Mixing Blue and Pink Hair Dye: Good or Terrible Idea?

blue and pink dye mix

  • If you mix pink and blue hair dye, you’ll get lavender, light purple, or intense purple.
  • It all depends on the proportions of each color. If you add more blue dye than pink, the resulting purple will be intense.
  • Of course, you should always use hair dyes from the same brand to avoid horrible results.


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I recently had a client ask me if she could mix the blue and pink dye. I asked her back:

“What’s the resulting color after mixing blue and pink dye, in your opinion?”


Before I tell you what my client answered, I’ll play a game with you.

I’ll ask you the same question.

 What color do you think will result from mixing pink and blue dye? 


I’ll give you three options:

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Light purple


What did you say?

Light purple?

Perfect. Very good. Congratulations.


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Truth be told, you know more about color mixing and blending than my client, who thought that orange would result from mixing pink and a blue dye.

You should know at least three things before mixing any pink with blue dye. Otherwise, the result may be disappointing.

Do you want to know what those three things are?


Let’s start with the first one.

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If you want to mix pink with blue, you should use the same hair dye brand

mix with conditioner for pastel shades

If you’re a fan of fantasy color dyes, I’m sure you own many of them.

You probably even have some open ones because you’ve tried colors according to the season, your mood, your boyfriend’s preferences, and even your mother’s intolerance for the new trends.


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Being a fan of fantasy colors, I’m sure you’ve tried several brands.

For example,  you may prefer long-lasting brands for your favorite color,  like PUNKY COLOUR, which lasts up to 25 washes.

Alternatively, MANIC PANIC may suit you for special occasions or trendy colors.


So, you have a wide variety to use at home.

But since you have less than half the contents of each one, your idea is to mix them up.

And this time, you want to mix the pink and blue dye.


 There’s only one thing that can stop you from mixing the two dyes. 

What is it?


One of the colors may be from MANIC PANIC, and the other from ARCTIC FOX.

In that case, you won’t be able to mix them.

Why not?


Because each brand works with different formulas and compositions.

And although the differences may be minimal, mixing dyes from different brands can result in disaster.


Also, don’t forget that some semi-permanent dyes last less than others.

Therefore,  I don’t know what could happen to your hair if you use dyes from different brands which, in turn, last for different times. 


To tell you the truth, I don’t know what could happen. I never mix different brands of dyes to get a new color at the salon.


If you want to mix a MANIC PANIC blue dye with a pink dye, the pink must also be MANIC PANIC.

Now, let’s delve into another important topic.

The color you’ll get.


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What’s the resulting color after mixing blue and pink dye?

dark pink hair dye

Earlier, we said that  the resulting color would be purple.  It could be dark or light, but purple.

Why is purple formed with this mixture?


Let’s see how colorimetry works.

Purple is formed from the mixture of two basic colors:

  • Blue
  • Red

According to the proportions of each color, the result will be more or less intense:

  • If you want a deep purple color, you’ll need to add more blue.
  • Alternatively, if you want a reddish-purple color, you’ll have to add more red.


But you won’t use red. Instead, you’ll mix pink with blue dye.

Well, pink is the result of mixing two colors: red and white.


Therefore,  the result of mixing pink dye and blue dye will always be pale or pastel purple. 


In that case, you can do a little trick to get a more intense purple. And that is to play with the proportions of each dye.

  •  If you want an intense purple,  you’ll need to add more blue.
  •  To get a pastel purple,  you’ll need to add more pink.
  •  If you want lavender,  you’ll need to mix equal parts.


Of course, you need to mix the products in a container. And that will have an added advantage.

As semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t need any chemicals like permanent hair dye, the color in the mixing bowl will remain in your hair after you apply it.


Have you decided what ratio of blue to pink dye you’ll use to create a unique purple color?

Then, let’s get to work.


How to mix pink and blue semi-permanent hair dye

  • Blue semi-permanent dye
  • Pink semi-permanent dye
  • Clean and dry plastic container
  • Dye brush
  • Old towels



  • Put on gloves and cover the table with an old towel.
  • In the plastic container, add blue dye.
  •  Add the same amount of pink. 
  • Whisk to blend.


Do you like the resulting color?

  •  If you do,  you can apply it immediately.
  •  However, if you don’t,  you can keep adding blue or pink until you find the color you like. The result will be perfect if you measure the products with the same container.


I recommend that you write down the amount of blue dye and pink dye you mixed to achieve the desired color.

This way, when you want to renew the dye, you’ll get the same color.

There’s only one thing to keep in mind before mixing the two dyes.


If you’re going to mix pink and blue dye to get pastel purple, your base color should be extra light

second time in 20 days

I’m sure you already know this.

Pastel semi-permanent hair color should be applied to previously bleached hair.

The hair should be bleached to very light yellow.


 Otherwise, the color mix may not work on your hair when you apply lavender or pastel purple. 

If you want to mix the blue and pink dye to dye your hair lavender or pastel purple, your hair should be on an extra light blonde 10 base.



If you want to mix pink and blue dye, you’ll get light purple. If you want it more intense, you can add blue dye.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for lavender, you can add more pink dye.

The important thing is to always use dyes from the same brand.

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