Wella T18 toner on wet or dry hair?

Wella T18 toner in wet or dry hair

  • Wella T18 toner, like other WELLA toners, should be applied to 80% wet hair.
  • When you finish bleaching your hair, you should wrap it with a towel, preferably a microfiber towel, and wait for the excess water to be absorbed. Then, apply WELLA T18.
  • Alternatively, if it has been several days since you bleached your hair, you should dampen it before applying WELLA T18.


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How long to leave Wella T18 toner on? What happens if you leave it for more or less time?


There you are, looking as if you were Hamlet, Shakespeare’s famous character. But you don’t have existential doubts.

Your doubts have to do with earthly matters, namely hair.

You want to know whether   WELLA T18 toner should be applied to wet or dry hair.  


The truth is that WELLA T18, like any other WELLA toner, is not applied to dry or damp hair.

What’s the middle ground between dry and damp hair?


The middle ground is   wet hair. 

Do you want me to tell you why?


I’ll answer with a story. It’s the story of one of my clients, who wasted no time in existential doubts.

Romina always comes to the salon to tone her blonde hair ashy. However, once she didn’t have time for an appointment at the salon.

So, she applied WELLA T18 on her own. The problem is that she used it on her freshly washed hair. And since patience isn’t her thing, she did it right after washing her hair.

As a result,   her hair was so wet that it was dripping.  

At that moment, it seemed like the best option.



Because she thought that if she applied WELLA T18 to her wet hair, she would be able to distribute it more evenly throughout her mane.

Also, she was in a hurry. She had an appointment and very little time to get ready.

The God of haste is never a good advisor when it comes to hair!

Do you want to know what happened?


First, she noticed that the dripping water slowly became bluish instead of transparent. But she reassured herself that the color change was normal. After all, she had toned her hair.

However, the worst thing happened when it was time to wash her hair after using the Wella Toner. She dried her hair with the blow dryer.

When she looked at her hair,   she discovered that it was a mixture of colors.   Some strands were ashy, some were a pale orange color, and some others were impossible to define.


Oh, haste, how much we mortals have to learn!

If Romina had stopped to think about whether WELLA T18 toner should be applied to wet or dry hair, the fate of her hair would’ve been different.

So, if you’re about to apply WELLA’s T18, carve this phrase into your heart.


WELLA T18 is applied on 80% wet hair

Toner t18 in 80% wet hair

Not only T18.

  T10, T14, or T35 WELLA toners are applied to 80% wet hair. 


There are two very powerful reasons for this.


When hair is wet, it always looks darker than it actually is

Yes, wet hair looks darker and it’s not just visual effects. For example, your wet hair may look dark blonde 6. However, when it’s dry, it may be light blonde 8.

So, you’ll most likely need to leave the toner on lighter hair for less time.
If you apply WELLA toner 18 for 30 minutes when you should actually leave it on 15 minutes, you may end up with bluish hair.

When hair is wet, the toner doesn’t penetrate properly into the innermost layer

When your hair is wet, it’s because it has absorbed and retained water. Hair can absorb a certain amount of products or water. Therefore,   if you tone your hair while it’s wet,   it won’t be able to absorb T18 or any WELLA, toner properly.

Therefore, the results will be unpredictable. That’s what happened to my customer Romina.


Also, if you apply the T18 on wet hair, it’ll slide through your hair. To top it off, you’ll have to re-tone your hair after two weeks because the color will last less.

I think we have put aside both existential and earthly doubts regarding the application of WELLA T18 on wet or dry hair.

So, it’s time for a step-by-step and that’s what I’ll talk to you about.


How to apply WELLA T18 on 80% wet hair

two boxes

How do you know your hair is 80% wet?


  Towel dry your hair and let it absorb the excess water   before applying T18.

This is what WELLA technicians recommend to apply T18.

Still, I’d like to add a professional secret.


If you have a microfiber towel, use it. It absorbs the excess water quickly and doesn’t damage wet hair.

  • If you just finished bleaching your hair, roll the towel for 15 minutes after rinsing.
  • If your hair is dry, moisten it and roll it in a towel.

Before applying WELLA toner, including T18, your hair should be 80% wet and not dripping wet.


How to apply it:

  • While   you wait for the towel to absorb the excess water,   prepare the T18 with the 20-volume developer. Remember to blend them.
  • Remove the towel and comb through your hair. Divide it into sections.
  • Apply the toner with the applicator or with a dye brush from the roots to the ends. Cover the entire surface of the hair to achieve an even color.
  • Leave the toner on according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check the process every five minutes.
  • After the exposure time, rinse your hair and apply conditioner.



T18 and all WELLA toners should be applied to 80% wet hair. This way, your hair will absorb the toner pigments and unwanted colors will be neutralized.

If you want to achieve even and harmonious color and avoid unpleasant surprises, I recommend that you follow the instructions.

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