Honey-colored Dye: What number is it? What tone should you choose for your skin?

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The honey color is a 7.3 tone or copper blonde, since the highlights are a copper color.

Let’s start from the beginning, the color palette.


Dyes are assigned universal numbers so that everyone can recognize them. The scale is from 1 to 10, 1 being black and 10 being extra blonde.

Therefore, the honey color is a number 7 on the scale.


Before, I told you that the tone was a 7.3.

You may be asking, “What is the number 3?”



The color palette from 1 to 10 establishes the pure tones. The number after the color is the highlight.

Th highlights scale is also universal and set.


  • The ashy highlight is always .1 (5.1, 3.1)
  • The golden highlight is always .2 (6.2, 9.2)
  • The copper highlight is always .3 (7.3, 8.3)
  • The mahogany highlight (red) is always .4 (5.4, 6.4)


 In this case the honey tone, being a coppery blonde, is a 7.3 tone 


To get this color you can directly ask at the pharmacy or the hair salon.

Garnier has a wide array of honey tones. This brand in particular has a special line of these colors for spring-summer.

If your option is the salon, you can choose one that adapts best to your taste and skin tone from a color card.


Let’s see how to choose a honey tone that best adapts to you.


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How to choose the best honey tone for your hair

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The honey tone is universal but there are small details that can make you look even more beautiful.

  • If your skin is darker, you can choose between a 7.3 and a 6.3. I don’t recommend more than a 7 since blondes don’t look as good with darker skin.
  • If you skin is lighter, you can choose between a 7.3 and an 8.3. No more than that. A 9.3 would be a copper blonde and you would lose the honey tone
  • Tones in the middle of the palette are 5, 6, and 7, which are colors that look good on all skin.


Color formula

If you don’t have the time or the budget to go to the salon, with this formula you can do your color at home.


Well, we said that a honey tone is a 7.3.


The formula is the following: dye tone + dye tone = result/amount of dyes

It seems difficult, but it isn’t!


We want to get a honey color.

6.3 + 8.3 = 14.6/2 = 7.3

We divide by 2 because we are using two tones.


How to prepare the color: What proportions to use

Proportions to prepare the color mixture

At the hair salon or pharmacy, buy the dyes to form the color and the 30-volume peroxide.

It is important that it not be more than 30-volumes. Using a higher volume could damage the hair.


In a plastic bowl, mix half of the 6.3 tube with half of the 8.3 tube. Add the peroxide and mix unti you have a homogenous mixture.


How to apply the color to your hair step by step

  • Separate the hair in sections and with a brush, apply the mixture to the whole surface from the roots to the ends (you can leave 1 cm of growth if that is what you like)
  • You can use a thermal cap so that the process is even. (It’s normal to feel heat or burning on your scalp. If you feel extreme itching or heat, rinse quickly).
  • Let it sit for 40 to 60 minutes.
  • After the time has passed, rinse with plenty of warm water. You can use your normal shampoo or simple use a rinse cream.
  • Dry your hair and now you have your honey tone!



If your hair is very dark (2, 3, or 4) you need to bleach first.

If your hair tone is reddish, you will also have to bleach first since red colors have a lot of pigmentation and are difficult to get rid of.

Don’t use more than a 30-volume peroxide because it’s damaging to your hair and can cause it to dry out a lot.


4 easy tricks for caring for your color

Very well, let’s suppose that you’ve dyed your hair a honey color. You are in love with the results. It’s the hair color that you’ve always wanted.

But to keep your color attractive and shiny you should care for your hair with the right products. Otherwise, in a few days, your beautiful honey-colored hair will transform into a color that will scare you every time you pass in front of a mirror.


Revlon 45 days is an excellent option. It has various tones to choose from and your hair will look like you recently left the salon.


  • Do not wash your hair every day, that removes the natural layer of scalp fat and weakens the growth.


  • Don’t abuse cream baths. While they may be an excellent tool for hair maintenance, in excess, they can make the color fade.


  • If you decided to do your color at home, always remember what tone you used. I recommend that all my clients make a note of what tones they mixed.

If you chose to go to a salon, talk to your stylist! Ask all about the process, the tone that they used, and the volume of peroxide) remember that more than 30 is damaging for your hair).


Honey tones are universal and go with any time of the year. They are warm colors that make us look beautiful.

And you? Now do you know what honey tone you are going to dye your hair?

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