If I dye my bleached hair black, will it fade?

blonde woman pay attention to dye her bleached hair black

  • If you dye your bleached hair black, the color will indeed fade.
  • If you have reached a very high blonde level, such as extra light blonde 10, very light blonde 9, or light blonde 8, you’ll need to do a color filler before you dye your bleached hair black. I’ll tell you how and why to do this.
  • You can apply the black dye if you have achieved a medium blonde, such as blonde 7, dark blonde 6, and light brown 5. However, you should add sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners into your hair care routine and not overuse color tools. Otherwise, the black dye will fade fast and leave unwanted undertones.


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Now, you know that   if you dye your bleached hair black, the color will fade. When you bleach your hair, you remove some of the melanin, the protein that gives hair its color.  


But this protein also plays a fundamental role when we color our hair because it fixes the new pigments.


This is the scientific explanation.

However, before we continue with the technicalities of dyeing bleached hair black, I would like to analyze whether or not it’s in your best interest to dye it black.


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How to evaluate if it’s worth dyeing your bleached hair black

hand holds blond lock after bleaching hair

First,   how long ago did you bleach your hair?  


It wouldn’t make much sense having bleached your hair, which was probably dark, to dye it black after a month.

If you bleached your hair, you probably wanted it to look lighter. What would be the point of exposing your dark hair to bleaching, a very aggressive chemical process, to make it lighter, if you want to make it look dark or black again?


Second,   are you sure you’re ready to go from light to black hair?  


Because going from blonde to black hair is like living in the Caribbean and the Arctic. Your life will change in every way.

You’ll look different and weird in the mirror. You’ll feel like your wardrobe and makeup don’t match your new look, and you may feel like you’ve lost part of your essence.


I’m not exaggerating. Many clients, disregarding my advice, applied drastic color changes and regretted it.

  If your regret dyeing your bleached hair black, the only solution is to bleach your hair because black is one of the hardest colors to remove.  


Before bleaching your hair, you must evaluate your hair’s health with a professional to avoid damaging it.


Third,   how blonde did you go with bleaching?  


Applying a black dye on bleached blonde 7 hair is not the same as on bleached extra light blonde 10 hair.

  The blonder your bleached hair is, the faster the black dye will fade.  

bleached dyed black hair with color fade

So, in some cases, you’ll need to apply a color filler for the black dye to set and prevent fading.

So,   when do I recommend coloring bleached hair black?  

  • If you’re sure, you want this drastic color change for your hair.
  • If you’re consistent enough to keep a strict hair beauty routine.


  If you don’t meet these two requirements,   I recommend that instead of a black dye, you apply a brown dye. This way, you’ll have more time to evaluate how the new color suits you and to adapt to the color maintenance beauty routine.

If you’ve decided, let’s see how to dye your bleached hair black.


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If your bleached hair is very light blonde, you should apply a color filler before dyeing it black

loreal chestnut dye for color filler

  Otherwise, the black dye will fade in a few washes.   So, fifteen days after applying the dye, your hair will be light brown 5 or dark brown 3 reddish.



When you bleached your hair, you remove both the natural and artificial color and the melanin. It’s the protein to which the dye pigments attach.

  You must apply a color filler for the black dye to set in your bleached hair. It means coloring your hair with an intermediate dye to generate a base of pigmentation.  


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Let’s imagine your bleached hair is an extra light blonde 10. To make a color filler before dyeing your hair black, apply a blonde 7, dark blonde 6, or light brown 5 dye. These dyes contain pigments, making the black dye hold better and not fade.

Once you apply the color filler, you should wait three weeks to dye your hair black. This way, the color will settle in your hair fiber and won’t fade.


If your bleached hair is medium blonde, you can apply the black dye

black dye in plastic bowls

Now,   you must take some precautions to prevent unwanted undertones. Black will start to lose its intensity after a few washes.  


You need to modify your hair beauty routine.

  •   Try to wash your hair three times a week at most.   If your hair is oily, use a dry shampoo between washes. This way, you’ll keep your hair clean, and your hair color will last longer.
  •   You should use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.   This is very important because sulfates are detergents that wash out the pigments in the dyes. Also, you can find many brands that offer sulfate-free hair products.
  •   Use heat tools less frequently.   First, for the health of your hair, and second so that the heat of the tools don’t fade the color molecules of the dye. If you used to flat iron your hair twice a week, try to flat iron it every ten days. Use the heat protector and if you usually blow dry your hair, try to let it air dry and use the blow dryer only on exceptional occasions.
  •   You can add a color-depositing shampoo.   It’ll deposit black pigments in each wash to keep the color alive in your bleached black hair. I recommend you use it up to once a week.



Now you know what options you have for coloring your bleached hair black. My advice as a professional colorist is to go to a salon. You’ll need to do a color filler so that the black dye lasts longer without strident orange or reddish colors appearing.

Also, remember that your hair is bleached. Dyeing it black means applying more chemical processes to a weakened mane.

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