I asked for balayage and got highlights. I’m angry, what can I do?

girl suffering for her hair with highlights

Did you ask for a balayage but got highlights?

  • First of all, rest assured, this problem has a simple solution.
  • You should return to the salon and ask your hairdresser to darken your roots and do the balayage.
  • I’ll tell you in detail how this procedure works in this article.
  • We’ll also take a look at the reasons why you ended up with highlights instead of a balayage.


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Have you gone to the salon with the idea of coming home with a gorgeous balayage and instead came back with highlights?


 I can imagine how angry you must feel. 

It’s frustrating when the salon doesn’t deliver what you request.

But luckily,  the solution is simple.  I’ll tell you about it below.


How to go from highlights to balayage

In the salon, a hairdresser blow-dries the hair of a girl with balayage

What if the highlights aren’t what you wanted? You can return to the salon and ask your hairdresser to do the balayage.

You will need to be very careful with the bleaching: you should use  bleach powder and mild peroxide  because a significant part of the hair is already bleached.

Therefore,  the balayage will have two tones. Some highlights will be lighter than others,  giving it more depth.


Finally, your hairdresser can  dye some strands of your base color at the roots,  to make the base look darker. And that’s it.

Problem solved!


Possible reasons why you got highlights instead of balayage

girl suffering for her hair with highlights

 Many times, I’ve had clients in my salon who arrived furious  from another salon, looking for a solution to a job where they didn’t get what they had asked for.

And I confess that  on more than one occasion, my clients have returned dissatisfied  with work that my employees or I have done.

What are the most frequent mistakes?

Not knowing how to differentiate hairdressing techniques and poor communication.


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Highlights and balayage: do you know the difference?

The first thing to analyze is the fine line between highlights and balayage.

 Highlights are tiny strands of hair  which are usually done with a latex cap.

They are also done with strips or aluminum foil; depending on the location or thickness, they can be differentiated into traditional highlights, babylights, lowlights, etc.


All these techniques start from the root. But  the highlights done with a cap give a more uniform visual effect . You get a more even “blonde” look.

On the other hand, balayage  starts with darker roots  and gradually lightens towards the ends.

 There should be no horizontal marks or lines  showing where the first blonde highlights begin with balayage.


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Communication problems: Did you explain yourself clearly? Were you misunderstood?

Most of the failures in hairdressing jobs have to do with communication problems with your hairdresser.

One problem is when you don’t know how to express what you want because you’re unsure what each term means. Another is  , the inability of some hairdressers to listen to what you’re asking for . These two issues form a lethal combo.



Now you know what the differences are between each of these terms. You can return to your hairdresser and express all your doubts and concerns.

And if you still have doubts,  you can reinforce your ideas with images . You can find thousands of pictures on Google to show your hairdresser exactly what you want.


Of course, I’d like to point out that it’s a different story if your hairdresser doesn’t recommend balayage for you.

It’s possible your hair isn’t in a condition to withstand bleaching or  your hair type isn’t suitable  for the job. Or, possibly, the hairdresser simply doesn’t know how to do it.


Given these potential issues,  seek a second opinion in another salon. 

Perhaps the answer will be the same. Or you may receive other options. A piece of advice from my heart: don’t let your desires blind you.  Evaluate all your choices with a clear head. 

Don’t let yourself be carried away by a whim.

Although everything has a solution, unpleasant results can leave traumas and fears you could have avoided.




If you asked for a balayage but got highlights, as we saw, the solution is quite simple. You just need to  darken your roots and do the balayage starting from the middle of your hair. 

Once you’ve solved the issue, remember this experience, so it doesn’t happen again.

Make an appointment at your usual salon.  Your hairdresser will know how to advise you, listen to you, and give you the best treatment  both for your look and your hair’s health.

Don’t hesitate; GO FOR IT!

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