Can you Perm Colored or Bleached Hair? Is it safe or it can ruin the hair?

curly perm on bleached hair

Blessed be the hand that brought you here.

The hand, the intuition, or the need because you don’t know how many people that I see daily in my salon have ruined hair.

People, that without any knowledge, try to experiment with chemical treatments at the same time, which when you do them at the same time, they can damage your hair.

That’s why I will be as clear as possible, even if you don’t like the answer all that much.


You can do a perm on bleached hair, but you must wait 2 weeks to apply the dye and do the perm.

Now, what happens if you have dyed hair, and you want to do a perm?

In this case, you should wait at least a week between one process and the other.

Do you want to know why?


Because in the three processes, very strong chemicals are used, which work on the most internal part of the hair, the cuticle, to modify its natural structure.

How would your hair resist two processes on the same day without losing health?


Remember Julieta’s case, a client who came to me for the first time because she had done both processes on the same day, the color and the perm, but at a different salon.

Of course, her hair was truly gum, and unfortunately, I couldn’t do much to help her at that moment.

The ends were horribly split, so, unfortunately, I had to cut them about ten centimeters. But even still, her hair looked and felt terribly dry and damaged.


The truth that I will never understand is what type of professional can fathom dyeing and doing a perm on a person’s hair on the same day. Surely, some unscrupulous person that doesn’t know much.

That’s why it is important to wait at least a week after dyeing your hair to do the perm.

Your hair needs a rest after coloring before you use more chemicals.


And the same goes for bleached hair, except that it’s best to wait fifteen days in this case.

That’s why I’m happy. I’m happy that before making any decision about your hair, you are here, reading this.


I’m so happy that today, I’m also going to share with you:

  • How to do a perm on dyed hair
  • Everything you need to know about doing a perm on your bleached hair
  • How to care for your perm and color so that your hair looks sexy and attractive for longer


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How to do a perm on dyed hair

When you hear the word perm, your mind probably goes to the closed curls from the eighties.

But the truth is that hair technology is advanced enough that you can choose what type of curls you want to have.


The important thing is that after a week has passed since you’ve dyed it, you apply at least once a deep nutrition treatment. This should never be done 24 hours before doing the perm.


 You should allow one to two hours to do this process, even though it will always depend on the length of your hair, the thickness, and how quickly you can do the process. 

You must choose the perm liquidated meant for dyed hair and the models of curlers or curls that you wish.

Now, let´s go step by step on how to do a perm.



  • Perm kit for dyed hair
  • Neutral Shampoo



  • Wash your hair and simply dry it with a towel.
  • One of the most important steps is to divide and section your hair in equal parts. Be sure that all the sections are of equal thickness. Although it seems like a process that requires a lot of work and time, it will assure you uniform curls.
  • With the help of a paintbrush and gloves, distribute the perm solution on each section while you wrap them around the curlers you’ve chosen.
  • Follow the product instructions carefully and never leave it in for more time than recommended; if you do, your dyed hair will be damaged, and the curls will look dry and crispy.
  • Once the exposure time has passed, you should rinse your hair well with hot water, always leaving the curlers in.
  • Dry it with a towel to get rid of the excess moisture, and apply the neutralizing liquid. Let it sit for about ten minutes.
  • Finally, take the curlers out, wait five minutes, and rinse with a neutral shampoo.


Now, you may be asking yourself if there is anything different when doing a perm in dyed or bleached hair.

The truth is that the process is basically the same. Of course, you should also keep in mind some advice not to damage your hair.

Do you want to know what that is?


Everything that you should know before doing a perm in bleached hair

blonde hair and permed waves

Before perming your bleached hair, you should do the strand test.

If your hair passes the chunk test, it is safe for your hair to continue with the perm process.

What is the chunk test?


First off, place a couple of pieces of hair in a glass of water. If the strands sink to the bottom of the glass, your hair is damaged and dry, so it absorbs the water. In this case, I don’t recommend that you do a perm, although ultimately, the final decision is up to you. But afterwards, don’t cry.

 This step is essential if you have bleached hair. Adjust to the verdict of the strand test because what comes after could be used against you.  


If you pass the chunk test, you can do the perm as previously indicated.

Do you want to know what my best piece of advice is if you have bleached hair and you want to do a perm?


Go to a professional salon.

Because bleaching is the most aggressive process that I know of that you can do in your hair. It is a process that affects the most internal structure of the hair fiber and always, always, produces damage or deterioration.

That’s why you must leave this in the hands of professionals that can determine to an exact science the state of your hair and how much it can resist before you ruin it completely.

But, as I said before, the decision is yours, and that of your hair’s also.


After perming your dyed or bleached hair, you should make a few changes to your hair care routine. And that is what I will tell you about below.


How to care for your perm and dye so that your hair looks sexy and attractive for longer

You may have heard that you should wait 48 hours to wash your hair after doing a perm because you run the risk of your curls not being defined like you like.

Do you remember the movie “Legally Blonde”?

In it, Elle Woods gives a complete speech in court about the importance of waiting this time to wash your hair after doing a perm.


  • Doing a perm after bleaching or dyeing your hair can make it feel dry or lose moisture.

Use sulfate-free shampoos when possible. If it is within your economic possibilities, I recommend an Olaplex treatment that will help you restore the hair’s internal bonds and strengthen it.


  • The only way to reverse your hair’s damage from these processes is to use a deep conditioner in your hair at least twice a week.

After a few weeks, you can reduce the deep-conditioning treatments to once a week.


  • Lastly, the first thing that you should do is get a wide-toothed comb and a soft brush and remember to gently comb your hair with the wide-toothed comb while it is wet.


Now you know how long you should wait to do a perm if you have dyed or bleached your hair.

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