My permanent hair color is washing out: 5 possible reasons and solutions

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There are 5 possible reasons why your permanent hair color might be washing out:

  • Reason 1: You didn’t apply the hair dye the right way
  • Reason 2: You wash your hair too often and with hot water
  • Reason 3: You abuse heat tools such as blow-dryers and flat irons
  • Reason 4: You use inappropriate or low-quality hair products
  • Reason 5: You expose your hair to harmful environmental factors


A few days ago, you colored your hair, and you feel that the color is washing out. It’s as if someone was discoloring your hair with invisible hands while you sleep.

And to top it all off, your best friend, who colored her hair the same day and used the same brand of hair dye, looks like she just applied it.

 You ask yourself, how can this permanent hair dye, which I chose for its maximum duration, washes out so quickly? 


I have bad news for you: you’re the one to blame.

Regardless of your apparent innocence, that’s the truth. You’ll understand why I am so decisive.


However, all defendants deserve the best of defenses.

So, I also have  good news for you: the solutions to these problems are also in your hands. 

Do you want your permanent hair dye to last longer in your hair?


Then, let’s start with the possible first reason why it seems to wash out faster.

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Reason 1: At the time of application, you didn’t respect the exposure times or the exact proportions of the mixture

apply the mixture before half an hour

Each hair dye brand has its indications and times. If you want to get the maximum performance from the hair dye, you must respect them for the color pigments to set.

For example, how many days did you go without washing your hair before applying the hair dye?


  • Hair should not be washed for two days before applying the dye. While the oil produced by the hair protects the scalp from allergies and irritations, it prevents the hair dyes from penetrating the core of the hair and fixing the color.

In other words, if you haven’t washed your hair in a week, there’s your answer to the question of why your hair dye washes out so quickly.


  •  Also, hair shouldn’t be freshly washed  because the pigments won’t settle on wet hair and will wash out fast. Common sense is important. So, use it more often.

Do you have a lot of gray hair?


  • In that case, you should apply the hair dye on the roots and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Then, apply the color on the rest of the hair. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the exposure time indicated on the product.

Don’t forget that gray hair is thick and rebellious. It requires more attention than the rest of the hair to ensure that the hair dye penetrates and fixes in the hair fiber.


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Reason 2: If you wash your hair with hot water too often, the pigments will wash out faster

Washing your hair every day or every other day with hot water is an explosive bomb for the hair dye.


  • It’s not about wearing your hair dirty either, but  the more you wash it, the less the hair dye will last. 

Even after applying the color, you should wait for 48-72 hours to wash your hair and give the pigment a chance to set in the hair follicles.


Do you want some ideas?


  • I suggest using dry shampoo, adopting certain hairstyles such as ponytails, braids, or updos, or even using accessories such as headbands.

You should always  wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water to protect the permanent hair dye.   Very hot water favors the loss of color. Do you know why?


  • Because hot water dilates or opens the cuticle allowing the hair dye color molecules to escape.

So, now you know. Wash your colored hair with lukewarm water and rinse it with cold water to close the hair cuticle.


Reason 3: Using a flat iron or blow-dryer every day will wash out permanent hair color faster

it is convenient to regulate the heat

Heat tools cause hair dehydration. When hair is dehydrated, it dries out, but it also loses the hair dye pigments.



  • Before blow-drying or applying heat, spray with a heat protection spray. The polymers in this product prevent the heat from penetrating the hair causing the hair dye molecules to break down and escape.

You can find heat protectants or styling creams with specific protection for color-treated hair.


Reason 4: Permanent hair dye will always last longer if you use the right beauty products. So, no sulfates!

after coloring hair

There are two types of shampoo: shampoo with sulfates and sulfate-free shampoo.

Which one do you usually use? Don’t worry, you won’t fail, but you should check the labels.


  •  Most shampoos sold in supermarkets contain sulfates  and other chemicals that sweep away the permanent hair dye with each wash.

Also, dandruff shampoos or those designed for oily hair are deep cleansing, so they are quite corrosive to the color.


  •  Now that you colored your hair with permanent hair color, you should be stricter with your beauty routine. 

For example, you can choose silicones and sulfates-free products, which will help you extend the duration of the color and maintain its shine.

In addition, they protect the hair’s natural oils to keep it moisturized.


  •  Read labels and look for those that specify “color treated hair.”  If possible, choose an alternative that will help you maintain the color.

For example, shampoo for blonde hair or for brown hair, among others.


Reason 5: Some external factors, such as the sun or chlorinated water, can wash out permanent hair color almost in the blink of an eye

faded demi permanent hair color

Summer is a great enemy of colored hair. Apart from the sun, other factors such as chlorine from swimming pools and sea salt affect the hair dye. Nevertheless, in winter, things don’t get any better. The sun is always there and you also have to protect your hair.


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  • My recommendation is to use caps, hats, or a shawl. There are also hair products with sunscreen that will help you to maintain the color of your hair.


  • Finally, protection against color wash out is based on moisture.
 If your hair is moisturized, the color will hold more easily.  So, masks and conditioners should be part of your hair routine.

Apply a nourishing mask once a week. It’ll help your hair better resist climatic factors.



If you don’t want your permanent hair color to wash out quickly, you should avoid frequent washes and bad hair care habits.

While there aren’t magic permanent hair dyes that will last indefinitely, it’s all about avoiding the wrong products, not abusing heat tools, and following the manufacturers’ application instructions.

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