Does bleached hair grow back healthy? How can you take care of it while it grows?

woman wondering if her bleached hair will grow healthy

  • Bleached hair grows back healthy because the roots are virgin hair.
  • These roots are hair that hasn’t undergone any chemical process. Therefore, it will have healthy cuticles and the same docility, flexibility, and elasticity the rest of your hair had before you bleached it.
  • Now, it’s important to take care of bleach-damaged hair. And I’ll tell you how to do that later on.


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Does Bleaching Your Hair Damage it Forever? What Can You Do Beforehand to Prevent Damage


I guess by now, you’re breathing a sigh of relief. Now you know that  bleached hair grows back healthy. 


And the reason is simple. Bleaching can only damage hair where you apply it. In other words, the chemical process won’t affect hair that hasn’t grown yet.

woman shows her hair dried by bleaching

Therefore,  new hair that grows from your roots every month will be completely healthy.  This means it will be elastic, flexible, moisturized, and won’t have the damage that the rest of your bleached hair has.


 If you’ve bleached your hair, as the weeks go by, you’ll see the roots are growing and new hair is born. 

And that new hair is virgin. All its cuticles are healthy and moisturized. It’s also your natural color and has the docility, flexibility, and elasticity your hair had before you bleached it.


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And after two or three months, when your roots have several centimeters of healthy hair, you will have to make a decision:

  •  Do you want to keep your bleached color in your hair?  Then you have to bleach the new growth. And that hair will no longer be healthy because bleaching will strip it of moisture and nutrients again.
  •  Do you want to stop bleaching your hair and return to your natural color to have healthy hair?  If you’ve had enough of blonde and want to grow out your natural color, you’ll have to eliminate the old hair by trimming the ends every month. For example, if your roots grow two centimeters every month, you should trim two centimeters of bleached ends. This way, your hair will have a higher percentage of healthy hair each month.


Regardless of your decision, you should pay attention to the sections of hair you’ve bleached as new and healthy hair grows. And to do that, you’ll need to repair it.

How? That’s what I’ll talk about next.


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Plan for repairing bleached hair while new healthy hair grows

woman caring for her bleached hair to make it healthy again

Before starting with an action plan to repair bleached hair, I must warn you that you must be patient and consistent. You can’t fix the damage that bleaching causes overnight.

How long will it take to repair your bleached hair?


On average, three to four months. Of course, this will depend on how many bleaching sessions you went through. It will also depend on whether you bleached your hair yourself or had it done at a salon.

Let’s move on to step one.


Don’t bleach new hair

 That hair is healthy. If you bleach it, you’ll damage it. 


Also, your hair’s roots are very close to the scalp, where the hair follicles are. These give birth to new hair. And if you don’t have much experience with bleaching, you can burn the hair follicles, severely compromising new hair growth.

 My recommendation to avoid bleaching your roots and maintain an even color in your hair  is to apply a dye in your natural hair color to even out the two tones.


Trim your ends every two months

This way, you’ll gradually eliminate bleach-damaged hair. And your new hair will grow back with more vitality.


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Invest in hair repair treatments

hairdresser takes care of bleached hair

If we’re talking about treatments, the first one I’m going to recommend is OLAPLEX No. 3. This treatment repairs years of mistreatment each time you use it and is the most popular treatment worldwide.

Its results are excellent. And although it’s pretty expensive, you only have to apply a small amount once or twice a week. Therefore, it’s an investment rather than an expense.


Another option is to apply masks twice a week.

  •  If you want to restore elasticity to bleached hair , I recommend the PROFESSIONAL SERIES mask with argan oil.
  •  If you want to thicken bleached hair , I recommend the L’ORÉAL PARIS HAIR CARE ELVIVE TOTAL REPAIR mask with proteins and almond oil.


Finally, if we’re talking about shampoos and conditioners, one of the best options is NEXXUS KERAPHIX with keratin, which will provide hydration each time you wash your hair.



After bleaching, the new hair that grows at your roots will be healthy because it didn’t go through the chemical process.

It’s also vital to repair bleached hair so it gradually regains strength and elasticity.

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