How can you fix horizontal lines in your hair after getting highlights?

woman clutches her head annoyed because she had horizontal lines in her hair after highlights

  • If you have horizontal lines in your hair after getting highlights, it’s because there was too much bleach mixture in the foil or the foil papers weren’t placed right.
  • I advise you to go to a salon so they can fix these horizontal lines in your hair. You need professional expertise to correct them.
  • If you don’t want to or can’t go to a salon, I’ll tell you later how you can fix them yourself, at your own risk.


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Blonde highlights went wrong; how can I fix them?


 Now you know why your hair has horizontal lines after getting highlights. 


And I’m guessing you got highlights with foil. Because horizontal lines can appear after highlights when you get highlights with foil.

When you get foil highlights, you separate the strands following the rounded shape of your head to achieve natural-looking highlights.

correct placement of aluminum foil during highlights

Now  what if mistakes are made during foil placement? You’ll get horizontal stripes.  Why?

  •  Because of the slant of the foil papers.  When the hairdresser applied the highlights, they didn’t place the foil papers correctly. Generally, a colorist will apply the foils at a slight tilt and use a small tray to rest your head on. That way, they’ll do the highlights at the right angle. If your colorist didn’t do this, horizontal lines appear in your highlights.
  •  Accumulation of the bleach mixture.  This causes the mixture to move and become concentrated in a small part of your hair, forming that line.


Now if you’ve had cap highlights and you’ve got a horizontal line, what happened is that your colorist pulled out a line of horizontal highlights and the bleach built up there, leaving that line.


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How to fix horizontal lines in your hair after getting highlights

hairdresser fixed the horizontal lines in the highlights

 My first recommendation is to go to a salon. Fixing horizontal lines from highlights requires experience and knowledge. 


If you went to a salon to get highlights and they left horizontal lines, you have two options:

  • Return to the salon and talk to your stylist to find a solution.
  • You can look for another professional if you’ve lost your trust in that salon.


Now, if you don’t want to go to the salon, I’ll give you some options to make the horizontal lines in your hair disappear.

  •  Dye only the horizontal line . You can apply a little permanent dye just on the horizontal line. The dye should be the same color as your roots. This way, you’ll cover the misapplied bleach.  If you have several horizontal lines, you can lower your roots two centimeters to cover the lines , leaving your highlights perfect with dark roots.
  •  Lightening bath . You can lighten your roots. Mix shampoo with 10-volume developer. Apply the mixture just to your scalp, especially on the horizontal line. Don’t use more than 10-volume developer or apply it all over your hair.
  •  Semi-permanent dye . Applying a semi-permanent dye will fade with washing, giving you time to renew your highlights without that horizontal line. You can choose a light color like blonde or a dark color like brown because it will fade anyway. When you bleach your hair, this will be completely removed.


Again, I recommend you go to a salon. It’s not worth risking your hair’s health and color by fixing horizontal lines after highlights if you don’t have the expertise to do it successfully.



Horizontal lines in your hair after highlights can be a frustrating experience. But a professional can easily correct them.

Go to a salon because sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease. That could be true here if you try to fix horizontal lines from highlights if you don’t have knowledge and experience in coloring.

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