Ion Slate vs. Titanium: 4 differences and tips from a hairdresser

ion slate vs titanium

The 4 differences between ION SLATE and TITANIUM are:

  • Difference 1: While ION SLATE is a deep metallic gray, ION TITANIUM is a rather softer metallic gray.
  • Difference 2: ION SLATE should be applied to extra light hair to achieve intense color, while ION TITANIUM can be applied to dark blonde hair.
  • Difference 3: ION TITANIUM brings more warmth to the look while ION SLATE highlights the features.
  • Difference 4: If you’re transitioning to gray hair, and it’s yellowish, you should choose ION TITANIUM. However, you could go for ION SLATE if your gray hair is brassy.


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Actually, the differences between ION SLATE and TITANIUM are very few and almost unnoticeable for a non-professional look.

What do I mean?


Those differences are clear for a professional, but not so noticeable to the naked eye.

That’s why I’m here.


I’ll lend you my professional look to discover   which of these two hair colors is right for your hair.  


Although the differences between ION SLATE and TITANIUM, may be little, it’s worth knowing them so you can make your best choice.

There are a few differences and several similarities.

Among the similarities, I can tell you that both ION SLATE and TITANIUM are semi-permanent hair dyes. This means that the color fades gradually with washes.


Also, you’ll have to be more careful with your hair care routine when you use these products. This means you should wash your hair less frequently and use sulfate-free hair products.

  Another similarity is that both ION SLATE and TITANIUM belong to the gray range of colors.  


And this is where subtle differences begin.

Do you want to know what they are? Let’s start.


Difference 1: If you apply ION SLATE to your hair, you’ll achieve a deeper, darker gray than ION TITANIUM

how long to leave the blonde dye on


ION SLATE contains dark blue and violet pigments as undertones. So, the result is a   metallic gray, also known as steel gray or dark gray.  


In contrast, ION TITANIUM contains light blue pigments and pale violet undertones. Therefore, the result will be a   very subtle and soft metallic gray.  


This brings us to the second difference.


Difference 2: While ION SLATE is for extra light hair, ION TITANIUM can be applied to dark blonde hair

woman uses coconut oil on oily hair

This is the trick with most fantasy colors like metallic grays and others.


As a professional hairdresser, the best advice I can give you   is that the lighter your hair, the better either of these two colors will look.  


You need a very light blonde base color to apply fantasy colors. So, if your hair is dark, you’ll need to bleach it.


Both ION SLATE and ION TITANIUM are semi-permanent hair colors, so   the base color will influence the result.   The two dyes have a slight difference.

To achieve a perfect color with ION SLATE, you must apply it to a very light, almost white base:

  • Very light blonde 9
  • Extra light platinum blonde 10
  • Pale blonde 11 [/your_list]


However, to achieve a perfect color with ION TITANIUM, you can apply it to extra light or light bases such as:

  • Light blonde 8
  • Very light blonde 9.

Also, you could analyze your objectives with this makeover. And that's what I'll talk about next.


Difference 3: If you want to add warmth to your look, choose ION TITANIUM because ION SLATE could harden your features

Therefore, before choosing one of them,   you should consider your skin color, style, and even haircut.  

I'll give you two examples.


I have two clients who love metallic and silver colors.

Mirta has dark skin and a powerful look.


She wanted to dye her hair gray. What was my advice?

That she went for ION TITANIUM,   to bring warmth to the look.   Also, her bob cut would take on more dimension and depth.

That color would even look good with the eye shadows she usually wears, which are green or purple tones.


However, in Ariana's case, my advice was to go with ION SLATE. Ariana has stunning light blue eyes, which would stand out even more with the   luminosity of ion slate.  


Also, Ariana easily adapts to changes. Therefore, it would be easier for her to alter her wardrobe and makeup so that her gray hair would match perfectly.

If you want to make an impact, ION SLATE is for you. This color gives you power, seriousness, and a sophisticated style.


Difference 4: You can use either ION SLATE or ION TITANIUM for the transition to gray hair, but remember the color of the gray hair

  •   If your gray hair is orange  , opt for ION SLATE, because its dark blue and violet pigments will neutralize the brassy undertones and even your gray hair.
  •   If your gray hair is yellowish,   ION TITANIUM, will neutralize the unwanted yellow undertones because the softness of this metallic color will blend with the gray hair.



If you want a new style to join the gray hair trend, apply ION SLATE. You'll be able to wear unique, intense, and eye-catching gray hair.

Alternatively, to transition to gray hair, apply ION TITANIUM because the softness of the metallic color will help you adapt more easily to gray hair.

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