Is your hair falling out months after bleaching? Follow this 6-step plan

sad woman because her bleached hair is ruined

It’s not normal for your hair to keep falling out months after bleaching. So, here is my 6-step care plan to prevent your hair from falling out:

  • Wash your hair every other day. You can use a dry shampoo.
  • Brush your hair under the shower. This way, you’ll avoid tugging and pulling to untangle it.
  • Say goodbye to the hair dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. You should avoid heat tools to stop your bleached hair from falling out.
  • Incorporate nourishing and recovery treatments: use professional products and forget about home remedies.
  • Cut your hair to remove the dry ends. I’ll help it be healthy and stop falling out.
  • Let your hair rest from chemical processes for a long time to stop falling out.

We’ll look at each step in depth. I’ll also tell you how to avoid this problem in the future.


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Did you bleach your hair months ago and still notice that it keeps falling out?

That’s too bad!


As I was saying, it’s not normal for your hair to fall out for so long after bleaching.

  When you decide to bleach your hair, you may not be aware of the consequences. Falling out is one of them,   although this isn’t always the case.

It wouldn’t be fair to blame it on the bleaching process only.


If the bleaching session was well done, you shouldn’t have hair loss months later.

On the other hand, if the bleaching session didn’t work well, your hair will probably fall out as a result.

  After bleaching, the hair may be more or less sensitive, but it doesn’t fall out.  


I’ve been a colorist for many years, and my clients don’t lose their hair after bleaching. But don’t worry!

In this article, I’ll give you a 6-step care plan to stop your hair from falling out after bleaching.


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It’s been several months since my last bleaching. Why does my hair keep falling out? Take this elasticity test

before applying dyes or bleaching
Let’s find out why your hair is falling out.

  To check if the cause of your hair breaking out is a previous bleaching session, let’s do a breakage test. 

Do you agree?


  • For this test, you’ll take three hairs from your head.
  • Two from the sides and one from the back of your head.
  • Take one hair and stretch it slowly and gently.
  • If it springs back and behaves like a rubber band, your hair is fine.


Do this same test with all three hairs.

  If the test is successful, the hair loss may be due to a problem   that has nothing to do with bleaching.

I recommend that you schedule a visit with a dermatologist.


  On the other hand, if you do the test and it goes wrong, i.e. your hair breaks or curls where you straightened it, it’s sensitive and needs to regain its elasticity to stop falling out.  


My bleached hair won’t stop falling out. Is there a solution?

Almost everything has a solution, and hair loss in bleached hair is no exception.

Unbelievably, it’s quite frequent. Especially if you bleached your hair at home and not professionally.

  With the necessary care, you can recover the elasticity of your hair and stop breakage.  


6-step care plan to stop post-bleaching hair loss

Wash your hair every other day

girl washing her hair
How will you wash your hair from now to prevent hair from falling out after bleaching?


Buy a shampoo and conditioner for damaged or brittle hair. Then, wash your hair every other day.

In other words,   if it’s not extremely necessary to wash your hair every day, don’t.  

Wash your hair every other day. You can use a dry shampoo. That way, it’ll be easier for you to wash your bleached hair less frequently so it stops falling out.


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Brush your hair under the shower

brush the hair carefully so as not to injure the scalp
When is it convenient to brush your hair if it falls out after bleaching?


  You should brush your hair in the shower before rinsing out the conditioner.  

That way, you’ll avoid pulling your hair when detangling.

You can also use a leave-in detangling product to ease brushing. Use brushes that don’t damage the hair and do gentle strokes.


Goodbye blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron

blonde hair thinned by continuous bleaching
Say goodbye to hair dryers and flat irons or curling irons.

It’s essential to stop using heat tools. They dry out the hair and make breakage even easier.  

If you use a hairdryer, always use a heat protector.   If possible, make sure the air comes out warm, not so hot.

Avoid flat ironing for at least one month after you start this anti-breakage care plan. If you do use it, use a heat protector.


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Add nourishing and recovery treatments

woman applies mask to bleached hair
Use a treatment to restore your hair. The hair treatment is essential to recover your hair damaged by bleaching. It’s the solution to the breakage and hair loss you’ve been worrying about. Buy a professional hair mask for damaged or broken hair.

Don’t spare the cost and apply it once a week. Don’t do home treatments. You need a professional formula.


Cut your hair

cut ends dry hair
Visit your stylist and ask him/her to trim your hair a few centimeters.

  Trimming your hair will strengthen it. That way, it’ll grow healthier and healthier.  

Consequently, it will stop falling out. Damaged ends are more prone to breakage. So, it’s better to start over. It’s no use having long hair if it doesn’t look nice.


Give your hair a break from chemical processes

Say goodbye to any chemical salon processes.   Don’t have any treatments that involve chemicals.   This could weaken your bleached hair and make it fall out even more. If you must dye your hair, use an ammonia-free hair dye.

Don’t even think about bleaching your hair or doing any keratin or straightening treatments. This would jeopardize the whole recovery and care plan.


How can I prevent my hair from falling out after bleaching in the future?

hair bleaching in salon
I guarantee that, in time, your hair will be healthy.

  When your hair is recovered, bleach it in professional salons with responsible hairdressers.   Don’t skimp on costs and don’t risk doing the bleaching yourself.


Please, your hair health isn’t a game.   Don’t do straightening or keratin processes as the formulas of these treatments are incompatible with bleaching your hair.   Remember the bad experience from the past.


Conclusion: Follow my hair care plan and your bleached hair will stop falling out

To conclude, we’ve seen that   hair that has been bleached badly can fall out even after several months.  

That’s why I shared my 6-step basic care plan to help your hair recover and stop falling out after bleaching.


  If you want your hair to stop falling out, you should stop flat ironing and straightening. Also, detangle your hair under the shower to avoid pulling  

I hope you’ll soon get over this difficult time and get your hair back to looking amazing!

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