3 ways of neutralizing the orange color in your hair without going to a salon

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 Today, I want to talk about a topic that people have been asking me a lot lately.  

How to neutralize hair that has turned orange?

I have talked a lot about how to dye your hair blonde and about purple shampoo but I have never talked about how to neutralize or tone hair that has turned too garish. Whether that be orange or chicken yellow.


There are various reasons that your hair can turn orange.

Maybe you wanted to dye your hair brown or ashy blonde and the result was that horrible orange tone.

Or maybe you wanted to dye your hair on your own and you don’t really like the final color that you got.

Whatever the case, it’s absolutely normal that your hair turns orange and that’s why today, I’m going to tell you various ways that you can solve it.


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Blue or purple shampoo

neutralize orange hair

The most accesible solution to neutralize those unwanted orange tones is to use a blue or purple shampoo.

It’s as simple as buying a shampoo and after, washing your hair correctly. In just a minute, I’m going to explain to you how to use the shampoo correctly but first, let’s see what types of hair should choose this alternative.


  Blue or purple shampoo doesn’t work in all cases. This type of shampoo only works ot tone the color, but it isn’t able to lighten or darken your hair.  

So, for example, if you have dyed your hair blonde and after a few days it’s orange, in this case you can use the shampoo.


Is your hair chicken yellow?

Use the shampoo.


A question that I get a lot is, “Carina, what shampoo should I use, blue or purple?”

To respond to this question, we have to review the chromatic scale.


Do you remember the color wheel?

opposite colors are complementary

I’ll confess to you that during physics class in school, I slept. It was never my strength. I was always good at art class: painting, sculpture, and all of those things.

But over the years, I understood that coloring hair had a lot to do with physics and I regretted not paying attention during my classes in high school.


 The chromatic circle is a type of wheel that places the colors by tone. The colors that are across from each other cancel each other out or neutralize each other. 
  • There are primary colors: red, blue, and yellow
  • Secondary colors: orange, green and violet
  • Tertiary colors: the rest of the colors that complete the circle


Let’s do a small observation game.


What color is across from orange?

If you said blue, you guessed it.


What color is across from yellow?

If you said purple or violet, you guessed it.


 In general, if your hair has turned orange, to neutralize it, you need to use a blue shampoo. If your hair is yellow, you should use a purple or violet shampoo. 


How to correctly apply blue or purple shampoo

toning orange tones

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The second question is how to use the shampoo correctly. The shampoo should be used sparingly. The amount of time that hair is exposed to the shampoo is going to influence the final result.

 It’s not the same if you leave the shampoo in your hair for 10 minutes than if you leave it there for 3 minutes.  

for toning yellow hairs highlights

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How to know how long to leave the shampoo on your hair


You won’t know beforehand.

And since you won’t know beforehand, the best thing to do is approach using the shampoo very careful.

For the first wash, leave the shampoo in your hair for 3 minutes maximum. After a week, you can wash your hair again with the shampoo, only if necessary


How to get your hair from orange to blonde

possible solutions

Now, let’s suppose that you dyed your hair brown or blonde. This is one of the most asked-for changes in salons around the world.

Women that were brunettes for their whole lives, be it light or dark, and decided to make a radical change and got up the courage to dye their hair blonde.

But it turns out that after a few weeks, your beautiful blonde hair turned orange.


In this case, what you have to do first is bleach your hair again and then tone it.

 To bleach your hair, I recommend that you use  20-volume hydrogen peroxide. If you use greater volumetric, you run the risk of damaging your hair.  

After bleaching, you have to tone your hair with a toner. If after bleaching your hair, it ends up a pastel yellow, you should use Wella T-28 or T-18 toner or its equivalent in other brands.


This technique is only for those women that actually have orange hair and want to make it blonde.

This technique first lightens and then neutralizes. On the other hand, blue or purple shampoo simply tone.


How to neutralize hair without bleaching

tone it with blue tones

Now, let’s suppose that your hair is orange and you don’t want to be light blonde. You simply want to neutralize the orange tones.


To get this, we are going to use a level 6 or 7 semi-permanent dye depending on how much you have to tone. The toner is not going to lighten or darken your hair. It’s going to neutralize the shrilling orange tones.


If, for example, your hair is a level 7 orange, you should choose a semi-permanent dye that is ashy blonde or a tone that is in cold tone range.


Hair product stores tend to have a variety of colors to orient people in respect to the dye or toner that is best for them to buy. That’s why, to not choose the wrong dye, I recommend that you go to a store where they sell products for your hair.


Many people buy hair dyes online, but in this way, they don’t receive a good orientation, because the people that respond to their questions aren’t trained to do so. On the other hand, in physical stores, there are usually experts in colorimetry that orient people to make the best decision in respect to the color they choose.

It’s just some advice, you can take it or leave it.



Remember that if your hair ends up orange, to neutralize it, you need an orange tone.

If your hair ends up yellow, to neutralize it, you need a violet tone.


The techniques that we explained above work as much for completely dyed hair as for partially dyed hair. For example, California wicks, balayage, highlights, etc.


And that is all for today, ladies.

I hope that I have cleared up some doubts in respect to this topic that generates so much confusion.

If you still are having some doubts, you can leave a comment here below, and I would be happy to help you.

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