Can a bleach bath damage your hair? What precautions can you take to not ruin your hair?

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If you’re looking for new, healthy ways to bleach your hair, the bleach bath isn’t the best option.

  • The bleach bath inevitably damage your hair, even more than a regular bleaching treatment.
  • Because the bleach bath contains, in addition to developer and bleach powder, shampoo, which has sulfates that will dry out your hair even more.
  • Therefore, instead of doing a bleach bath with shampoo, you should go with a bleach bath that has conditioner, which won’t add extra damage to your hair.
  • And you should only use bleach bath with conditioner once per month, never more often.


It’s the age of trends, why deny it.

We’re living obsessed with fashion trends, trends on Instagram, trendy vacations, even cooking recipe trends.

And to my surprise, a new trend has been established. The trend of less aggressive bleaching called the bleach bath.

Women of the 21st century! It’s high time you know: bleaching is a chemical process that will always damage your hair!


The healthier your hair is, the better it will stand up to the onslaught of chemicals, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a before and after with your hair.

So now you know the bad news. If you thought that the bleach bath wasn’t damaging your hair, you’re very mistaken.


 The bleach bath damages your hair because it acts by applying a mix of shampoo, bleach powder, and 20 volume developer. 

But the bleach bath, is even more harmful to your hair because it adds another damaging factor to the mix: sulfates. Do you still not know what sulfates are?


Then you’re more or less in the same situation as Vanina, one of my clients, that normally doesn’t have a filter that helps her distinguish good information from the bad.

She listens, observes, reads, and if it says to throw herself into a pool, she won’t even check to see if there’s water in it first.

The result?


Most times it leads to fiasco.

And soon you’ll see why.

Five months ago Vanina started coming to the salon to do a deep hydrating treatment every fifteen days. And you’ll think to yourself, what’s so bad about that?


Absolutely nothing, the bad part is the reason that she so religiously has to come to the salon every 15 days to nourish her hair.

And the reason has a first and last name. Bleach bath.


“Someone” had told her that if she did a bleach bath to her hair, hair damage would cease to exist.

What that “someone” never told her is that her hair would end up being a baby chick yellow. And much less that her hair would become so fragile that just by brushing it, it’d break because it’d be so weak.


Of course, I suppose that “someone” must be an “Alien”, that didn’t know anything about human hair structure and how chemicals can modify, and even damage, it.

So, Vanina needs to come to the salon every 15 days because we must replenish her hair with intensive nourishing treatments after the damage done by the bleach bath.


But, from what I can see, you still have time and you’re not the type of person to throw yourself into the pool without knowing if there’s water or not.

So keep reading, because I’ll let you know:

  • Why bleach bath damages hair
  • A less aggressive form of bleach bath for your hair


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Why the blech bath is so aggressive for your hair

20 volume developer

  • As I said before, the bleach bath mix is made of bleach powder, 20 volume developer and shampoo.

The shampoo contains sulfates, which although they are chemicals found in all beauty products, in shampoo’s case it’s the star ingredient.

Something similar is true of soap that you use to wash dishes.

 If the dish soap’s sulfates are capable of stripping away grease from the most difficult of pans, imagine what sulfates can do to your hair? 


  • But things don’t stop there. Because in the bleach bath, you add to the shampoo’s sulfates the bleach powder’s ammonia and the 20 volume developer. Pure chemicals that will work together, strengthened, to destroy your hair fiber.

Ah! A light bulb just went off in your head! Do you think that you can use shampoo without sulfates so that the bleach bath will be less harmful?


I hate to disappoint you, but let that light go out immediately.

 You can’t use shampoo without sulfates in the bleach bath because the bleach won’t work well—you need an acidic medium and that can only be created by normal shampoo. 


  • A bleach bath without a sulfate shampoo won’t lead to bleaching, you’ll only damage your hair, and your color will be dull, resulting in disaster.

What’s more, shampoo without sulfates doesn’t make a lot of foam and it doesn’t distribute very well, unlike many dish soaps, that have a gelatinous texture and water solubility.

So, you run the risk of not distributing equally the bleach bath in your hair. The result? A hairdo with many multi-tone streaks. And the dangers don’t stop there.


  • The idea of the bleach bath is to open your hair cuticles to remove the pigmentation.

The hydrogen peroxide contains water, which is an agent that naturally opens cuticles, just as it does with skin pores.

If the pores of your hair are opened with the water, and then you apply a bleach bath with ammonia and sulfate, can you imagine how weak your hair will be after using that bleach bath?


  •  For all these reasons, but principally for your hair health, I don’t advise you to use a bleach bath with shampoo. Because no matter what, you’ll have to overcome almost irreversible damage to your hair. 

And I say almost, because it will take you months, and a lot of money, to recover your hair health.

Even still, there is a type of bleach bath that’s less harmful, in which instead of mixing with shampoo, you can use conditioner. And that, I’ll tell you about next.


How to do a less aggressive bleach bath for your hair

safe for hair

If you’re looking to bleach your hair with a bleach bath, there’s a less harmful, very simple mix that involves using conditioner.


What will you need?

  • 250 ml of conditioner.
  • 2 medium spoonfuls of bleach powder.
  • 250 ml of 20 volume developer.
  • 1 sachet of serum protector.


How do you mix this bleach bath?

  • In a plastic bowl, you should mix conditioner, bleach powder and 20 volume developer, until it reaches a uniform consistency.
  • Afterward, you should add a serum protector, given that it’s a fundamental tool for bleaching because it protects hair from damage and prevents breakage.


How to apply the color bath?

  • Apply the mix to dry hair as if it were a hydrating mask and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • After the time has passed, rinse with a lot of water.


Right away, you’ll notice that your hair is several shades lighter and that your hair fiber isn’t dull or rough.

This is because, during the bleaching process, the hydrating agents of the conditioner and protector serum worked to avoid damage to your hair.


  Now, and this is very, very important, you should only use the bleach bath once per month. 

Forget about using it more than that because then you won’t have any hair left to save.

If you want to minimize the negative effects of bleach bath in your hair, I also advise that three hours before applying the mix, you put coconut oil in your hair. And repeat the application of oil following the bleach bath.



You can call it bleach bath, but it doesn’t stop it from being a bleaching treatment and chemical process that can put your hair health at risk.

The more precautions you take when applying the bleach bath, the better it will be for your overall hair health.

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