Will my hair go back to normal after semi permanent dye?

  • When the semi-permanent hair dye fades off completely, your hair will look the same as it did before the dye was applied.
  • If you used semi-permanent hair dye mixed with peroxide, it will take longer for your hair to return to normal.
  • If you used a semi-permanent hair dye without peroxide, your hair will look the same as it always has, after about six washes.


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Semi-permanent hair dyes are ideal for people who want to change their hair one or two tones, but only temporarily.



Because, after a certain amount of washes,  the color always fades and your hair returns to the same color you had before applying the hair dye. 

Also, semi-permanent hair dyes provide very subtle highlights and intense shine, and they can be applied to natural or previously dyed hair. One of their greatest advantages is that when they gradually fade, they do not have a permanent effect.


Since most of them are not used with peroxide, they do not damage the hair fiber, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Those are the big differences with permanent dyes. After using permanent dyes your hair will never be the same because they make a total or permanent change in color.


A permanent hair dye modifies the natural color of your hair. So, as hair grows, you can see an intense difference between your growth and the tone of the hair dye. This will lead you to be more aware of color maintenance.


So, if you want to use a semi-permanent color, but are worried about how your hair will react when it fades, stick with me because I’ll tell you:

  • How many days it takes for hair to return to normal after applying a semi-permanent dye
  • In which cases it is better to choose a semi-permanent dye


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How many days does it take for hair to return to its original color after applying a semi-permanent dye?

As I told you at the beginning, there are some very important differences between semi-permanent and permanent dyes.

Also, within the semi-permanent dyes, we also find some brands that are mixed with peroxide and others where the peroxide mixture is not necessary.


 With either option, your hair will always return to normal. In other words, to its base tone.  The only thing the peroxide influences is that the dye lasts longer on the surface of the hair.
  • If you choose a semi-permanent dye that is mixed with peroxide, the tone will fade more slowly, but it will always fade.
  • If the dye has not been mixed with oxidant, your hair will be back to normal in six weeks. However, that time will depend on your washing frequency.


If you wash your hair every day, which would be crazy, the dye will fade much faster. Therefore, ideally, you should wash your hair every three days.

It will also depend on whether you use a sulfate-free shampoo. Remember that sulfates are a type of detergent that washes away pigments.


Another issue that can influence the duration of your hair color is the porosity of your hair. If your hair is very porous and tends to frizz, the color will fade more quickly.

In that case, the hair cuticle that acts as a barrier to prevent pigments from escaping will be diminished, so the color will disappear faster.


Now that you know your hair will be back to normal in terms of color, let’s see when it’s best to use semi-permanent dye.


When to use a semi-permanent dye

long hair

Before choosing a semi-permanent dye, whatever brand it is, with or without peroxide, you must know what change you want to achieve.

In other words, why do you want to apply semi-permanent dye to your hair? Let’s have a look at some options.


  • To cover the first grey hairs

Gray hair can be very obnoxious, especially when it makes an early appearance on stage.

Therefore, if you have a few grey hairs and don’t want to change your hair tone, semi-permanent hair color is ideal.  I advise you to choose a tone of hair dye that is similar to your base color and to apply it in those places where gray hair is most noticeable.

The application time of the hair dye will depend on the brand you have chosen, so please read the instructions that come with the product carefully.


  • To darken your hair in different tones

Do you want to wear a darker tone in your hair, but you’re still not sure if you’re ready to embrace a permanent change?


Semi-permanent hair colors are ideal because they allow you to darken your base color in various tones. If you don’t like it or aren’t convinced, all you have to do is wait for the color to fade.

To apply the dye, I recommend that you moisten your hair, especially in the lengths and places where you want to darken, and then leave it on according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember that semi-permanent hair color allows you to darken your hair tone, but will not lighten it.


  • To give extra shine to hair

Semi-permanent dyes are ideal for giving extra shine to hair, especially if you have a few highlights or a balayage.

Choose a color similar to the tone of your highlights. It can be darker or the same tone, and apply it to your wet hair, leaving it to work for about ten minutes.

You will notice that after rinsing off the dye, your highlights will have regained their lost luminosity.



Your hair will always return to the same tone it had before applying the semi-permanent dye, as this type of dye fades with gradual washes.

If you wash your hair too often, your base color will return more quickly. And if you wash it less often, the dye will fade more slowly, but eventually, your hair will always return to normal.

Now tell me, what will you use the semi-permanent dye for?

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