How to dye red hair brown without damaging it? Do you need to bleach?

remove the color

Are you bored with dyeing your hair red?

Now, do you want to belong to the kingdom of brunettes?



You’re not the only one.

I also went from red hair to brown and today, I’m going to tell you how you can do the same.


The basis is that you know that depending on the intensity of the red that you have in your hair, there are different alternatives.


You can bleach your hair.

Or you can choose a hair color.

But the hair color can’t be one of those that you buy in a box.

You should get your own dye keeping in mind the tone and the underlying pigments.

But, I don’t want you to get dizzy.

Let’s separate it into parts, how does that sound?


 When I colored my hair red, the only thing I thought about was getting the same look as Rihanna. 

The Rihanna with colored hair because this woman had bulletproof hair.

She changes hair color like I change my underwear.


Of course, I didn’t think of two small details.

I don’t have her facial structure and I also don’t enjoy millions of dollars in my bank account.

So, after just a few months, I couldn’t stand the way I looked in the mirror.

I spent fortunes to maintain the vibrant red that I had breathed for and raved about at first.


It’s that nobody told me in the moment that hair dyed red is one of the colors that fades fastest when washed.

They also didn’t tell me that I would have to redo my entire wardrobe and accessories because it’s very important to accompany fire red hair with adequate attire.

So, that’s where I was.

Crying tears of blood.

I think the red dye had drained into my tear ducts.


Until I decided to dry my tears and replace them with my character sealed with fire.

A color wouldn’t beat me.

Everything that goes in comes out.

Everything that gets colored can be bleached.

Do you want to know how I was able to bring my hair from red to brown?


Keep reading.

Because I’m also going tell you:

  • How to eliminate the red tones from your hair with bleaching
  • How to choose a brown tone to eliminate the red in your hair
  • How the colorimetry laws are applied in the different tones of red


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How to eliminate the red pigments from dyed hair

from red to brown

If you have intense red hair and you want to dye it brown, you can’t simply apply a new color tone and hope that it works.

That’s due to chemistry.


The molecules of the red pigments are much bigger than those of other colors.

Because of that, they penetrate deeper into the internal part of the hair.

That’s why brown dye will not neutralize the red tone.

 The first thing that you should do is to apply a dye remover to get rid of as much of the dye out of my hair as possible. 

Color remover breaks up the red molecules.

If your red color isn’t very vibrant, this remover will work.

Now, if it’s an electric or very intense red, you will need to bleach your hair.


To bleach your hair, you will need to make a mixture of bleaching powder and a developer in equal proportions.

Apply the mixture in your hair, distributing it evenly and letting it sit for about forty minutes approximately.


 Since  bleaching the hair can lighten your hair three tones, it will be enough to bring your red hair to a dark brown or a dark blonde, depending on the time that you let it sit. 

Now, if you want a light brown, you should repeat this bleaching process again.

But, you should wait at least a month.


Bleaching is an aggressive process and you don’t want to end up getting bald.

But at least you won’t see the red in your hair.

And that is one step.

A very important one.


So, with this first step, we are able to get rid of the red color in the hair.

But the work’s not over yet. You still have to color your hair brown.


How to choose a brown tone to replace the red

Before getting rid of the red in your hair, it’s important to keep in mind the new color of hair you want within the brown range.


 If you want to get rid of the red to get to a darker tone and you don’t want bleach your hair, simply apply a dark brown tone. 

But you should pay attention to the shades or highlights because that is what will neutralize the reds.


You should use a color with cold tones.

If you don’t do that, the red will persist because even though the dye is also dark, the red tone will continue being underlying.

To do this, all you need to do is mix the tone you want with the corresponding ashy tone.

In most cases, mixing the tone you want with ¼ of the same corresponding ashy shade will be enough to eliminate the excess red.


How does colorimetry work in red colors

opposite colors are complementary

All of the skin color tones follow the same rules in which color theory is based.


Opposite tones on the color wheel neutralize themselves and this can be seen in the toning of blonde hair with violet shampoo.

The violet tone counteracts with a golden tone in blonde hair because the colors, when they combine, form a neutral tone.


 The red tone is also subject to this colorimetry rule and by looking at the color wheel, you’ll be able to see that the color directly opposite of red is green.  

To eliminate the red color from your hair, if you want to avoid bleaching, use a color or hair that’s ashy with a green base.

If your hair is a bright red color, for example, it could be a level 7 in the system, characterizing it as a blonde – medium blonde.


The process of toning the red in your hair is much easier when your hair is in the range of browns.

The shades of a level 5 or a level 3 correspond to a light brown and a dark brown and the available ashy dyes of this range of levels contain green pigments that counteract the red in the hair.

The only thing necessary in this case is to apply an ashy dye that’s one tone lighter than your actual level to neutralize the red tone and bring it to a natural brown color.



  • To achieve the best results, the best thing is to go to a beauty salon. Colorimetry isn’t for everyone
  • If you have a soft red in your hair, you can opt for a color remover
  • If you have a vibrant red, maybe you should bleach your hair to later apply a brown color
  • Always keep in mind that you should think about the underlying pigments that correspond to each tone
  • If you have to bleach and apply a new brown color, the best thing to do is mix the two dyes keeping in mind the shades and highlights in your hair


Do you want me to tell you the truth?


Red tones in your hair aren’t for everyone.

I decided to leave the experimenting to Rihanna.

She has the best colorists and a lot of money at the ready. Two things that I don’t have.


In my case, luckily, I had a red in my hair that wasn’t that intense.


That’s why I was able to get to a medium brown with remover.

No more red hair for me!


Have you ever tried to get rid of red dye in your hair?

How did you get it out?

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