Will dark ash blonde cover orange brassy hair? 2 ways of toning your hair

how to convert it to ashy blonde

If you’re looking for the short answer to the question, I’ll tell you yes.

Ashy blonde can cover that rusty, orange hair that you have right now.

To be more precise, the ashy color doesn’t cover the hair; it tones it.

It neutralizes it.


 A lot of times, hair dyed blonde loses its original color due to the effect of oxidation and washing products. 

This problem can happen as much in completely dyed hair as it can in hair with highlights.

The result is an orange hair color that’s fairly unpleasant on the eyes.

using hair toner

Luckily, there are various methods to turn that horrible orange into an attractive ashy color.

Do you want to know how to do it?

I’ll tell you right here.

But first, let me tell you how my hair turned a horrible rusty, orange color.


I don’t know why people have this idea about blondes.

Don’t tell me that blondes always have more fun.

Don’t tell me over and over that blondes have more luck in their love life.


I refuse to believe that by being blonde, your destiny is a sure thing.

Because being blonde is definitely a full-time job.



Just as I say it, or better yet, as I write it.

Because being an impeccable blonde takes time and work.

And don’t forget about the money.


Because although you are born with a blonde, darling daughter of the son, as those adorable gold highlights grow, they start getting light brown, and you can’t avoid it.

That was my case.


I was born blonde.

But once I got into my twenties, I started to become a light brown.

Light brown turning to dark brown.

Very poetic, to tell you the truth.

But I didn’t want poetry in my hair.

I wanted to be blonde.

And because of my friend’s advice, I bleached my hair.

And then, my hair turned orange.

Just as you read it.


Carrot orange, without exaggerating.

 A friend that found pity in my desperation recommended an alternative to get rid of that horrible orange that I saw in my hair every time I looked in the mirror. 

And now, I’m going to share with you that solution.


The solution to getting rid of the orange in your hair works just as well for completely dyed hair as for partially dyed hair.

But first, let me explain to you why your hair turns orange.


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Why your hair turned orange and how to fix it without killing yourself trying

removing brassiness

Just like in the entire history of blondes, everything starts when you want to get rid of the dark chunks in your hair, and you end up getting an almost copper orange in their place.

Although this is the color of good energy and good vibes, it’s not the color that we look for in our hair.

And it can end up being absolutely disappointing and frustrating.


My dear Friends, the good news is that the solution to this small inconvenience is not a huge deal.

If you ask me why this happens, I’ll tell you that it happens because, in any bleaching process for your hair, the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t completely eliminate our hair’s natural pigment.


All us brunettes and chestnuts have to tone the oranges and reds in our hair, a residual color that comes about after bleaching.

That’s why people with darker hair are more likely to end up with orange hair after trying to go blonde.


 Another good reason for getting certain orange chunks is the accumulation of minerals in the hair accentuated when you use shampoos contain sulfates and other abrasive chemicals for the hair. 


There are various ways to fix this orange in your hair.

And the solution is to neutralize the color.

orange in front of blue

Specialists talk about a color wheel in which the blue tones offset the different orange tones and neutralize them.

That’s why most purple shampoos contain blue or violet pigments that eliminate those orange and yellow tones.

Now, we’re getting to the solution to the problem.


Or better yet, the two possible solutions to the same problem: getting rid of those rusty tones in your hair.  


2 ways of toning your hair so that it ends up ashy blonde

using toner and developer

I use either of these two alternatives, depending on the amount of time I have available in between my daily activities.

  • One alternative is toner.
  • The other alternative is purple shampoo.


 Both ways of eliminating that horrible orange in my hair have given me excellent results.  

It’s up to you to choose either one and get rid of the carrot tone in your hair.

Have you ever heard of toner?


Well, it’s magic.

That’s why I’ll tell you below how to fix your orange hair with toner.


Toning your hair with toner

balayage look

Toner is a hair product that eliminates your hair’s yellow and orange tones, neutralizes them, and gives them a fresh and natural tone. You can use it together with a bit of developer to get the best results.

How to apply toner to tint your hair


You will need:

  • A good toner
  • 10 Volume Hydrogen Peroxide (developer)
  • A brush applicator
  • A plastic bowl



  • Mix the toner and the hydrogen peroxide in a 1 to 2 proportion.
  • Using the brush, start to apply the mixture all over your hair.
  • Once you cover all the orange chunks, let the mix sit for more or less forty-five minutes.
  • After the time has passed, you can rinse your hair using a sulfate-free shampoo.


When you look in the mirror, you won’t recognize yourself.

 You’ll immediately see how those horrible orange tones of your hair completely disappear, and you’ll go back to a modern ashy tone.  

wella color charm

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To do this process, I recommend Color Charm products from Wella.

They give you surprising results and are easy to use.

Now, let’s go to the second option.


How to get rid of the orange in your hair with purple shampoo

for dark ash hair

I think purple shampoo’s invention deserves to be recorded as one of the best inventions by humanity.

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

But after seeing the results, the exaggeration is worth it.


Like we saw before on the color wheel, blues and purples neutralize oranges.

And what purple shampoo has is that it contains an uncountable amount of color pigments in its ingredients.

for lightened and bleached hair

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Choose a purple shampoo with an intense violet color like No Yellow by Fanola.

This will guarantee you the quality of the product.


How to apply the purple shampoo to neutralize the copper tones of your hair

cover the ugly tones

Before and after using No Yellow by Fanola. Check out the shampoo’s availability on Amazon


First thing is first, allow me to clarify that this shampoo is not for daily use.


You should only use it once a week, two at max, if your highlights are persistently orange and you want them to be ashy blonde.

And by letting it sit for five minutes on your hair, you will have reached your goal: getting rid of your orange highlights.



Don’t you see that it wasn’t that difficult?

And the best thing is that you save a fortune in salon fees.

Because you don’t need to go to the salon every time your hair or highlights turn orange.


This is my experience to make your ashy blonde hair look great by getting rid of orange highlights.

What do you do to maintain the ashy blonde in your hair?

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