How to warm up blonde hair? What toner will care for my hair?

using purple toner on bleached yellow hair

  • The best and most affordable option to warm your blonde hair is the Wella Color Charm line. It’s a toner line for home use with easy application. You only need to respect the exposure times.
  • If you want to warm up your blonde hair to a sand blonde, choose Wella T11.
  • If you prefer to leave the blonde behind and go for a honey blonde, opt for Wella T27.
  • Finally, for those looking for a caramel tone to warm up the blonde, Wella T35 is the one for you.
  • For those who have an extra light blonde base, Schwarzkopf’s BlondMe toner offers more warm blonde options.


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I must say that, some time ago, I thought that “Game of Thrones” series had moved to my salon.

Everyone wanted to sport the beautiful look of the mother of dragons – Daenereys Targaryen.

Yes, that silver blonde that would make even the iciest snow fairy go pale.


 As you may know, one may get tired of the too-cool or ashy blondes quickly. 
  • First, because ash-blonde hair is associated with low temperatures and the autumn and winter seasons.
  • Second, because ash-blonde shades require a matching outfit and makeup.
  • And third, because ashy blondes are hard to maintain.


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Depending on your hair care, you may need to apply toner once every twenty days.

So, there you are, wondering if you can warm up your ashy blonde.

The answer is: definitely yes.



Warming up your too-cool blonde is easier than you imagine

All you’ll need is a home-use toner.


Some brands are Wella Color Charm and Schwarzkopf BlondMe.

But if I have to recommend one of them,  I advise you to go for Wella’s warm home-use toners. 


They’re easy to use and will warm up your ashy blonde in 20 minutes.

However, toners don’t work as hair dye. Toners have less penetration so they wash out over a number of shampoos. They only change the undertones, for example, from ash to golden blonde.

So, you can warm up your ashy blonde without changing your all-over look.


Why are Wella toners the best for warming up an ashy blonde at home?


Over the winter, sporting an ashy blonde tone meant sophistication, personality, and a certain air of mystery.

Now, it’s time to bring out your surfer girl’s free spirit. There’s nothing better than warming up your ashy shades. Plus, the warm blonde will bring light and warmth to your features.


And to do so, all you need is the Wella Color Charm toner.

This brand is ideal for a warm blonde in the range of sand, honey, and caramel shades. They’re suitable for any age and skin type. How to choose it?


It’s very simple: tell me which warm blonde you want, and I’ll tell you which Wella toner to use.

  • T 11 is a lightest beige blonde toner that results in a perfect sand blonde.
  • T 27 is a medium beige blonde toner for a splendid honey shade.
  • T 35 is a beige blonde toner that works for an enviable caramel blonde.


Yes, the Wella Color Charm range is quite limited in terms of warm colors, but its quality is excellent.

Also, remember that the toner is applied to previously colored hair. For example, you can’t apply the T 11 toner if you want a very light beige blonde as a result. In that case, you should first have your hair bleached or colored.

Are there any other brands that offer warm blonde options?


Yes, but it’s not for everyone, and here’s why.


If your hair is very light blonde 9, you can opt for Schwarzkopf BlondMe toner to warm it up

Yes, that’s why this brand of toner is not for everyone. It only warms up those extra light blondes shades.

So, if your hair isn’t previously extra light blonde, the toner won’t warm up your blonde.


On the other hand, BlondMe offers more options to warm up ashy blondes than Wella does, as long as your blonde is extra pale.

  • T-Biscuit toner includes pink sandy colors.
  • T- Brown Mahogany will give you a mahogany brown shade.
  • T- Caramel is the ideal toner if you’re looking for caramel color.
  • T-Sand will give you the sand color that everyone wants during the summer.
  • T-Strawberry is the most requested toner during spring because of its pastel pink shade that looks fantastic on very light or extra light bases.


The BlondMe palette is more varied than Wella Color Charm. Also, it allows you to go from ice blonde to strawberry blonde in minutes. It’s ideal for women who like to break stereotypes and look fresh and innovative.

However, remember. The color base to apply this toner should be pale, starting from a natural or colored very light blonde 9. Instead, if you apply it on darker blondes, you’ll go from an ashy to a warm blonde.

Have you chosen the brand and color of toner to warm up your too-cool blonde? Then, let’s get to work.


Toner application to warm up your ashy blonde shade

toner and developer mix

Before the step-by-step toner application, let me remind you of a few tips:

  • Stop washing your hair 48 hours before toner.
  • Have some towels at hand.
  • If you bleach your hair, shampoo it twice before applying the toner.
  • If you have long or thick hair, buy two toners.
  • Remember that you’ll need to get a 20-volume developer as well.



  • Prepare your hair. It should be dry and detangled. Separate it in 4 sections and hold it with hair clips.
  • Prepare the toner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use gloves and plastic containers throughout the process. Don’t use a developer of more than 20 volumes.
  • Apply the toner to your hair starting with the back sections, from roots to ends, and leave it on according to the directions. DON’T LEAVE IT ON FOR LONGER THAN INDICATED! Both brands recommend 20 minutes.
  • After that time, you can rinse your hair to remove the product. Use your usual shampoo and conditioner.
  • Blow-dry your hair at medium heat and comb it.



If you’re looking to warm up your ashy blonde hair, your best options are the Wella and BlondMe toners. Remember! BlondMe, requires that your hair base is very light blonde.

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