Can you use high lift color on dyed hair? Yes, but check this

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  • You can use High Lift on your dyed hair. However, as a professional colorist, I recommend you go to a salon. High lift color contains more ammonia than regular permanent hair color. Also, it’s applied with a 30 or 40-vol developer.
  • Therefore, if your colored hair isn’t healthy and you aren’t experienced in coloring, the High Lift dye could damage your hair like bleach.
  • With all this in mind, if your hair is colored black, dark brown 3, or brown 4, you’ll need to use a 40-volume developer to lift up to four or five tones.
  • And if your hair is dyed light brown 5 or dark blonde 6, you should use a 30-volume developer to reach the highest blondes on the scale.
  • I’ll give you some tips you can consider before using High Lift hair color.


 Are you planning to use High Lift hair color on your dyed hair for a radical change? 

Do you think that using High Lift color will lighten your hair without bleaching it?


Those dyes are known as “super-lighteners” and are applied with higher developers than regular dyes.

  •  If your hair is dyed in dark colors,  you should use a 40-volume developer.
  •  If your hair is dyed in medium colors  you should use a 30-volume developer.


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I know what you’re thinking, “Using a High Lift dye on my dyed hair is so easy. I just need to use a higher developer.”

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Dear friend, things aren’t that simple.



  •  If you’re not trained in coloring,  a 30 or 40-volume developer could ruin your hair.
  • Also,  High Lift dyes are applied in a very different way than regular dyes. 


Let’s pause here.

Let’s assume that since your hair is colored, you have some experience applying dyes. So, you know that before applying the dye, you divide your hair into several sections, and then apply the dye with a brush section by section.


If you apply the High Lift dye on your dyed hair, you’ll also divide your hair into several sections. But the real work comes later. You’ll need to divide each section into layers and apply the dye to each of those layers to achieve perfect coverage.

 This is a job you have to do with a lot of precision and patience. 


Remember that the High Lift dye, in addition to depositing color, lightens your hair. If you don’t apply it correctly like a true professional, your hair color could be uneven.


At this point, there’s only one question left to answer. Do you feel you can apply High Lift hair color to your dyed hair without damaging it and achieving an even color?

Then, read on.


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What you need to apply High Lift to your dyed hair

30 or 40 developer for High Lift hair dye

High Lift dyes don’t come in kits. Instead, you’ll need to buy the dye and developer separately. To know what developer to buy, you’ll need to consider what color you dyed your hair with.

  •  If your hair is colored black 1, dark brown 3, or brown 4,  you’ll need a 40-volume developer to lift between four and five levels in one application. For example, if your hair is brown 4, you can achieve blonde 8 or very light blonde 9.
  •  If your hair is colored light brown 5 or dark blonde 6,  you’ll need a 30-volume developer to achieve the highest blondes.


Now you have the High Lift dye and developer you need. It’s time for application. However, check a few precautions.


3 tips before applying High Lift dye

Don’t wash your hair for three days before applying hair dye

The sebum produced by your scalp will protect it from chemical aggression. Your scalp can become irritated and your hair follicles can suffer if they aren’t protected by the natural sebum expelled by your skin.


Apply coconut oil to your hair four hours before dyeing

use coconut oil before High Lift hair color

Coconut oil won’t affect the dye at all. Instead, it’ll moisturize your hair fiber to avoid dryness.


Apply moisturizing cream to your forehead and hair growth area

You can also apply it on your forehead, temples and even behind your ears. The dye can sting and irritate your skin.



My professional advice, based on my personal experience, is to go to the salon to have a high lift color applied.

If you don’t have experience, it could be a real disaster. All salons work with L’Oreal and Majirel is their professional line, so you’ll have no problem getting High Lift.

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