What happens if you dye your hair too much? Is once a week too much?

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I’m a professional hairdresser and every day I receive many queries in the salon and through my social networks.

One query I get quite often is “can I color my hair once a week”, or “can I color my hair once every 10 days?


All these girls who ask me are, at least, concerned about the health of their hair.

Many others don’t even think about how bad it can be to color their hair so often.


I’m going to say it now so that there’s no doubt:

  • Coloring hair with permanent dyes so often can cause irreversible hair damage.
  • At best, your hair will become dry and feel like straw. With a bit of luck and a lot of love, you can get it back with moisturizing masks and other special products.
  • If you’re not so lucky, your hair will become so fragile and brittle that it won’t even be able to resist a brush. Not to mention the annoying split ends, which you may have to trim.


If you play with fire, you’ll get burned.

Eventually burned.

When I’m asked what happens if you dye your hair too often, say once a week or once a fortnight, I always compare hair dyes to fire. Do you know why?


Fire is caused by a chemical reaction after three elements, such as oxygen, heat, and fuel combine.

If you get too close, you’ll get burned. And that burned skin will need a simple treatment, in the case of minor burns, or more invasive treatments, like new skin, in the case of more serious burns.


With dyes, it is the same thing.

Your hair becomes impregnated with a new color, thanks to a chemical reaction, after two elements, peroxide and ammonia, are combined.

If you color your hair every thirty days, you’ll experience milder damage, which will only require some intensive hydration treatment.


 But if you color it once a week, you’ll end up with hair that’s burned, so much so that no moisturizing treatment can save it.

Besides, why would you want to dye your hair once a week?

Are you trying to set a new record for the person who colors their hair the most per year in the Guinness Book of Records?


Well, if you don’t want to go down in history as the person who went bald from dyeing her hair too often, stick with me, because today I’ll prevent you from doing anything crazy, and I’ll tell you:

  • Why you must allow at least 30 days between one hair coloring and the next
  • Tricks to color your hair less often


The decision is yours, and I know that, in the end, you will choose to save your hair and forget about the Guinness Records.

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Why you must allow at least 30 days between one coloring and the next

damaged and fragile hair

The application of a dye is a double-edged sword. If you don’t use it carefully, it can become a weapon of hair destruction.

Do you know exactly what dye does to your hair?


Permanent hair color has the power to change the hair structure forever.

Read these lines again carefully, and if possible, out loud.

  A permanent hair color has the irrevocable power to change the hair structure forever. 

What does this mean?


That your hair will never be the same, except for the hair that grows after you dye it.

The chemical process will have changed the color, but it will also influence the cuticles, the outside, and, finally, the core.

Therefore, if you dye your hair once a week, the color will end up ruining your hair.


First, the cuticles won’t close. If they don’t close, your hair will get dehydrated. And when it does, the frizz will appear on the top of your hair and the ends will split. All that will happen until your hair ends up directly burned.

 When that happens, you will have to cut it. I don’t mean just a simple haircut. I mean inches and inches of hair, until you get rid of the whole section of burned hair.  .[/su_highlight]


That’s in terms of health.

As far as color is concerned, it is not more encouraging. The tone will look paler because, by opening the cuticles so often due to excess coloring, the pigment will escape more easily with the washings.

Now that you know this, do you think that once a week is too much to color?


Of course, it is!

The dye has to be applied, at most, once a month. If you can wait 45 days, much better.

If you want to do a color touch up, it’s best to apply the dye at the roots, avoiding the whole surface of the hair.


If you want to preserve your hair from extreme and irreversible damage, avoid re-coloring your hair before 30 days.

Otherwise, you will face a foretold hair death, which will be much less interesting, but more dramatic, than Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel.


Now, if you need to do something about color to make it last longer and avoid dyeing your hair so often, keep reading, because I’ll tell you how to do it.


Tricks for dyeing your hair less often

with brush

We will start with the most important thing: how to renew the color correctly.

When it’s been 30 or 45 days since you applied the color to all your hair,  you should renew the color. To do this you should only apply the color to the new roots and leave it on for thirty minutes. 


After this time, moisten all your hair with a spray and comb the dye towards the middle and ends.

If your hair is too long or you have a lot of it, you can prepare a little more color mixture and apply it to the previously wet middles and ends.

What does water do in this case?


 A main function is to lower the volume of peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, which makes the color softer and less aggressive. 

If you renew your color in this way, you will be taking care of your hair, the tone will be impeccable and it will look spectacularly shiny.

Are you worried that your growth will be too noticeable before thirty days?


I can think of some alternatives:

  • If your color is too light and your natural base is too dark, you can resort to highlights. In this way, the roots will be vanished.
  • If you don’t want to resort to highlights, you can go up a few darker shades at the root, so that they are not immediately noticed.
  • If you dye your hair a very dark color, and grays are visible after a few days, you can have highlights to hide the gray.
  • Finally, always use products to touch up the roots temporarily, which you can find on the market in sprays, powders, and even some dry shampoos with color, such as those offered by Batiste.



  • To color your hair so often is to condemn it to dehydration, split ends, frizz and extreme damage.
  • Dyes are designed to be used every 30 to 45 days as they contain chemicals that can damage hair.
  • When you renew your color, remember that you only need to apply the dye at the roots. Then, within thirty minutes, comb the dye into the mid and ends.


And now tell me, are you still going to dye your hair so often or will you listen to me and dye your hair once, at most?

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