Does Color Oops remove all hair colors? What about black, red, blue or purple?

remove black dye

Color Oops work for all shades of hair dye, whether it’s black, purple, blue, red, or something else. That being said, if you want to remove any of those colors from your hair, you have to use it correctly. We’ll explain how in this article.

Are you looking for a color remover?


At this point, we can probably assume one thing: you’ve dyed your hair, and it didn’t turn out as expected.

Yas, queen!


Welcome to the club. Don’t feel bad; we’ve all been in your shoes.

Me especially, I’m the queen of bad dye jobs.

And it’s not a title I like. The crown is too heavy, and all my subjects are depressing.


So I decided to let a knight in shining armor ride into my kingdom: color remover and not just any knight, but the King Author of hair dye removers: Color Oops.

 Because if there was a remover that could banish the awful black I had dyed my hair, it was Color Oops. 


I’ve been dying my hair since I was almost twenty. I never did anything very drastic until I had the idea of becoming a brunette. But not just any brunette. I wanted jet black.

And I got it. I ended up with a black so dark it glittered blue in the sun.


Remember Archie comics? My sister was a huge fan.

Well, my hair shone blue in the sun, just like Veronica Lodge’s tresses.

I tried everything to lighten it.


I even tried the old trick of mixing baking soda with shampoo, and all I got were some stains and very, very damaged hair.

 At one point, I was convinced the only solution would be to copy Demi Moore in G.I. Jane and shave it all off. That was when I discovered Oops Color Hair Color Remover. 


In case you’re wondering, I also bought another hair dye. I wasn’t about to only use color remover and end up with a hair disaster.

I followed the instructions to the letter… Would you like to know how it turned out?


Then keep reading, because in this article we will discuss:

  • Why Color Oops can remove any dye, including black or red
  • Some key tips to make sure you successfully remove your hair color with Color Oops


If you have black, red, or even purple or blue hair, you have to read this next tip.

Or don’t, and deal with a hair color you don’t like and waste your money on ineffective products.

The decision is up to you. Let’s get started.


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Why Color Oops Can Remove Any Dye, Even Black or Red

Red, purple, black, and blue are the most difficult pigments to remove.

Of course, it’s easy to dye your hair these colors. Permanent dyes contain small molecules that react to form larger ones, giving them such defined and deep colors.

But these large molecules are difficult to remove.


 Now that you know how dyes such as red or black are deposited into your hair, you can choose the right product to eliminate them. 

Here’s where our knight in shining armor, Color Oops, comes in.


There are two ways to break down a dye and remove its pigments chemically.

  • One is by oxidation, which removes electrons
  • and the other is by reduction, which adds electrons

How do I know all this?


Thanks to my Aunt Elvira. She’s a colorist and recommended I try this remover, although she didn’t know it was for me.

As you probably already know, Some aunts are very protective of their nieces. And my Aunt Elvira has always looked out for me. If she had known I was asking for myself, she would have insisted I go to her salon. And I hated spending hours and hours in a salon.

So I told her I was asking for my best friend -who she loves- and she immediately recommended Color Oops.


 Now, let’s get back to how color removers work. The goal of all color removers is to break large pigment molecules into smaller ones. 


Color Oops does this by reduction instead of oxidation, which is what most hair dye removers do. That’s why it can remove even the darkest pigments.

It contains hydrosulfite that quickly breaks down the pigment molecules without ammonia or peroxide.


Basically, Color Oops reverses the oxidation process and breaks up the pigment, creating a lighter color.

“Lighter color?” you might be thinking, “doesn’t it eliminate the dye?”


And here comes the more important point, where you have to pay close attention. If you don’t, the Color Oops won’t remove the color.

Not because the product doesn’t work, but because you’ve used it incorrectly. No matter if you want to remove black, red, or any other color, how well the product works depends on how well you rinse out the product.


How to Use Color Oops To Remove Tenacious Colors

Once you’ve applied the product and waited the recommended amount of time, it’s very important to rinse and wash your hair correctly.

Remember, color remover first lightens the color.

In other words, the color remover will take black hair to a dark brown.


  • The color remover makes the pigment molecules smaller, but you have to rinse your hair to remove the pigment.
 And when I say to rinse, I mean rise, and rise, and rinse until your arms want to fall off. 

Rinse until you can’t rinse anymore. This is an essential step to remove the product completely and the remaining small pigment molecules. It will also get rid of the rotten egg smell.

Because to tell you the truth, the only downside of the product is the bad smell. If you have a window in your bathroom, open it!

And read the following carefully.


  • If you don't thoroughly rinse your hair, you won't remove all the remaining dye residue. And that means that your hair color -be is black, red, or purple- will remain.

This is why many people have a bad experience when they attempt to remove their hair color with Color Oops. Not because the product didn't work, but because it wasn't used correctly.


  • Another important factor to keep in mind is the temperature of the water you use.

As someone who dyes their hair, you've probably heard that it's best to use cold water when washing your hair. This is because cold water does not remove pigments from your hair.


But you should do the opposite when using a color remover. The hotter the water, the better. Of course, I don't mean boiling water. What I mean is as hot as you can tolerate without any pain or discomfort.


 But remember, if you don't rinse your hair well -which means rinsing it two, three, or more times- some dye residue will remain in your hair. 

With that result?


If you had red hair, the color remover would lighten it, but it will still be red.

If you had blue hair, it will become a lighter shade of blue.

Not only that, but the process will also dry out your hair.

Want a tip?


One Last Piece of Advice

If you're planning on dying your hair after using Color Oops, make sure to buy a dye that is two or three shades lighter than the color you want.


  Hair can become very porous after applying so many dyes and then color remover. At least, that's what happened to me.

And porous hair tends to absorb dye very quickly, resulting in a darker shade.

In other words, the final color will be darker than what is shown on the box.


So, can color Oops Remove difficult colors like red, black, or blue?

Without a doubt, but only if the product is used correctly.


Now it's your turn to share: have you used Color Oops on difficult dyes such as blue, purple, or black?

How did it work for you?

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