Why is My Hair So Tangled After Highlights? 4 reasons and 1 solution

tangled blonde hair

If your hair gets too tangled after highlights, check the following 4 reasons:

  • Reason 1: You have fine hair
  • Reason 2: You got highlights several times
  • Reason 3: Your hair lacks nutrition
  • Reason 4: You had one intense bleaching session instead of several milder ones


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Did you get highlights and notice that your hair is getting too tangled?


Don’t worry. This is a frequent question I receive at the salon.

 Some reasons may make your hair tangle after getting highlights. Fortunately, they all have the same solution. 

Now let’s see why your hair tangles easily after getting highlights.

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The 4 possible reasons why hair tangles after highlights

Woman with tangled blonde hair


Reason 1: You have fine hair

If your hair is fine or very fine, that may be the reason why it tangles.

When fine hair undergoes a bleaching process,  its texture changes and, usually, weakens. 


Therefore, cuticles don’t seal quickly and create a breeding ground for tangles.

So, if your hair is fine, you should evaluate the pros and cons of highlights. If you decide to go for them,   look for a gentle bleach  to minimize the damage.


Reason 2: You got highlights several times

If you’ve become a fan of highlights, be careful not to overdo it.

 If you overdo highlights, you’ll make a nice, sophisticated job look like a disaster when your hair tangles. 


When your hair grows two or three centimeters, I suggest highlighting only the roots. You may do it with your preferred method, whether it be the cap or bands.    Why?

What does it change?


 After applying the bleach to the roots, a frequent mistake is to extend it to the mid-lengths and ends to avoid marks.  This common mistake has 2 consequences:

  • First, you keep applying bleach to bleached hair.

Even if you do it every three months, those ends will have been bleached four times after one year. A real disaster

  • The second consequence of extending the bleach to the ends is that you’ll go blonder and blonder.

This way, you’ll lose the effect of the highlights, which is precisely to lighten your hair.


So, if you need to touch up your highlights, you’ll be better off bleaching only the roots.

This will allow the highlighting effect to remain intact. What you’ll need to extend to the ends is the toner. It’ll help even out the tone again  and add nourishment to the bleached hair.

By the way, don’t forget to ask your hairdresser what type of highlights work best for your hair type.

Reason 3: Lack of nutrition in your hair

You should always keep in mind that bleaching is one of the most aggressive treatments for your hair.

It’s done with alkaline products that generate high degrees of porosity in your hair.


So, after getting highlights,  you must restore your hair with nourishing treatments. 


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Reason 4: You got one intense bleaching session instead of several lighter ones

If you have very dark hair, you won’t be able to get a light shade with a single bleach.


I’m sorry, but you won’t.

In fact, your hair will most likely be a coppery shade.

In these cases, you should bleach your hair again with a low-level peroxide. However,  some people prefer to save time and do a single bleach  with a very high-volume peroxide.

What happens, then?


That is a risky decision.

 Even though your hair will lighten more quickly after one intense bleaching session, it’ll probably be destroyed as a consequence. 


As I said, it’s best to bleach your hair mildly as much as necessary instead of only once.
 The second time you bleach it, use a low-volume peroxide.  If possible, incorporate the plex system to protect the hair fiber.

The plex system can be found in practically all leading brands from all laboratories. All you have to do is add the plex to the bleach and peroxide mixture.


The ultimate solution for hair that tangles after highlighting

Products to nourish the hair

If you’ve had highlights and your hair is tangled, the only solution is hydration and nourishment.

You’ll need to restore your hair so that the highlights show up and your mane looks beautiful. To do this, you need to moisturize and nourish your hair regularly. How?


 You should add all the moisturizing treatments you can: masks, ampoules, and any method that doesn’t involve dryers and irons. 

Avoid keratin shocks, hair botox, or hair lifting. They require intense heat to obtain the result. You should carefully read the package inserts of each treatment to find the most appropriate one and learn how often to apply them.


 Of course, you should also use top-of-the-line shampoos. Otherwise, if you use low or medium-quality shampoos, you’ll throw away all the work of nourishment and you’ll suffer from tangles again. 

No more tangles?


Exactly. If you keep your hair moisturized and nourished, your cuticles will be sealed and your hair won’t tangle after highlighting.


Conclusion: Moisturize your hair and forget about tangles

In this article, we’ve looked at the 4 reasons why your hair gets so tangled after highlighting.

Whatever your case is, you can only solve it with a good moisturizing routine.


I always give you the same advice: leave these delicate jobs in the hands of a professional.

 Keep in mind that whatever you save at a salon will be spent on trying to restore your hair. 


Make an appointment at your regular salon and leave it to your trusted hairdresser to make your hair look luminous and tangle-free. Go for it!

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