How long do I leave splat hair dye in my hair? Can I leave it overnight?

  • Leaving dye in your hair all night long is complete madness. Whether it’s Splat dye or any other dye. We’ll get into it to bring a little more sanity.
  • If you choose permanent Splat hair dye, you’ll need to leave it in for up to 45 minutes.
  • And if you choose the semi-permanent Splat hair dye, you can leave it in for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the intensity of color you want to achieve. I’ll give you all the details later.


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With the revolution in fantasy hair color, the hair universe has taken on a new dimension. I personally love it.

Every day, more and more brands appear with different proposals to cover the different expectations of hair lovers in rainbow colors.


One of these brands is Splat, which offers only fantasy colors. It has two hair dye alternatives: permanent Splat or semi-permanent Splat.

What’s the difference?

  • Permanent Splat hair dye contains more ammonia and is applied with developer.

That’s why it lasts longer, but it can also dry out your hair more because of the chemicals included in its formula.  And the exposure time is 45 minutes.

If you exceed that time, your hair will suffer more damage.


  • Semi-permanent Splat dye is applied without peroxide, so the color lasts less.
   It’s a softer formula, which you can apply to your hair for 20 to 40 minutes. 

Why the time difference?


Because the more you let it work on your hair, the more intense the color will be.

Now, if there’s one thing [your_highlight background=”#ffb5e8″]you should avoid, whether it’s Splat or any other hair color, it’s leaving it on your hair overnight. That’s really crazy.[/su_highlight]


If you use Splat permanent hair color, your hair will go through a process that opens up the hair fiber to deposit the pigment. That process takes a maximum of 45 minutes.

Then, the hair becomes saturated with color. Also, it can be damaged by chemicals.


Alternatively, if you choose semi-permanent Splat hair color, leaving it on your hair overnight is unnecessary, even if you’re looking for the most intense color. The hair fiber will absorb the pigments within a maximum time of 40 minutes.

For the sake of clarity, today I’ll tell you:

  • How long to leave the permanent Splat hair dye in hair
  • How long to leave the semi-permanent Splat hair dye work
  • How to rinse the Splat hair dye according to the option you choose

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How long to leave the permanent Splat hair dye in hair

Record it on your mind: maximum application time is 45 minutes. When should you start counting time?


 From the moment you apply the dye to all your hair. 

Why is it important to respect that time?


This hair dye contains chemicals: ammonia to fix the color, and 20-volume developer for pigments to penetrate the hair fiber.

You have to understand that those chemicals are corrosive to hair and extended exposure can dry out your hair fiber. In addition,  hair can become saturated with color because it has a limited absorption capacity. 


Imagine that your hair is a glass. If you keep pouring water beyond its capacity, the liquid will start to spill. The same goes for your hair.

If you leave the hair dye in too long, your hair will become saturated with color. Then, every time you wash your hair, it’ll continue to bleed out the color for several weeks.


If I choose semi-permanent Splat hair color, can I leave it in overnight?

A straightforward no.


We aren’t talking about coconut oil or a night hair mask. We’re talking about hair dye. Although semi-permanent, it was designed for a specific purpose: to change hair color.

Its use is also specific: you must leave it on for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the color you want to achieve.


There’s also another reason why you shouldn’t leave this color on your hair all night.   The semi-permanent Splat dye is not 100% chemical-free, as it contains a small amount of ammonia. 

It’s considered semi-permanent because it’s applied without developer and it only changes your hair color temporarily. You’ll return to your previous color almost completely after some washings. Almost?


Yes, almost. As it contains a small amount of ammonia, the semi-permanent Splat color may not wash out completely.

Is there a special exposure time for each color?


In general, the more pastel or lighter the color, the less time you should let Splat semi-permanent hair color work on your hair:

  • Light or pastel colors (pink, light blue, yellow, neon, green, gray): 20 minutes from the time you finish applying it to your hair.
  • Medium colors (red, blue, yellow, green, purple, violet, orange): 25 minutes since you finish applying it to your hair.
  • Special dark or intense colors (purple, fuchsia, chewing gum pink, turquoise, aqua, blue): 30 – 35 minutes since you finish applying it on your hair.


Now, in addition to the differences in application times, there is one more difference between semi-permanent and permanent Splat dyes. Do you want to know which one? Read on.


How to rinse off Splat hair dye after the exposure time

  • If you used permanent Splat, you must use shampoo and conditioner to stop the chemical reaction of the dye.
  • If you used semi-permanent Splat, you cannot use shampoo or conditioner to avoid ruining the color completely.


Permanent Splat dye rinse

After the exposure time, rinse your hair with plenty of warm water until it runs clean. Then, use shampoo and conditioner  to immediately stop the chemical reaction of the dye generated by the ammonia and developer. 

In addition, the shampoo and conditioner will remove excess dye preventing saturation of the hair fiber.


Semi-permanent Splat dye rinse

In this case, don’t use shampoo nor conditioner. If you prefer to do so, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner so as not to ruin your color.

You can simply rinse your hair using warm water.



  • No dye should be left on your hair overnight. It’s very important to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • In the case of permanent Splat dye, it has a maximum exposure time of 45 minutes and you must rinse it out using shampoo and conditioner to cut the chemical reaction.
  • If you choose the semi-permanent Splat dye, you can play with the exposure times, between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the color you want to achieve.
  • The longer you leave it on, the more intense the color you’ve chosen will be. Remember that, in that case, you shouldn’t use shampoo or conditioner for rinsing.

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