Am I too old to color my hair purple, pink, or any other fantasy color?

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Do you want to know if you are too old to color your hair purple, red, or any other fantasy color?


The answer is a categorical No. You’re not too old. Do you know why?

  • Because the key is to choose a color at the same tone level that you usually wear.
  • If your hair is blonde, the best fantasy colors are lilac, pink, green, and blue.
  • And if your hair is dark, you can play with the full range of purples on the market.
  • Alternatively, you can add some fantasy colored highlights to your usual color instead of going for a radical change. It’ll give your hair a unique and personal brightness.


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As a hairdresser, I believe that the only limit for any age to decide to color your hair with a fantasy color is to make a thorough decision.

What do I mean?


 If you’ve worn your hair blonde your whole life, coloring it bright pink from one moment to another may be too radical a change. 

And you have to be prepared for prying eyes, discriminating and disapproving looks. Believe me, there will be. And you must be prepared for them not to hurt your free soul.


It won’t all be disapproval.  Some people will praise you, your childhood friends will want to imitate you,  and children and grandchildren will proudly show your change to others and think you are an elf or a fair from a fairytale.[/su_highlight]

No one can tell you what to do with your hair color, no matter how old you are.


To ease the transition, there’re a few tips I would like to offer you as a professional hairdresser. Just like you, for me, life is colorful, don’t you think?

So, let’s get started.


Choose a fantasy hair color according to your hair color

she changed her hair color

It’s best to choose colors of the same shade as your usual color. What does this mean?  For example:


 If you’re used to coloring your hair a light brown, which is equivalent to a number 5 dye, you can choose a purple shade that is equivalent to that level.  For example, a 5.62 light brown red-purple.

This way, you won’t change the level of your hair tone, but you’ll add some purple highlights, which will lighten your hair in an absolutely personal and unique way. At this point, who remembers your age?


Make a slow transition to fantasy colors

60 year old woman

Listen carefully. You don’t need to completely color your hair to create a casual, personal look with a fantasy color. You’ve lived long enough to know, as Napoleon said, “dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry”.


You can choose to do highlights like balayage u ombré in fantasy colors to lighten your base color.  It’ll be a fun change at your 50s or 60s, but do it gradually. 

It’ll help both you and those around you get used to your new hair fantasy color. If you’re a grandmother, children and crazy people always tell the truth.

After all, you don’t want one of your grandchildren screaming that their grandmother has turned into the Incredible Hulk, do you?


And just so you get the hang of this idea, let me tell you what happened to one of my clients, Silvia.

She’s been my client for many years and she comes to the salon to keep her blonde perfect. Silvia is an energetic woman, full of life, who always smiles at life.

 She wanted to bring that joy to her hair. So, she came to the salon with a clear idea to color her hair  pastel pink. I thought it was a good option because the color matched her skin tone and her impressive green eyes.


A few days later, she sent me a text message that made me very sad. Her children had criticized her so harshly for dyeing her hair pastel pink that she couldn’t spend another day with it.

I immediately offered her a new appointment because I didn’t want her to suffer the frustration of her children judging her harshly. I gave her a suggestion to wear the fantasy color in her hair without her children criticizing her.

What was that solution about? To return to her blonde but keeping a few pastel pink highlights underneath. What was the result? Fresh grandma and happy children!


 If you’re going to choose to do some highlights in fantasy tones, keep in mind that pastel pink, lilac, green and blue are compatible with blonde hair. 

Also, those fantasy colors are easy to apply and remove in blonde hair in case you regret the change.


If your hair is darker, purple is an excellent choice because it’ll take years off your hair. Come on, being a grandmother doesn’t mean you have to stop caring for your look.


Don’t forget that fantasy colors should be in harmony with your skin tone

Your skin tone won’t change no matter your age. If the skin on your face was white when you were in your 20s, now that you are 60, it will still be white with a few traces of wisdom.

  • Warmer colors, such as pinks, oranges, and yellows will look better with cooler skin tones.
  • And cold colors, like blue and purple, will be particularly flattering if you have warm yellow tones on your skin.


Keep in mind that fantasy colors require a lot of maintenance.

This is true no matter how old you are. Do you have a granddaughter who colors her hair turquoise?


She’ll be able to tell you about the maintenance of this type of semi-permanent dye.

Be prepared to use sulfate-free shampoos and to visit the salon more frequently,  because fantasy colors fade more quickly. 

Surely, you don’t run against the clock anymore, and going to the hairdresser once a month will be an excursion more than an obligation. Luxuries that come with age!



You’re never too old to color your hair with a fantasy color. However, be prepared to perceive that you’ll face prying eyes and prejudice.

If you’ve made a thorough decision, fantasy colors are for you and will refresh your lines and experience. Remember that you can do it gradually by adding some fantasy color highlights to lighten your hair and give it more personality.

If Madonna colored her hair pink in her 60s, who’s stopping you?


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