Should I dye my hair black or dark brown? which one will look best on me?

  • If your skin is brown or intermediate and your eyes are brown, black hair is for you in any of its variants. Delete it from the list if your complexion is too white because it’ll generate too much contrast, or if you have a lot of gray because the growth will be too noticeable and you’ll need touch-ups too often.
  • If you prefer a color that doesn’t require much maintenance, you can choose both dark brown and brown, because they combine with all types of skin and eye colors.
  • And also, if your skin tone is warm, i.e., your veins are purple or blue, all the variants of brown will be your best options, from warm chocolates to lighter brown


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The change in hair color can be a major turning point in your life. Imagine for a moment that your hair is blonde.

You’ve been used to wearing that color all your life. You know exactly what makeup looks best on you, and you even have a distinct evening wardrobe that brings out the gold in your hair.


One day, you decide to make a complete change. You want your hair to be darker. But, you don’t know exactly what color to choose.

 On the one hand, you’re passionate about that jet black your best friend wears because you think it’s sexy and exciting. But, on the other hand, it’s too “black,” and you’re afraid it’ll harden your features. 

You also like the chocolate color that many celebrities, like Selena Gomez, show off, which floods Instagram accounts.

However, you have to look beyond the pictures. You must see beyond the head of the person you admire. You must stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself.

  • What color is your skin? And your eyes?
  • What color ranges does your make up have?
  • When you open your closet, are your clothes multicolored, or do you prefer cold or warm tones?
  • Are you willing to keep your new hair color even if it means visiting the salon every month?


Above all, do you have a personality that adapts to sudden changes?

 If you’re about to color your hair, here’s one of my most important tips: never choose a color that strays more than two shades from your base color. 


 Gradual changes are always preferable,  because they’ll help you get used to the new color. This way, you’ll avoid crying for hours in front of the mirror because you don’t recognize yourself.

Having said that, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • What to consider before coloring your hair black
  • When brown is the best choice for coloring your hair


Look at yourself in the mirror, close your eyes, and try to imagine yourself in your new color. The journey has just begun.

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What to consider before coloring your hair black

she has doubts about coloring her hair black

Black is a fascinating color, but don’t believe in fairy tales.

The fact that Snow White had white skin and jet black hair is undoubtedly because the Grimm Brothers had no idea of any skin shades or tones.

Poetically, it may be all very well to speak of “snow-white skin and black hair”, but the reality is far from fiction.


 If you have very white skin, black hair is a definite “no” for you, because it’ll harden your features and further emphasize dark circles and expression lines. 

If you want to look twenty years older, dye your hair black. So, listen to me and forget about black.


Also, if you regret your decision at any time, you’ll have to bleach your hair to remove that black color, and bleaching is a very aggressive chemical process.

So, who is the best candidate for dyeing their hair black?


  • Is your complexion light or medium brown? Are your eyes brown or almond?

black eyes

Black can be an option for you because it reflects light. If your hair is a little bit damaged, it’ll help to hide the imperfections.

You can choose a natural black color, a blue-black, or jet black.


  • Do you have a lot of gray hair?

Then,  you should think about the color of your natural hair and the contrast that’ll come out when the hair starts to grow. You’ll have to touch up your roots at least every twenty days.  And that’s hours and money in the salon.


If you’ve noticed that black isn’t for you, there are still other interesting alternatives. Here’s the incredible variety of brown or chestnut.


When brown is the best choice for coloring your hair

Browns are an interesting alternative within the dark color range because you can play with the level of color and a touch of softness, without going to an extreme black.

In addition,  all shades of brown look good with all skin and eye colors.   


If you’re looking for sensual and shiny hair that combines with everything, that is always in fashion and that doesn’t require much maintenance, welcome to the world of dark brown colors.

Besides, browns allow you to play:

  • You can dye your hair a neutral brown and add some golden brown or ash highlights, according to your taste and skin tone.
  • For the more brunette ones, ash and neutral highlights on a light brown will combine perfectly.
  • And if your skin is white, a brown with golden and ochre highlights will give your skin a much-needed warmth.



  • If your skin is white, you should avoid dyeing your hair black, because you’ll only further emphasize expression lines and dark circles under your eyes. Instead, you can choose a dark brown or a light brown, playing with different alternatives of golden, ash, or ochre highlights.
  • If your skin is brown or intermediate, you can choose black in any of its shades. However, never lose sight of it because it is one of the most difficult colors to remove if you regret your choice.

Finally, what color will you choose for your hair?

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