Can I straighten my hair before coloring it? Yes, but you’ll have to wait

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  • You can straighten your hair before coloring it. However, you should always wait for fifteen days between straightening and coloring.
  • You shouldn’t do both services on the same day or in the same week. Instead, wait for fifteen days between straightening and coloring.
  • Otherwise, the chemicals in the hair dye will eliminate the ingredients that straighten your hair.


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If there’s one thing I love about shopping, it’s when you can take advantage of tempting 2-for-1 deals.

However, that doesn’t apply to all aspects of life.

Why am I telling you this?


Because today I had a client at the salon who had made a blunder.

She wanted two services on her hair on the same day: straightening and coloring.


I know that there’re countless products to do some processes at home. Some years ago, you could only do them in the salon.

First came the hair dyes. They were a suitable solution for women who need time to go to the salon to dye their hair.

Later came straightening kits for home use. Hundreds of women started to straighten their hair at home.

I don’t think that’s bad.


 But when it comes to chemical processes, you need some basic knowledge.  Because the hair is not ready for several chemical processes on the same day.

And that’s what happened to Matilde.


She straightened her hair using a straightening kit she bought online. Then, she colored he hair the next day.

The result was a disaster. Her straightened hair magically disappeared. It went back to its natural shape, i.e. curls.


 You can’t straighten your hair before coloring it the same day. 

Instead, you can do one process and the next one fifteen days later.


And it doesn’t matter if you have a party and want a new look.

There’s only one word that comes between getting the result you want or getting disastrous results with hair treatments.

And that magic word is planning.

Why is planning so important to straighten your hair before coloring it?


That’s what I’ll talk about next.

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Why it’s necessary to plan your straightening service before coloring your hair?

seal the treatment

The permanent hair straightening treatment is one of the most popular services in salons worldwide.

For some years now, all women want straight hair, and have been going to the salon to achieve it.

But not everyone knows how it works.


 Straightening products contain very strong chemicals.The main one is formaldehyde.   

Formaldehydes permanently change the hair structure.

One of the main functions of formaldehyde is to remove the water in your hair and change its structure.


Think of your hair as a balloon.

When you fill a balloon with air, it has one shape. Then, when you take the air out, its shape is different. The same happens with your hair.


Once you apply the straightener product, the water molecules attach to the formaldehyde, and the spiral or wavy structure falls apart.

Formaldehyde is a highly toxic chemical when absorbed by inhalation. When it’s heated, it’s released into the air like a gas, together with the water from your hair fiber.


Have you noticed that the salon has exhaust fans?


This is because the vapors can seriously damage your health.

That’s why the straightening processes aren’t recommended at home without having the necessary knowledge and a ventilated place.


But beyond these safety issues,   if you want to straighten your hair before coloring it, you need to plan ahead of the processes. 

You can actually straighten your hair before coloring it, but you’ll have to wait for fifteen days between one process and the other.



If you don’t wait for 15 days after straightening your hair to dye it, the dye will ruin the straightening process

box hair dye to cancel orange

You need to respect the time between one process and another. It’s only fifteen days. Fifteen days will make all the difference in achieving perfectly colored and straightened hair.

Then, the permanent hair dye is applied with a 20 vol developer to open the cuticles for the color to penetrate your hair.

However, what do you think would happen when the dye penetrates the freshly straightened hair?


Let’s go back to the moment of straightening.

When you straightened your hair, some moisture was lost with the flat iron.

If you color your hair less than two weeks later, it’ll act as if you were moisturizing it. So, it’ll start to absorb the dye as a mask. Then, the curls, waves, or ringlets will return.

Yes, in a matter of a little more than half an hour, you’ll lose the straight locks you had achieved after straightening.


Now, that’s not what will happen to you.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you were in doubt and followed your intuition. Now you know that you should wait at least 15 days for your hair to adapt to the new straightened structure.

You should always apply the straightening or Keratin process first and then the dye. Also, wait for 15 days between the two services.



If you plan to straighten your hair before dyeing it, you must plan ahead to achieve the best results.

What is the correct planning?


Straighten your hair + wait fifteen days + dye application = straight hair with spectacular new color.

Finally, if you’re thinking about a big makeover, I recommend you go to your trusted salon for advice on timing and steps to follow.

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