What toner should you use to cancel out unwanted tones on brown hair? Ash, blue or green?

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If you applied a brown dye to your hair and want to cancel out the coppery and/or red highlights, I will tell you how to do it in this article.

Did you know that there is a gray toner?


Gray toner, also known as ash toner, is a dye applied to the hair to neutralize those unwanted colors.

Why do these unwanted shades appear?


Because of the interaction with the chemicals in the brown dye and the chemicals in the cleaning products.

Most likely, that is one of the main reasons for those orange and copper tones.


  But, luckily, there is a magical product called a toner, which will allow us to return our hair to that attractive color that we knew it could have.  

The good thing about toner is that it can be easily obtained at any pharmacy, supermarket, or hair products store. You can even buy it at your favorite online store.


  • Now, there are several toner shades, so I want to help you choose the best one for your hair
  • Then, I will tell you how to prepare the toner and how to apply it correctly
  • Finally, I will tell you how to wash your hair and what shampoo to use after applying the toner


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What toner will go better with your hair color?

green, violet and blue

If you have brown or chocolate-colored hair, the unwanted tones that will appear will be red and/or copper.

The toner works by neutralizing those colors. That’s why you have to choose a toner of the opposite color to the shades that you want to eliminate.


  • We have to know that the copper tone is an orange color, so if your hair has orange tones you don’t like, you should choose a blue toner.
  • If your hair is brown and you have unwanted mahogany tones, which is an intense red/purple color, these tones can be eliminated with a green toner.


 Now, I had told you before that there is a gray or ash toner. 

This toner is applied to the hair to eliminate brassy tones universally, regardless of the shade.

What is the secret? Why does it work?


Because the ash toner is made up of all three colors.

It contains violet, green, and blue.


 This product can be purchased at hair salons or pharmacies since all brands have this ash toner. 

For Wella Koleston, it’s the number 0.11.

For L’Oreal, it’s the number 0.2.


I’m sure you’re wondering why these colors don’t have a number on the front, just the shade.

Because as I mentioned, they are color correctors. They are applied after any dye and will tone your hair with neutral ash.


How to apply toner correctly

If you have decided to use the ash toner, I will give you step by step directions on applying it.



  • The gray or ash toner
  • 20 Volume developer ( Do not use a higher than 20 volume developer, remember that with a 10 or 20 volume, you maintain the color and eliminate the brassiness, but with a 30 volume developer, you would change your hair color).
  • Gloves


If you chose a blue or green toner, the materials are the same, including the 20 volume developer.

Once we have all the supplies, we can start applying the toner.


Preparing the product:

We mix the toner with the 20 volume peroxide in a plastic container. When it’s fully mixed, you can begin the application.



  • We separate the hair into sections and apply from lengths to ends.
  • We let it act for 20 to 40 minutes.
  • We apply a heat cap for it to process evenly all over; you can also use a hairdryer.
  • Don’t forget to check the hair often for the right tone.


Let me tell you a secret.

If you leave the toner in your hair for a long time, the color will diminish slightly… but don’t be scared! Toners last for  2 to 3 weeks.


  • We rinse until the water runs clear.
  • We can use the usual shampoo.
  • Finally, dry the hair with a hairdryer, and that’s it! Say goodbye to those unwanted shades!


How to wash your hair after the toner

If you applied a blue toner, you could wash your hair with blue shampoo; this maintains the correct shade and helps the dye last.

If you applied a green or gray toner, I recommend a gray shampoo.

There is a wide range of colors in the 45-day Revlon market. Wella has a shampoo that is specifically for gray hair.


The toner has a duration (without this maintenance) of 2 to 3 weeks; with this care, you can keep it for more than 5 weeks.



So now you know.

If your hair has tones you don’t like, now you know how to fix it.


 If you have doubts or you don’t have a lot of experience coloring your hair, it is best to turn to a professional 

You will have to pay a bit more than doing it on your own, but believe me, your hair will thank you.


And that’s it for now, dear readers.

I hope I have cleared all your doubts. If you still have any questions, you can leave them below. I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Until next time!

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