Should I use color remover before bleach? No, don’t do it!

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  • It isn’t a good idea to use color remover before bleach. I suggest you either use the color remover or apply the bleach. If you use the color remover and bleach your hair afterwards, you’ll only ruin your hair.
  • If you just want to remove the artificial color from your hair because you dyed it and don’t like the color, I recommend using the remover. You’ll remove the dye pigments without changing your natural color.
  • Alternatively, to remove natural and artificial colors because you want to reach the highest blondes on the scale, you should bleach your hair.


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 Are you thinking of using a color remover before bleaching your hair? 


I’ll steal the phrase from a friend and say, “stop press.”

Do you know what that means?


It’s an idiomatic expression when significant information is discovered. The phrase stems from the printed news media industry.

And the news I have to give you is so important that it would be worth stopping press.

Do you know what the news is?


 If you use a color remover before bleach, you’ll get rid of the color you don’t like, but you’ll pay a very high price. 


Your hair will become dry, fragile, brittle, and ruined.

I know you’ve probably been searching YouTube for videos on this topic. You may have even found information on Tik Tok or other social media sites.

But I’ll be clear. You need to filter the information you find online, especially when it has to do with health.

And your hair is part of your health.


 If you apply chemical processes on your hair and you don’t know their effects, you can ruin it. 


And if you’re wondering if you should use color remover before bleach, I realize that you don’t know the effects of both processes.

But don’t worry.

Today, I’ll tell you what you can use both remover and bleach for.

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If you only want to remove artificial color from your hair, use color remover

remove dye with remover

 In this case, you don’t need to bleach your hair. 

And this is excellent news.

The color remover will help you get rid of all the pigments of the dye you applied.

A color remover eliminates the artificial color from the hair.

How does it work?


When you apply the remover, it penetrates the hair fiber and breaks the molecular bonds of the color particles. Then, it removes the artificial pigmentation from your hair and leaves your natural color intact.

Does it damage the hair?


To be honest, a product that breaks the molecular bonds of color , can’t be harmless.

I mean,  after using the remover, your hair will feel drier.  but you can easily repair it with moisturizing keratin masks, for example.

That’s the biggest difference between color remover and bleach. But we’ll get to that point.


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Therefore,  if you’ve colored your hair permanent, and you don’t like the color or want to go back to your natural shade, you can use a color remover.  Remember, you don’t need to bleach your hair.

Also,  remover can eliminate the most intense pigments of permanent coloring , such as blacks, dark browns, reds, and oranges.


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According to the instructions, most color removers can be applied up to three times in a row to remove the color from your hair.

And if after using the remover, your hair color is not even, my recommendation as a stylist isn’t to bleach your hair on your own.

Instead, go to a salon and leave the fate of your hair in the hands of a professional. A stylist will evaluate your hair health and will most likely recommend bleaching your hair with the OLAPLEX professional steps.


If you want to remove the artificial color and lighten your hair, bleach it

remove artificial color and lighten bleached hair

If you’re ready to take the long road to lighter blondes, you’re better off with bleach.

 A color remover only works on the dye, i.e. the artificial color. But it doesn’t lighten or darken your natural color. 

After using color remover, your hair will be the same as before applying the dye.


Bleaching,however, removes both natural and artificial hair color. It obviously generates a very powerful chemical reaction inside the hair to do that.

So, if you aren’t trained in bleaching, you run the risk of burning your hair from the root.


 Can you imagine what would happen if you used the color remover before bleaching your hair? 


We said that the remover dries out your hair. If you apply the bleach to that dried out hair, I can assure you that there will be no hair left in your head.

Therefore,  why would you use color remover if bleaching can go one step beyond the remover? Bleaching will remove ALL natural and articial color from the hair. 


Now, let’s think together.

Your hair is dark brown 3. And you want to go extra blonde 10.

Do you think that you’ll get to blonde faster if you use the remover and then apply the bleach?


Sorry to spoil your plans, but you won’t.

If your hair is a natural dark brown, the remover won’t remove the pigments from your hair. But you’ll dry out your hair and leave it too weak to withstand the bleaching process.


Therefore,  the only possible way to go blonde from dark brown hair is to bleach your mane. 

Bleaching will remove all the color from your hair and lighten it up to four levels.



If you just want to remove the artificial color from your hair because you’ve dyed it, use the color remover. It’ll bring the natural color back to your hair.

Alternatively, to remove the artificial color and also want lighten your natural color, apply bleach. But remember that this is a very aggressive chemical process that you should leave in the hands of a professional stylist.

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