What color can I put over purple hair? The 5 best colors you can choose according to your personality

dyeing over purple hair

Before applying any color to your purple hair, you will have to make a decision, depending on the new color you want to apply.

  • If you’re looking for a very light color, such as pastel pink, green, or light blonde, you’ll need to bleach your hair first. You can only do it if your hair is completely healthy.
  • If you’re looking for a darker color, you should first fade the purple. Then, apply the new color.


  • If you like fantasy colors, you can choose blue, red, or violet.
  • If you prefer to return to traditional colors, you can choose chestnut 4 or mahogany brown 6.5.
  • Today, I’ll help you to choose the best option according to your personality.


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Purple is the result of mixing red and blue.

Have you paid attention to the colors I recommended above for coloring your purple hair?

Let’s review them:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Violet
  • Chestnut 4
  • Mahogany brown

What do these five colors have in common?


 They all have blue or red pigments. So, they’ll perfectly cover purple without having to do any previous process such as bleaching. 


The resulting color will depend on the intensity of your current purple.

If the purple is not faded, it’ll influence the result of the shade you have chosen. That’s why you have to fade the purple before applying the new color. Otherwise, your new color will be uncertain.


Imagine that you are determined to leaving purple behind and going back to a more traditional color such as chestnut 4. You dye your hair and, when you look in the mirror, it’s much darker than you intended. Or much lighter. That would be a real hair tragedy, wouldn’t it?


Well, I don’t know if it’s as much of a tragedy, but it would be a waste of time and unnecessary wear and tear on your hair. You’ll have to recolor it to achieve the color you like.

To avoid all that,  you have to make sure that there are no purple traces before applying the new color,  be it brown 4 or any other from the list above.


So, if you are determined to go from purple to any of the colors I named above, stay with me because I’ll tell you:

  • How to fade purple before applying a new color.
  • How to choose the best color to cover purple according to your personality

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How to fade purple before applying a new color

Regardless of the color you choose, the first step is to fade the purple.

It isn’t always necessary to do it completely because the base won’t change the result if you choose colors within the same range.


However, if you’ve recently applied purple, you need to fade it completely. Do you remember what semi-permanent hair dye you used to color your hair purple?


It’s an important piece of information because not all dyes last the same.  The stronger and more intense the pigments, the more resistant the color will be. Of course, it’ll also be harder to fade.  

There are semi-permanent dyes that last up to thirty washes. Others last only four. Logically, the pigments of the first ones are more difficult to remove because they’re more resistant.


However, since I want to simplify things for you, I’ll tell you some methods to fade your purple according to your purple color duration or intensity.


  • Shampoo with ceramides: to fade soft to medium purple or hair dyes that last up to 10 washes

wash splat hair dye out

This is the least corrosive method. You should choose it if your hair is very damaged.

Shampoos with ceramides contain proteins that help to maintain the hair’s moisture. On the other hand, they’re corrosive to color. If you wash your hair with this shampoo, the purple will be gone after a few washes.


  • Dishwashing soap: to fade medium purple or hair dyes that last up to 20 washes

to remove semi-permanent dye

Dishwashing detergent is highly corrosive and removes purple.

However, I must warn you that it’ll dry your hair because of its astringent capacity. After using it, you have to moisturize your hair with a repair oil for the ends.


  • Baking soda: for fading intense purple or hair dye that lasts more than 30 washes

mixed with lemon to remove the dye

Add 100 grams of baking soda to your regular shampoo and wash your hair with it. The effervescent it produces is corrosive to color and will remove all purple traces.


Any of these three methods will remove the purple from your hair to apply the new color.

Remember that you have to moisturize your hair with coconut oil, flaxseed oil, butter, or almond oil before coloring to help it regain its lost moisture.

Now, let’s get to the fun part: choosing the new color that’ll replace purple.


5 colors to apply on purple hair according to your personality

At this point, you have two options: continuing with the fantasy colors or choosing traditional colors.


If you choose fantasy colors, you should know that they require more maintenance because they fade faster. As regards traditional colors, as they’re permanent hair dyes, they ensure longer life.

Every color can say a lot about you. What aspect of your personality do you want to reveal to the world about your new choice? That’s what we’ll try to discover together.


Fantasy colors, semi-permanent hair dye

1- Blue, for outgoing personalities.

If you’re attracted to the stunning blue hair, chances are you’re the most outgoing one in your circle of friends. That’s why you have an adventurous spirit and are known for being the life of the party.

Your unique sense of style shines not only in your hair but also in your makeup and clothes. You’re not afraid to be daring; you enjoy meeting friends and, although your blue hair color may outshine more than one, you don’t mind.

After all, it’s their problem and not yours.

Blue is for you if you don’t care what others think about your change from purple to blue.


2- Red, for the daring ones.

how to fix it at home

If you choose this option, you are not afraid to hide your personality that is as bright as red. You are daring by nature, and you are not afraid to show it.

You are always on the move and won’t take no for an answer. Your burning personality can sometimes burn some bridges with others but you’re always willing to step back to make up for your impulses.


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3- Violet, for spiritual persons.

You love the “OM,” the mantras, and believe in causalities rather than coincidences. Your spirituality keeps you in tune with the universe, helping you to lead a balanced life.

If, on top of it, your skin is light and you have green, blue, or hazel eyes, purple will give you an enviable dreamy look.


Traditional colors, permanent hair dye

4- Chestnut 4 for constant and persevering persons.

match color

If this is your choice, you tend to have a plan of action and you’re always on the move. Your days revolve around a strict schedule of work and responsibilities, whether it’s a night at the gym or the time you spend working on a project until the wee hours of the morning.

You like to keep busy and get bored watching Netflix. Your drive and passion lead to a life of success and many achievements. It’s a very good choice for you, brown-haired working beauty.


5- Mahogany brown 6.5, for innate leaders.


Chocolate is a warm shade that mixes several pigments for a very harmonious result. In this case, as it is mahogany, it provides a reddish, even warmer shade.

You have a steady personality and seek to stand out due to your natural leadership skills.

That’s why you don’t need to wear bright colors in your hair.

The well-known brands have special lines of chocolate colors ranging from 3.5 to 7.5. Whichever one you choose, it’ll perfectly cover some purple and, of course, your gray hair.



If you don’t want to bleach your purple hair, you can choose between red, blue, purple, brown, or mahogany brown.

The important thing is to fade the purple first so that the new color looks like you imagine it.

Find out which new color will bring out the best in your personality!

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