From Blue to Red Hair in 3 Steps (the first step is key if you don’t want to end up with a color you hate)

  • If you have blue hair and want to color it red, the blue color must be faded. You can’t apply red dye directly because you can end up with purple or violet hair.
  • Also, if you previously colored your hair with a permanent blue dye, you’ll most likely have to get a bleach.
  • You should also check the health of your hair. If it’s very dry or damaged, you should do intensive moisturizing treatments before applying red color.
  • Finally, you have to choose the right shade of red dye according to your skin color. That’s why today, I’ll give you a detailed guide of the best brands of red dyes and how to take care of your new color to make it last longer.


before and after

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Have you fallen in love with red hair?


I don’t think there’s a single woman on this planet who hasn’t thought about coloring her hair with this powerful, mysterious, and intense color.

However, what if your hair is blue? Are you sure you can apply it directly?


Before you take that step,  you’ll need to consider a few things, such as the intensity of your blue, the type of blue you’ve applied to your hair, and the type of color and shade of red you’ll choose. 

Don’t worry. Today I’ll accompany you in this process. Although it may be difficult, it doesn’t have to be impossible. We’ll divide the process into three steps.


Then, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • Step 1: Checking the current health and blue color of your hair before moving to red
  • Step 2: Choosing the type of dye and the shade of red according to your style
  • Step 3: Red hair dye secrets and maintenance


Let’s start your wonderful transformation from blue to red hair without neglecting hair health. After all, it’s the most important thing.

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Step 1: Evaluation of the current health and blue color of your hair before moving to red

before applying the red dye

Careful observation. That’s basic in this stage of the process from blue to red hair. Why?


Because you can’t apply red hair dye to blue hair if it’s not faded.

 You see, blue and red form purple. So, if you apply red without the blue fading first, the result will be a violet color. 


Therefore, you must fade the blue firstly. It’ll be easier or harder according to the type of blue color you have applied to your hair.

  • If you applied semi-permanent dye, start singing “Hallelujah.” The blue color will fade with the washings. If you want it to fade faster, increase the frequency of washing.
  • If you’ve applied permanent blue dye, you’ll need to bleach your hair.


However, you must be very careful.

If your hair is damaged or dry, you’ll have to moisturize it first with repair masks, flaxseed oil, or shea butter after bleaching. If you skip this step, you’ll never get a great red color because your hair will be severely damaged.


Hmm, I can feel your concern and disappointment. I’ll give you a break to relax.


I’ll tell you about two situations where you can apply red color directly on your blue hair.

  • If your blue color is totally faded, you can apply the red hair dye directly.
  • If the blue dye you previously applied was semi-permanent, you could use a permanent dark red hair dye. For example, 3.6, 4.6.


  If your hair isn’t in either of these situations, you should bleach your hair or fade your blue color before applying red. 


All right, we’ve got to this point where you either have faded blue, or you’ve bleached your hair. Now you wonder, what color to choose? What shade of red?


Don’t worry. Walking, you get to Rome.


Step 2: Choosing the type of hair dye and shade of red for your style

manic panic

It’s time to decide everything about your new color, which is that red you’re so passionate about.

What kind of hair dye do you want to use?


If you want a long-lasting color change, choose permanent hair dye.

hair color kits different brands

The permanent hair dye is applied with 20-volume developer, and it lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. You can choose a hair dye from L’Oreal or Garnier brands, which have special red lines.

What number of hair dye to choose from either of these brands?


  • If your skin is very brown or brunette: choose darker red tones, such as 3.66 or 4.66.
  • If your skin is intermediate: choose any shade of red, from 3.66 to 9.66.
  • If your skin is pale to very pale: the best choice is the lighter red tones, 7.66, 8.66 and 9.66.


If you want a temporary color change, use semi-permanent hair dyes.

semi permanent hair color cream

It will fade after 15 or 20 washes. At that point, you can decide if you want to keep coloring your hair red or change the color.


Brands like Manic Panic, Arctic Fox, or Punky Color have up to 4 shades of red to choose from.

Now, which red will best suit your style and characteristics?


  • If your skin is brown, try Arctic FOX’s deepest reds.
  • If your skin is intermediate, you’ll love the reds from Manic Panic.
  • If your skin is pale, I recommend the deeper reds of Punky Color.


Ultimately, regardless of whether you choose a semi-permanent or permanent dye, if your skin is pale, you should go for a deep red dye. If your skin is tanned, the best red will be the darkest one.

You’ve chosen the color red. Now, it’s time to take the big step: coloring your hair red. Ready?


Step 3: Secrets to applying and maintaining red

The semi-permanent dye has one great advantage: it’s applied without developer. However, it also has a great disadvantage: its semi-liquid consistency makes application difficult.

And that’s when disaster strikes: everything around you can end up stained red.


On the contrary, the permanent dye, thanks to its creamy consistency, is easier to apply. Also, coloring kits like L’Oreal include special applicators to ease coloring.

 It’s very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results from the kit. 


Once you’ve dyed your hair red, go out into the world and show off your new color. Wait! I still need to talk to you about maintenance.


  • If you used a semi-permanent dye, use a color depositing shampoo to add pigments in each wash. It’ll help you keep your color like the first day longer.

Which ones do I recommend?

toner for red hair

  2. LUXURY VIRAL 3 in 1


Any of these shampoos and conditioners 3 in 1 provide color and nutrition, leaving your hair a vibrant red color.


  • If you applied permanent hair dye, you could also use color depositing shampoo. Ideally, you should avoid sulfate hair products because they are corrosive chemicals that’ll remove shine and luminosity from your red hair.

Which ones do I recommend?

sulfate free



These shampoos and conditioners will keep your color intact, your hair nourished, and they’ll repair any damage.



Going from blue to red hair is not impossible. It’s a challenge for women who are willing to follow a step-by-step process to change their hair color without losing hair health.

Watch your hair, don’t miss any of these steps, and you’ll be able to color your hair as amazingly red as you dream.

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