Not Enough Hair Dye? Here’s what you can do if you run out of product while dying your hair

not enough hair dye

If you run out of hair dye, you have two options.

1: Beg a friend, family member, boyfriend, one-night stand, or anyone else to go to the store and buy you more hair dye.

2: If that’s just not possible, follow these steps. And carefully.

  • Let the product process for the recommended length of time
  • Then rinse your hair without using shampoo or conditioner. It’s crucial that you only use water
  • Find a nice hat
  • Then go to the store, find the same dye you applied earlier, and dye all of your hair again


Running out of product while dying your hair is any woman’s worst nightmare.

But it’s not impossible to fix.

First of all, don’t panic.


Many people save leftover dye and use it to touch-up their color later.

But of course, the leftovers are not always enough.

And the only solution is to buy and apply more dye.

Which, of course, is impossible while there’s still dye in your hair.

That’s why you have to rinse it first; you can’t go to the store with hair dye in your hair.

Once you get more dye, apply it as usual.

It’s as easy as that.


If you use the same color, your hair will be one even shade, and no one will know about your little mishap.


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If I Always Buy the Same Dye, Why Did I Run Out?

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Sometimes, after buying your regular dye that you’ve used before, you still run out of product.

Sounds impossible, right?


Often, this happens because your hair has become more porous.

In other words, your hair will absorb any hair treatment much more readily.


 Porous hair will absorb any product like a sponge, whether it’s a hydrating treatment or a mask. 

This is why you might run out of hair dye.

What can you do if this happens?


First of all, purchase and apply more hair dye, so you don’t end up with an uneven color.

Then wait 48 hours and apply a conditioner or moisturizing mask.


When hair gets dry, it becomes porous.

Very hot weather, very cold weather, and bleach can all dry out your hair.

If you don’t hydrate your hair, you may always run out of dye when you color it.


I recommend using a conditioning mask once per week.

If you do, you won’t need as much product the next time you color your hair.


What to Do If You Run out of Product While Dying Your Hair

No matter if you used leftover dye or your hair absorbed more dye than normal, running out of hair dye isn’t something you can ignore.

And the only solution is to buy more dye.


Many clients have asked if they can add water or more developer to the dye if they run out.

Let’s take a look at what would happen.

  • Adding water dilutes the developer, so it can't undergo the chemical reaction needed to dye your hair.
  • Adding developer, on the other hand, dilutes the dye and changes the color.

You see?


 The only solution is to buy more dye from the same line, and in the same color. 

But of course, unless you live next door to the store, you can't go to buy more with the product still in your hair.


So you'll have to let the dye already in your hair process first.

Don't worry about how it looks at this point, as that is going to change.

Let it process for the time recommenced on the product, which is usually 30 to 40 minutes.

Why is that so?


Rinsing it immediately exposes your hair to the effects of the peroxide and ammonia contained in the dye.

So, once you apply more dye, it will damage your hair more.

It's better to finish the process you started and then start again.


After waiting for the correct amount of time, rinse your hair with water,   and only water. I can't emphasize enough how important it is not to use shampoo, conditioner, or a post-color treatment.


Now it's time to get your second box of dye.

Which much be from the same line and the same color.

Once you have it, it's time to start again.


How Should You Apply the Second Dye?

First of all, if your hair is still wet or damp, dry it with a hairdryer.

This step is critical for the new dye to absorb properly.

Once your hair is dry, you should be able to see the dyed and virgin parts of your hair clearly.

That being said, you shouldn't just fill in the parts of your hair that you didn't dye the first time.

What does that mean?


You shouldn't only apply the hair dye on areas that were not dyed.

You have to start all over again.

Apply the product to all your hair, working from the roots to the ends.


  It doesn't matter if you apply the dye to previously dyed sections. Make sure to cover all your hair with product. 

Why is that so?


If you try to dye only the areas that were not dyed the first time, you run the risk of missing areas and ending up with an uneven color.

Once you apply the dye, continue as usual.

Let it process for 30 to 40 minutes.

Then rinse with plenty of warm water, and this time you can apply the post-color treatment.

Finally, dry it with a hairdryer and admire your even color.


Some Final Tips

After dying your hair, consider these tips for next time:

  • One box of dye is enough for short hair
  • Medium-length hair requires two boxes of dye
  • Long hair requires three boxes of dye
  • Make sure to have enough dye before you start
  • When using more than one box, use the same shade and brand
  • Do not add water or developer if you don’t have enough dye
  • Don’t mix two different dyes if you run out of hair dye

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