I Regret Dyeing My Hair Blonde, What Can I Do? Let’s see two suggestions

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If you regret dyeing your hair blonde, you have 2 options:

  • Wait for a few days for the color to settle.
  • If you’ve waited long enough, you can dye your hair blonde, brown, or back to your natural hair color.
  • In this article, we’ll look at each case in depth. Don’t miss it!


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How to tell your hairstylist you don’t like your color without upsetting him/her?


Do you regret dyeing your hair blonde?


Before you panic, you should know that everything has a solution.  I want you to take a deep breath and think nothing serious happened.  

Do you remember why you decided to dye your hair blonde?


I’m sure that you feel like you messed up  and wish you could turn back time.

Ultimately, there is no such thing as a time machine. So, I suggest you  try to be realistic and think positively. 


This article will examine what you can do if you regret dyeing your hair blonde.


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Do you regret dyeing your hair blonde? Wait for a few days

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I’m sure the decision to dye your hair blonde had its reasons.

 Maybe you’ve long wanted to become a dazzling blonde, or maybe your hairdresser advised you it would be a good color to bring out your features.

Whatever the reason, trust that first instinct and  try to give your new blonde a chance,  even if you now feel regretful.


The truth is that any color takes a few days to settle. It may even take some weeks.  

But you must have a little patience and accept the changes. After all, they are always for the better, aren’t they?


I’ll share a 100% true story with you. It’s about a customer who regretted dyeing her hair blonde

Alexia came to my salon planning  to dye her hair copper blonde. 

I thought it was great, not only because it was risky but also because it would look fantastic with her skin tone and eyes.

She had already bleached her hair. So, we just chose the ideal shade. The final result was beautiful  


She looked like a different person: when she walked down the street, people would turn to look at her.  But of course, she was terrified when faced with such a shocking change. Can you imagine?


Her panicked face told me she was remorseful.  

As I had anticipated that this could happen (as I told you, it was a great but risky idea), I reassured her.   There’s always a solution. 


I told her all the possible solutions. Still, before she made a decision,  I told her to go home and wait until the following day to tell me how she felt. 


The next day, she told me that  she was starting to like her new blonde.  So, she was going to wait a bit.

Within a week, she was loving her copper blonde and made an appointment with me for a color touch-up the following month!


So, before making a drastic decision, wait a few days.  Give yourself time to adjust.  look in the mirror, and feel beautiful like Alexia did!

By the way, did you know that copper blonde is trending?


What if I still regret it? 6 options from a hairdresser to remove blonde hair

darkening blonde hair with dye

If it’s been a week and you still regret dyeing your hair blonde, you can  analyze possible practical solutions. 

I’ll give you some options:


  • It may be too yellow if you don’t feel comfortable with blonde. Then,  you may need to dull that blonde with an ashy tone. 

This way, you’ll keep the blonde range and not throw all the work away.


  • You can apply golden blonde if you feel it’s a very white blonde.


  • You may not like the blonde roots, but you would tolerate it on the ends.

In that case, go to the salon and ask your hairdresser to do a false growth to make it look like a balayage.


  • You probably wanted just a little lightening and got a full blonde.

In this case,  you can ask your hairdresser to do cap highlights.  Instead of bleaching, dye the color of your base.

You'll fall in love with this technique!



  • If you want to go back to your natural color,  you should dye the color closest to your base color  or perhaps a shade darker.

I suggest you visit your stylists because they’ll know what to do.



When you make a drastic change to your hair,(like dyeing it blonde)it's always shocking at first and you may feel regretful.

 But after a few days, you’ll adjust and may even feel better than before.


Finally, if you still regret dyeing your hair blonde after a week,  get to work and find a solution!  

You should feel good about yourself and rock the beautiful hair you want.

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