4 best shades of blue hair for brown skin

long and wavy hair

You have brown skin! And you’ve chosen to dye your hair blue, fine… but, what shade of blue?


Blue colors will light up your skin and you can choose from the following:

  • Navy blue: dark and elegant. It can be mistaken for black. Ideal for the darker ones.
  • Navy or greyish: this is a more greyish tone than navy blue. If you apply it by mixing brown or other more grey strands, you will create a wonderful visual effect.
  • Violet blue: a deep variation, close to violet, that is achieved by mixing navy blue with violet or a little red.
  • Intense blue: cobalt, electric, french. The most vibrant of the blues.


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If you have brown skin and are daring in terms of color, you have to know that one that will suit you will be blue.

It is a fantasy color. It is not within the natural colors that we can find in the color chart. However, if you dare and feel like giving a modern touch to your hair, it will look great.

The blue colors that suit brown skin could be:

  • navy blue
  • navy
  • violet blue
  • French blue


  Color blue will enhance brown skin. The mixture of brown and blue results in a more luminous complexion with a contrast that draws attention. 


Blue is the least chosen of the fantasy hair colors, most likely because of its intensity. It is not characterized by a discreet and soft look. On the contrary, it is a bold and daring look.

Another reason why it is rare is that it is a little difficult to combine and can create a cool-dark effect if used improperly.


Here I’ll tell you about the different shades of blue that would suit you if you decide to go for this full-color fantasy.


What fantasy blue colors would look good on a brunette complexion?

There are four colors that I defined as the ones chosen for a dark complexion. There is the possibility of combining more than one blue in the whole hair or previously differentiated sectors.

You will surely find several shades of blue in hair dye brands. However, if you don’t find the one you like, don’t worry. We can create it by diluting the pigment a bit or even mixing two or three shades.


The ideal is to be able to buy the one we want and, easily, apply it without having to create a blue, with which we are not sure what the result will be.


Let’s evaluate some options to define which shade will be the best for your hair…


Navy blue

for more demure people

This color is a kind of dark blue or midnight blue. It is a rather dark and very elegant shade. I like very much the combination of this blue color creating effects of lights and shadows. You can start by making a fine and transparent strand three centimeters from the root that increases in thickness as it grows.

In this way, we give a light and shadow effect on our hair. With little light, in the night, this color will seem to be darker, also confusing it as a black.

If you have brown skin, it wouldn’t hurt to start with this blue!



brown skin and dark eyes

It’s a slightly greyish blue, a very elegant choice. We probably won’t find this color to buy. Instead, we can buy a navy blue, which is easier to get at a hair products store, and we will mix it with a gray fantasy color to achieve a navy blue. We mix equal parts of one and the other, and we have our navy.

The design we can do with this color to feel good on brown skin is to combine it with greys and browns. Those tones are appropriate for any variant of blue. We can make some thinner and some thicker strands by interspersing the two colors so that they can be mixed and mimicked creating a wonderful optical illusion.


Violet blues

It’s a deep, dark variation of blue, closer to violets. It is not a very common shade, so it is also worth mixing.

We can combine a navy blue with a violet or a hint of red. This will give us a purplish-blue. If we want a diluted effect without so much pigment, we could add 10 or 15 centimeters of tap water to the mixture.


Intense blue

Cobalt, electric and French are among the most tried and tested blues.

These colors are not for everyone. I recommend that before you decide on any of them, you should think about it, consult your pillow or your psychiatrist.

No kidding. These colors are far from the conventional palette and wearing them requires a lot of constancy in maintenance. They also require combining them with clothing and makeup.

So, before choosing any of these colors, think about it once, twice, and three times if necessary.


 How to take care of my blue hair?

Not only are you going to have vibrant hair with incredible color… but you’re also going to have a little dry and damaged hair after your color is done. Don’t panic! You just have to take better care of it and pay attention to some tips I’m going to give you…

You must take care of your hair with products that are antioxidants so that your blue lasts longer.

Also, avoid daily washing. Try not to wash it more than twice a week. Fantasy colors lose their intensity easily since many are tone on tone without oxidant.


To achieve a fancy color, whether it is blue or any other color, you have to bleach your hair. Therefore, your hair will suffer a level of damage after this. For that reason, you must take care of it as much as possible.


Once a week, you can get the nourishment that is reconstructive for bleached hair. Ideally, you should consult with your hairdresser so that he or she can advise you on the right one for you.


Color changes increase the porosity of your hair. So, if you don’t want to end up cutting your hair, follow the advice given above.

Good luck with your change of look!

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