most users perceive an unpleasant odor that is rather similar to rotten eggs.

With this in mind, you should choose an appropriate place to do the procedure.


Step 2: Prepare the mixture

The Color Oops kit comes with two containers:

  • The smaller one, identified with a 1
  • The larger one, identified with the number 2

You’ll have to transfer the entire contents of container number 1 to container 2.

Then, put the lid back on container 2, and mix well to blend both liquids.


Step 3: Apply the mixture to your hair

Put on your gloves! Start applying the mixture to your dry hair. With the help of your hands, distribute the mixture from roots to ends.

Make sure to massage each strand so that the mixture penetrates deeply.


 The mixture should be applied quickly and smoothly to work evenly throughout the hair.  If you have a friend, cousin, or neighbor who can help you, all the better.


Step 4: Leave the mixture on for up to 20 minutes

Once the mixture is on your hair, cover it with a shower cap and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Here, I want to stop.


 Although Color Oops doesn’t cause extreme damage to the hair, you must respect the exposure time. 

The manufacturer states 20 minutes because the mixture loses strength after 25 minutes. Then, your hair will start to absorb the Color Oops chemicals as if it were a moisturizing mask. That could lead to dryness.


Don’t leave Color Oops on for more than 20 minutes. If Color Oops didn’t remove the hair dye completely after the first application, you can repeat the process.


Step 5: After the exposure time, wash your hair thoroughly

Once the 20 minutes are over, it’s time to remove the product from your hair.

Wash your hair with hot water. It should be as hot as you can stand. Let the water run through your hair until you are sure you have removed the entire product.

You can then shampoo several times and finish the wash with a moisturizing conditioner.


Now, take a look at your hair:

  • Is the hair dye completely gone?
  • Are there any traces of color left?


  • If the hair dye is completely gone, you don’t need to apply Color Oops again.

You can either apply a new hair dye or let your hair rest from the chemical processes and moisturize to repair any damage.


  • If there’re still traces of color, reapply Color Oops. This product offers you the possibility to apply it up to three times in a row on the same day.

Of course, you should also be careful with this. The manufacturer claims that it can be used up to three times in the same day in optimal situations. It means completely healthy hair, without split ends, and without a hint of dryness.


If you notice that your hair is even slightly dry after the first application, I advise you to wait a few days and nourish your hair. Then, perform the second application of Color Oops, and of course, don’t exceed 20 minutes.



You should respect the maximum time of Color Oops on your hair, which is always 20 minutes.

  • First, because the product loses the effect of removing the hair dye after that time.
  • But also, some of the chemicals it contains can damage your hair


I recommend that you start a moisturizing treatment after applying Color Oops, such as coconut or almond oil.

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