Can you bleach black dyed hair? Yes, but you shouldn’t do it on your own

hairdresser bleaches client's black hair

  • If you want to bleach your black dyed hair, the best thing to do is to have it done at a salon.
  • You’ll need to bleach your hair at least five times to remove the black pigmentation.
  • Each bleaching process will leave your hair fragile and brittle.
  • Bleaching black dyed hair takes months and should only be done by a professional because they have the necessary expertise and tools.


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When a client tells me she wants to dye her hair black, I have an extensive chat with her before I get down to work.

While black is a striking, deep, and very personal color, it’s one of the hardest colors to remove from the hair.

Black pigmentation is very persistent.

So, if you get tired of your black dyed hair and want to change the color, you’ll have to bleach it.


That dear friend is a very long process.

You can’t go from black to blonde in one day.

Or with only one bleaching session.


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What is certain is that you won’t be able to bleach your hair on your own.

I’m tired of people showing things that aren’t real.

It’s not “easy” as it’s usually portrayed in social media and posts like, “bleach your hair black in three steps” or “how to go from black to blonde in two hours.”


I’m also tired of the “lightness.”

The lightness makes people neglect words and phrases like “bleach,” “bleach mix,” or “40 volumes of hydrogen.”

Do you know why I’m tired of “easy” and “lightness”?


Because I receive women every day in my salon   who come in with burned hair from the roots because they bleached their hair black.  

When I see hair burned by a badly performed bleaching, I feel totally helpless.


There’s no solution for hair burned by bleaching.

Only the damaged part of the hair can be removed. It could be recovered because it hasn’t fallen out in strands.

I’m not exaggerating. I’ve had to leave women with very few centimeters of hair because of bleaching that went wrong.


It’s all common sense.

  If you bleach your black hair on your own, and things go wrong, you’ll spend a lot more money repairing your hair and scalp   than you would have if you’d done it by a professional.


You know that the best for your black hair is to have it bleached by a professional.


Still, if you feel you can’t afford it and want to risk bleaching your dyed black hair yourself, read on.

Maybe, together, we’re in time to save your hair.

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Why should you bleach your dyed black hair at a salon?

hairdresser bleaching dyed black hair

Black is the darkest shade on the color chart.

According to the color chart, black is 1, and the extra light blonde is 10. The intermediate colors, from dark brown to dark blonde, are in between.


I suggest a visualization exercise.

Close your eyes and bring all your attention to your black hair.

Do you have it?


Now, very slowly, as if you were peeling an onion, lift the black layer covering your hair, that is, the black dye layer.

What color can you visualize underneath?



No! No matter how hard you try to visualize it, you won’t get to blonde.

  Underneath that black layer, there are a lot of colors that you’ll also have to remove, layer after layer,   as if you were peeling an onion.

As you remove each layer of color, you’re going through the intermediate colors such as red and orange, all the way down to yellow.


That’s about the visualization exercise.

However, when it comes to bleaching black dyed hair, going through the layers of color takes a long time. When I say a long time, I mean months.

You’ll need to bleach your hair to remove each layer of color. Since bleaching is a very aggressive process, you should wait at least three weeks between each session.


You’ll gradually move up the scale with each bleaching session, but you won’t jump from black to blonde in one day.

Do you want to know what a thorough bleaching plan would look like?


Professionally recommended bleaching plan for black dyed hair

decolorar pelo en un salon

First bleaching session

  • The black 1 will be gone and your hair will be dark brown 3 or brown 4.
  • If this is the color you were looking for, you won’t have to go back to the salon.
  • But if you want to continue bleaching, you’ll have to wait three weeks and go back to the salon for a new session.


Second bleaching session

  • The brown 4 will disappear, and your hair will have reddish undertones.
  • To make the red disappear, your colorist will need to apply toners before the next bleaching session.
  • It’s necessary to keep bleaching your hair to make those unwanted red undertones disappear.


Third bleaching session

  • The red will disappear and give way to orange.
  • Again, your colorist will need to tone your hair to make that nasty color disappear.


Fourth bleaching session

  • The dark orange will be gone, and your hair will be near blonde 7, but orange.
  • Your colorist will apply toner to neutralize the orange undertones and ask you to return to the salon in three weeks to bleach again.


Fifth bleaching session

  • The orange undertones will have disappeared, and you’ll start to see your hair yellow.
  • Your hair will have reached the light blonde 8.
  • If you like this color, your colorist will apply toner to turn your hair ashy blonde.
  • But if you want an even lighter color, you’ll have to go through two or three more bleaching sessions.


Now, let’s do the math.   Twelve weeks, or three months, have passed since the first bleaching session.  

Your colorist will have carefully evaluated your hair to verify that it will withstand each bleaching process.

She’ll have been attentive to your hair’s needs and will probably have recommended intensive nourishment and repair treatments.


She may even recommend including OLAPLEX, a revolutionary product that repairs DNA strands during bleaching to prevent damage from chemicals such as developer and ammonia.

Alternatively, I can recommend WELLAPLEX. I use it at the salon when I bleach seriously damaged hair because it strengthens the protein bonds and prevents the bleaching chemicals from breaking them.


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Colorists are familiar with many products or tools that can protect hair during bleaching. For example, anti-breakage oils are usually added to bleach.

In short, stylists know how to apply the bleach, how long to leave it on, and what products can be used after or during the bleaching process.


  But above all, we know when to stop.   We know when black dyed hair will withstand several bleaching sessions.

Then, the moment of truth has arrived.


Do you think you could bleach your black dyed hair without risking breakage at the root?

determine how long to leave toner on orange hair

Answer these questions honestly:

  • Do you have experience in coloring?
  • Do you think you can do all these steps without damaging your hair?
  • Can you evaluate your hair just by looking at it?
  • Have you heard of the resistance test or strand test?
  • Do you know which toner to apply?
  • Do you know about the best treatments to repair hair after bleaching?


If you answered no to any of these questions, run and get an appointment at your salon.

Congratulate yourself. You saved your hair today.



You are now aware of what it means to bleach black dyed hair. You know the risks you’re exposing your hair to, but you also know how to avoid disaster.

Ultimately, that’s what this post was all about.

The aim is to learn that bleaching should be done by professionals.

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