Should I wash my hair after using Wella toner? What shampoo should I use?

from dark brunette to blonde

If you are one step away from toning your hair, wait a few minutes.

Often, we women commit terrible mistakes when using hair products, and in the end, we don’t get the result that we want.

That happened to me.


The first three or four times I used Wella toner in my hair, those horrible orange chunks stayed there.

Do you want to know why?


Let me tell you a secret.

One of those that you learn from taking the punches and going through trial and error.

Wella toner should be washed with just water, meaning it should be rinsed well, without using shampoo after you recently use it.

It’s that simple.


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But I have a few more pieces of advice.

So, today since I woke up feeling generous, I will tell you:

  • How to correctly wash your hair after using the famous Wella toner
  • How to care for your toned hair so that the effect of the toner will last longer


So, when you finish reading this, you will be an expert at toning, and you will be able to show off some gold streaks, those that look like they’ve been kissed by the sun without any problems.

Your friends will be jealous.

Your enemies will curse you.

Should we get started?


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How to correctly wash your hair after toning it

wella brand toner

There is something that I think is important to highlight.

It isn’t necessary to tone your hair as soon as you bleach it.


You can wait a few days, and in the meanwhile, take the time to nourish it with coconut oil masks to moisturize and nourish your hair.

Now, if you decide to tone your hair as soon as you finish bleaching it, the best is to get rid of all the signs of the bleaching mixture in your hair and dry it with a towel.

This way, it will be much easier to distribute the toner evenly in your hair.

So, keep it wet, but not dripping wet.


 I’m sure you know that you always should use two proportions of hydrogen peroxide to one of toner. 

Remember to divide the hair into layers to better tone it since the orange chunks are always easier to see in the hair’s under layers.

Once twenty or thirty minutes pass after applying, you can wash your hair.



No matter how much you want to, don’t use shampoo.

No type of shampoo.

Because if you use shampoo, the toner’s color will fade before it has penetrated the hair fibers.

And your hair will continue to be orange.


The only thing you have to do is rinse your hair with cold water.

And if you want, you can apply a conditioner.

Of course, you should use a sulfate-free conditioner.

 I recommend that you wait to wash your hair with shampoo for 48 hours after. 

But not with just any shampoo.


Which shampoo to use after applying toner

toning a bleached hair

 Always use a sulfate-free shampoo, which are the ones that have less detergent, which erases the effects of the toner in a short period of time. 

If possible, wash your hair twice a week using a sulfate-free shampoo.


If you need to wash your hair more often, I recommend that you use a dry shampoo.

This will make your toned hair look great for longer.


How to care for toned hair

with violet pigments

Check purple shampoo price on Amazon


The effects of the toner will last in your hair for about five weeks.

But there is a little secret so that this happens.

And that is to use a purple or violet shampoo.


When you see that your hair is turning orange, it isn’t necessary to tone your hair again.

 Simply wash it with a purple shampoo which will completely neutralize the orange pieces.  


Purple shampoos are used in the same way as a normal shampoo.

You wet your hair, and you wash it with the purple shampoo.

But, please, read the instructions carefully that come with the purple shampoo that you bought.


Because every brand is different since it uses different pigments in different quantities.

Some will recommend that you let it sit for one to three minutes.

Others stretch it out to five minutes.

It is very important to respect the instructions for use.

 Because if you don’t, you run the risk that your hair will end up blue or green or some other indescribable color. 


When I started to use the purple shampoo, I did it counting the minutes.

And observing my hair.

Generally, I let it sit for two minutes.

And another important thing is how frequently you use it.

Once a week should be enough.

 And don’t even think about washing your hair two days in a row with purple shampoo! 

Do you want to know why?


Because the same thing that happened to my friend Fernanda could happen to you.

She is so scatterbrained!

She washed her hair with purple shampoo, and when she dried it, she didn’t like how her pieces of hair looked.


So the next day, she rewashed her hair with the purple shampoo.

Her hair simply ended up green.

Green. Can you believe it?


So, she had to use handkerchiefs and hats for a little while because not a single salon wanted to bleach her hair since it was so fragile.

So, now you know.


Always use hair products with lots of caution.

Read the instructions carefully.

That way, you will avoid ending up with a disaster in your hair.


Masks to extend the color of toned hair

If you got to this point, I’m sure that you are conscious of the damage that chemical products have on the hair.

But us blondes are like that.

We give our soul to the devil to feel the sun in our hair.

And in this case, the devil is chemical products used in the bleaching and coloring process.

Even toning your hair can be pretty aggressive.

But, like everything in life, there’s a loophole.

And we can intensify the care of our toned hair.


 What I’m used to doing is applying a nourishing hair mask every fifteen days approximately. 

And for this, simply use a natural ingredient that you tend to have in the kitchen.

Extra-virgin olive oil.



Wipe that disgusted look off your face.

It really works.

I simply warm up a small amount, as much as I can tolerate in my hands.

Then, I lock myself in the bathroom and lean my head over to about knee-height.

That way, the hair is flipped down.


After, I simply massage the olive oil on my scalp smoothly for five minutes.

This works to activate the hair follicles, allowing the oil to penetrate the cuticles of the hair.

I let it sit for thirty minutes, and after, I wash my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

Also, you can use coconut oil.



  • After bleaching your hair and use a toner like Wella, rinse your hair without using shampoo. You can always use a sulfate-free conditioner so that your hair ends up smoother.
  • Wash your hair 48 hours after toning it.
  • Once a week, use purple shampoo to keep those orange streaks far from your mane. Never use it for two days in a row.
  • Nourish your hair once a week with a natural mask using olive or coconut oil.

Now, you know how to wash and care for your toned hair.

Have you ever used a toner in your hair to get rid of orange highlights?

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