How to Grow Out your Blonde Hair With Dark Roots (like a pro)

  • If you want to stop dyeing your hair blonde, what you’ll need to do is dye your roots your natural hair color.
  • In order to do that, you’ll need to wait at least two or three months so you can see the right natural base color.
  • After that, it’s as simple as dyeing your hair the color of your roots about 2-2.5 inches starting at where your roots have grown in, using a rat tail comb.
  • The idea of this technique is to create a mixing of the colors in the middle of your hair with your blonde ends to get an ombré kind of effect. And I’ll tell you exactly how to do that here.


growing out blonde hair with dark roots

Do you have your hair dyed blonde and you’re tired of maintaining your roots?

That happens to a lot of women.


We all love to change our hair color. Whether that means making a big change, like dyeing your hair emerald green, or going from brown to blonde.

But, of course, these changes mean that you have to make a commitment, often in the form of a color maintenance routine and a hair care routine.

  • Have you noticed that it feels like your hair is draining your pockets since you have to get it dyed every month?
  • Are you tired of spending a fortune on hydrating masks?
  • Are you bored of blonde and want to go back to that brown that seems like the best color in the world these days?
 Going back to your natural hair color will be like magic, helping both your pocket and your hair’s health. 

And what’s more, the technique I’ll teach you today will give you a relaxed style and will be the base of your transition, so you don’t have to get your roots touched up every few months.


That means that you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the blonde hair at your ends, while your roots will have that base color that you’re looking to get back.

Want to know what the best part about this technique is?


That  you don’t have to know much about dyeing your hair already, since you should actually use the dye unevenly so you don’t end up with a stark dividing line between the color at your roots and the color on your ends. 

Now, if the thing that’s stopping you from taking the plunge of leaving blonde behind and going back to your natural color is fear of the transition, don’t worry.

Because today I’ll tell you:

  • How to choose the right color dye for making the transition from blonde hair to your natural color
  • How to use the dye to mix your dark roots with the rest of your hair


Now, before you start on this journey, you’re going to need to plan your strategy. Because after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And getting back to your natural hair color will also take you some time.

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How to choose the right color dye for making the transition from blonde hair to your natural color

color kits for home use

In order for this technique to work, the first thing you need to do is choose the right color dye for covering your roots.

The biggest mistake you can make when going back to your natural hair color is choosing a color that you think looks like how your natural hair color looked before.

What color is your hair naturally?


 Your roots grow in your natural hair color, no matter how many times you dye or bleach your hair, and for that reason, your natural hair color doesn’t change. 

Now, how do you know exactly what your natural hair color is?


To find out, you should let your roots grow in for 2-3 months so you can pick the right color.

Oftentimes when I ask my clients what their natural hair color was, they don’t know exactly how to explain it to me. And brown hair isn’t the same as light or dark brown hair.

What happens if you don’t wait two or three months?


 You’ll end up with the same problem as with your blonde hair, since your roots grow in your natural color and you’d end up needing to touch them up every month if you don’t dye what grows the exact right color, so you can’t see the difference.  

Once you can see your natural hair color perfectly, all you’ll have to do is buy a color kit.

And once you have the dye on hand, the time has come: You’ll start to leave behind that blonde hair and go back to your natural hair color.


How to use the dye to mix your dark roots with the rest of your hair

blonde hair

At the beginning I told you that you don’t have to be an expert to do this, and I stand by that: You don’t have to be an expert. Because the secret behind this technique is actually applying the dye unevenly.

Yep, you read that right. All you need to do is use a dye brush or a rat tail comb.


If you use a dye brush, what you need to do is apply the dye vertically from your roots to about the height of your ears, sometimes using longer strokes and sometimes using shorter ones.

I repeat:  Some strokes should be longer than others because if you apply the dye in a straight line, then you’ll have a dividing line between the top and bottom of your hair which would look very untidy in blonde hair. 


You can also opt for a rat tail comb, an even easier method because all you’d have to do is comb the dye about 2-2.5 inches down into your hair to get the perfect mixture between your roots and ends.

This technique is very similar to root shadow since your end goal is to get a natural fading effect, like with ombré or balayage.

Do you want to go over the technique step-by-step?

Your wish is my command!


  • Step 1

Part your hair down the middle so you have a clear view of your roots while you’re using the mixture.


  • Step 2

Put on gloves and prepare the dye mix in a plastic container using the developer and tube of dye, which you’ll find in the color kit.


  • Step 3

You should use the mix on your roots and comb it into your hair about 2-2.5 inches downward, using a rat tail comb. Then, separate out another portion of hair, put the dye on your roots and comb again.

If you opt to use a dye brush, you should do some longer and some shorter strokes always vertically until you’ve used the dye all the way around your head.


 Don’t leave any area of your roots without dye, so that way you can fully mix your blonde with your dark roots. 

When you finish applying the dye to your hair, leave it in for 40 minutes.


  • Step 4

Once that time has gone by, rinse the dye out with plenty of cool water until it runs clean without any remnants of the dye.

And lastly, when your hair dries, take a look in the mirror. Isn’t the change amazing?


And what is even better is that once you’ve used your root color on your hair, you don’t have to worry about any more maintenance.



If you want to stop dyeing your hair blonde, it’s important to let your roots grow in for at least two or three months, since after that amount of time, you’ll be able to correctly differentiate what exactly your natural base color is.

And once you’ve determined what that color is, you can use it on your roots, with either a dye brush or a rat tail comb, so you can get a perfect ombré effect, mixing your natural color with the blonde at the middle and ends of your hair.

A safe, easy fresh start for your hair. All that I have left to ask you is: Are you ready to embrace your natural color again?

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