If I dyed my hair today, can I dye it again tomorrow?

dyeing hair caramel after bleaching

  • My advice is try to avoid coloring your hair twice in a row in such a short time.
  • In other words, if you dyed your hair today, don’t dye it again tomorrow, the day after, or in a week because you could damage your hair.
  • How long you should wait to color your hair will depend on whether you did it in a professional salon or at home, the current state of your hair, and the hair color you want to achieve with your current color.

If you can’t touch up your hair tomorrow, what can you do?


Don’t worry. Let’s see what the possible solutions are.

  Remember that the number one priority should be your hair and scalp health.  

What good would a gorgeous color be on a wrecked scalp?


It would look dull and lifeless.

So, the first issue we need to address is whether you colored your hair at home or in a salon because the first differences begin there.

Now, let’s see if the medicine is better than the disease.

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Is your hair darker than you wanted?

hair was very dark dye again

If you colored your hair in a salon and it was darker than you wanted, here’s what to do:

You probably didn’t have good communication with your stylist.

Maybe some misunderstanding led to this color.


  If that’s the case, you should go back to the salon and talk to your stylist.  

Surely, the professional will have the necessary tools to fix it without causing any extra damage.

Did you know that we, stylists, usually keep technical files on our clients?


That’s why I can guarantee they’ll know what color they applied and how they can modify it without causing unnecessary damage.


If you colored your hair at home and the color came out darker than you wanted, do this:

We need to check some points because we run some risks here.

The first thing to think about is that you have just exposed your hair and scalp to a chemical process.


Remember that the peroxide generates an alkaline field on your scalp that causes your hair cuticles to open.

Therefore,   repeating this same process twenty-four hours later doesn’t imply a high risk but it’s not advisable   because it’ll leave your scalp and hair extremely sensitive.



Instead, I’d like us to think about what other alternatives would be possible before deciding to color your hair again tomorrow.

First, let’s think about the possibility of leaving this tone on for a few days. That way, the natural process of color fading begins the first few washes.

For that to happen, try not to apply any kind of ampoule or nourishment to close the hair cuticles. Otherwise, you’ll delay the escape of the hair dye pigments and will make the color last longer.


  Believe me, if you manage to hold out for a week, the color will wash out a bit, which will make it easier to change.  

But you must keep in mind that one of the laws of colorimetry states that a light tone doesn’t lighten or modify a dark tone. So, applying a light hair dye on your dark hair won’t change the color at all.

In this case, the only feasible option is to bleach. Again, there are two possible questions: Should you do it in a salon or do it yourself?


If you accept my advice, make an appointment with your stylist and   leave this issue in professional hands.  

However, if you still decide to do it yourself, notice that you should use low-volume bleach to prevent hair damage.


Once you lighten the tone as you wish, the following color you apply on top of the bleach level shouldn’t have any gold or copper in it.

I strongly advise you to take care of this. Otherwise, your hair will look orange and if it’s not what you were looking for, you will be in trouble again.

The tone you should apply according to the bleaching base should always have mauve.


Is your hair lighter than you wanted?

dye two days in a row

In this case, you have different alternatives. There may not be any need to use another dye. Instead, a toning agent may solve the problem. However, we’ll check some options for you to see which one suits you best.


  • Need to tone it down even more?

It may be solved with tone-on-tone hair color. That way, your hair won’t have suffered any extra damage (because, usually, they aren’t applied with peroxide but six-volume developers).


  • Were only the roots lighter?

That’ll be easy to solve. In this case, a tone-on-tone will definitely solve it. Plus, you’ll avoid putting the mid-lengths and ends through another chemical process.


  • Did your previous work have bleached highlights and when you applied a hair dye the coverage wasn’t even?

Well, it’s not that this is wrong. In fact, bleached hair always goes lighter but it’s nothing to be alarmed about: you don’t need to reapply another dye tomorrow. As the months go by and with successive applications of dye, they’ll naturally pigment and disappear.


What precautions should I take when applying hair dye a second time?

If you decide to dye your hair again tomorrow, follow these tips to make the second application a benefit and not a sacrifice.


  • Try not to wash your hair before the second application. The scalp won’t have its corresponding bait film, which may increase itching and irritation.


  • Use a low volume peroxide because it isn’t too aggressive. This way, you’ll avoid probable damage both to your hair and scalp.


  • Add a few drops of lenitive gel to the hair dye and peroxide mix. It acts as a soother and decongestant of the scalp. It also prevents itching during the exposure time of the hair dye.

In case you don’t have access to this product, add a teaspoon of sugar. It won’t replace the lenitive gel, but it’ll help with itching.


  • For dye removal, try to keep the water temperature from lukewarm to cool not to bring unnecessary heat to your scalp.


I’ve already colored my hair two days in a row…

apply dye two days in a row

If the resulting color wasn’t what you wanted and you dyed it again the next day, both processes are finished.

Your hair and scalp are highly sensitive.


I recommend that if you haven’t already done so, you nourish and moisturize your hair.

  Your scalp may flake and cause a dandruff-like powder.  

This will be a sign of defense to the aggression it has suffered. Although it can also manifest itself in the form of itching or irritation that will last a few days, which is quite annoying.

If anything strange happens, you should ask a doctor to prevent allergies.


  To relieve this situation, try applying argan or linseed ampoules,   which will help seal the cuticles of your hair by restoring its shine and silkiness.

If this isn’t enough, you’ll have to resort to more powerful nourishing products: masks, keratin shocks, hair botox, etc.

Anything that restores your hair is welcome.


Avoid dyeing your hair too quickly

Try not to get to this point. However, if you want to, try to visit your trusted stylist.

There’s no one better than him to do it. If you still decide to do it on your own, be aware that health comes first. In other words, beauty is useless without health.

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