Is it easier to color straight or curly hair? Short answer: it depends

dye curly hair at home

  • Hairdressers use some coloring services on straight hair, and some others on curly hair.
  • Actually, coloring on straight or curly hair may be easy or difficult depending on the technique used. For example, balayage, bleaching, foil or cap highlights, touch up, coloring.
  • I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of each of these techniques on straight hair vs. curly hair.


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Do you have straight or curly hair?

As you know, every hair type has its pros and cons, and the same goes for hair coloring techniques.

Stay tuned to find out if it’s easier to color curly or straight hair according to the technique used by the colorist and the style or trend you want to wear. Come on!

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Balayage technique and teasing or backcombing

hairdresser combing balayage

When it comes to finding the perfect transition from darker hair to lighter hair, colorists often backcomb or tease the hair. The aim is to blend the line of demarcation of the new growth and the previously dyed hair.

To achieve this, the technique applied will depend on whether the hair is straight or curly.


In these cases, curly hair has an advantage because   imperfections are usually disguised.  

Due to its natural movement, curly hair is suitable for any balayage style, such as freehand balayage technique where the color is applied by hand with a brush.


On the other hand, the line of demarcation is harder to disguise in straight hair. So, balayage is suitable for both straight and curly hair. Each type of hair has its pros and cons when coloring.


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Cap highlights

takes longer than foils

Cap highlights are the best for people with straight hair who want to add some brighter pieces around the face.

Extra-fine or baby highlights usually look natural and neat.


On the other hand, cap highlights tend to be harder to apply in curly hair.

Stylists usually flat-iron the hair to ease the process of pulling the strands through the latex cap. Also, sometimes the resulting effect differs from the expectations.


In conclusion, when we do cap highlights, straight hair is easier to color than curly hair.


Foil or babylight highlights

grown out dark roots

This technique is in fashion nowadays in salons. Do you know why?


 Foil highlights work on any type of hair.  

Of course, the strands should look much neater and finer on straight hair. On the other hand, they tend to look wider on curly hair to enhance the color effect.


When it comes to foil highlights or babylight, curly hair has an advantage because it’s easier to color than straight hair.


Highlights touch up

with brush

Do you need to touch up your babilights?


The technique is much straightforward in straight hair.

When working on curly hair, the stylist needs to work neatly to avoid staining the roots with the dye.

When touching up the roots, straight hair yields better results than curly hair.


Full head bleach

match roots with the rest of the hair

Curly hair presents some disadvantages when a client is looking for a full head bleach.

The product must be applied thoroughly by dividing the hair into fine strands.

That’s the only way to ensure that the bleach covers each hair strand. When working with curly hair, the stylist needs to pay close attention to the process to avoid staining the curls.


In general, full head bleach is easier on straight hair.


All-over hair color

dyeing hair caramel after bleaching

It’s one of the most popular techniques both in salons and at home.


Curly hair usually requires more dye than straight hair though it also depends on the amount of hair.

This will also depend on how much hair you have. In general, curly hair is usually much more abundant.

However, curly hair tends to be porous, which helps the dye absorb evenly.


In this case, I cannot specify whether it is easier or harder to do a full head of color on curly or straight hair.

 The only precaution for an all-over color is to make sure you buy the necessary amount of product. 


That’ll ease the process and make sure the results match your expectations.

There is no major difficulty with either hair type.


Hair coloring may be harder or easier according to the technique used for each hair type

In this article, I showed you that the difficulty in coloring hair is relative.

Curly or straight hair can be easier or harder to color. It also depends on the mastery of the professional colorist.

They know how to take advantage of each hair type, and now you are an expert too!

What's your next look?

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