Top 7 unnatural hair colors for cool skin tones

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Are you thinking of dyeing your hair a fancy-color? Do you have a cool skin tone?


If you have a cool skin tone and want to dye your hair a non-natural color, I recommend these colors:


As you can see, seven colors can look perfect with your cool skin tone. They range from blondes to blacks, all the way through browns.

But before we rush to choose the best color for your cool skin, how about checking that your skin tone is the one you think it is?


After doing some small tests to confirm if your skin is cold, you will know how to choose the best tone for your hair and the best colors for your make-up and even your clothes.

Shall we start?


3 ways to make sure your skin is cool

As I told you initially, it is important to assess what type of skin you have and if it really is a cool skin tone. Then, you can continue with the choice of the color of your next hair color.


There are many ways to determine what type of skin you have and what color palette will suit you best. Best of all, you can find it out with a few simple exercises.

 Don’t worry; you won’t have to do sit-ups or astronomical calculations to determine whether your skin is warm or cool. 

You will have to apply the always very effective method of observation.

Are you a very observant person?


Then you’ll find it very easy. And if you’re not, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of practice.

Are you ready? Then, sharpen up your eyes, and let’s get started.



1- Check your veins

Well, you won’t need to become a vampire. We’ll leave that to Dracula in any of his movie versions.

Look at the back of your forearm. What color are your veins?

  • If they’re greenish, your skin tone is warm.
  • If they’re blue, your skin tone is cool.


Are you still in doubt? Let’s move on to the next exercise.


2- Look for a silver and a gold accessory

When I say accessories, I’m talking about a necklace or a pair of earrings. You can ask a friend if you’re missing any of the colors.

Once you have both a silver and a gold accessory, try them out, and see how you perceive the color in contact with your skin.

  • If you feel your skin is glowing more with gold, it’s warm.
  • If you feel your skin shines more with silver, it’s cool.


To make sure that your first impressions do not fail you, we will perform the third exercise. Once you do it, you will have no doubts about whether your skin is cool or warm.


3- Look for gold and a silver garment

In this case, you should look for a silver and a golden garment. It can be a scarf, a shirt or a dress.

You will have to bring them close to your neck and look in the mirror.

  • If you feel that the golden garment suits you better, your skin is warm.
  • If you feel that the silver garment suits you better, your skin is cool.


These exercises are infallible for knowing if your skin is cool or warm. So tell me, what skin tone do you have?

Have you confirmed your suspicions, and is your skin cool?


Then, all you have to do is choose any of the seven skin tones I’ll tell you about next.


7 amazing skin tones for cool skin

You might associate some words with the best colors of dyes for your cool skin as ash or platinum. Of course, as I told you at the beginning, luckily you will be able to choose some dyes in the range of blondes, browns, and blacks.

Let’s look at each of these seven colors in detail.


1- Platinum Blonde or Ice Blonde

white skin tone

It is a super platinum and very cool hair color, almost white, which, at first glance, looks like a gray.


 It’s a shade recommended for cool skin and brown hair and people who don’t use much make-up,  since it will highlight your features and the imperfections of your face if you have them.


2- Burgundy

red tones

Burgundy is an unnatural wine or dark cherry color. Some also define it as a dark red with purple hues.

I especially recommend it for those cool-skinned ladies who want to look sophisticated and elegant.


3- Mahogany

toning down dark hair

This is a classic for cool-skinned people. It is usually a more winter tone, but you can achieve mahogany even for the summer if you are looking for different tone heights.

If you are looking for a color that does not generate so much commitment and visits to the salon, this is the one for you.


4- Cool Brew Hair

cool skin tone

Can you believe this color was inspired by the shade that comes out when you pour ice or milk over coffee?


If you have brown hair and don’t want to change your natural color too much, this is the best option.

It’s a bright color, which will give light, volume, and movement to your natural color.


5- Bronde

Bronde is neither blond nor brown. So the important thing here is that you choose the right tone reflections.

The bronze tone is identified with the number 7, within which you will find many reflections, such as gold, copper, mauve, ash, etc.

You should choose the matt tones for your cool skin, which are 7, 7.7, or 7.1.

Your hair with this tone will look moderate in gloss and without many contrasts, so it will be ideal if you like to go unnoticed.


6- Pearl

parted in the middle

This color is very similar to the super-platinum blond, only that, instead of having gray highlights, it has slightly lilac or violet shades.

And when I say slightly lilac, they’re almost imperceptible.

If you want to soften your features, choose this shade, without a doubt.


7- Bluish black

Do you have naturally dark hair and light eyes? Then go with this color.

If you don’t, you can rule it out because all you’ll do is make your face opaque.



Before you decide on your hair dye color, you must define whether your skin is cool or warm. Once you determine that, you can choose the ideal shade for your cool skin.


Remember that you will also have to change some shades of your makeup palette and even your clothes’ colors.

For example, if you choose a super-platinum blond, the colors that will suit you best are blue shades. If you choose a burgundy, the indicated colors will be black, brick brown, and violet.

Now tell me what color are you going to dye your hair to match your cool skin?

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