Will toning my hair a second time make a difference? What effect will it have?

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  • Yes, toning your hair a second time will make a difference in the color of your hair. You’ll get rid of the harsh colors.
  • But you should always wait at least fifteen days before toning again.
  • Otherwise, you could dry out your hair and ruin the color.


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 You want to tone your hair a second time and you don’t exactly know if it will make a difference? And if so, what effect it will have on your hair? 


Well, things are pretty simple.

 Toning your hair a second time will always make a difference. You could say that toner is a color correction. 

And the effect you will achieve will be to eliminate those harsh colors that bother you so much and that usually appear after bleaching or even dyeing.


yellow hair toned twice - before and after

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Chances are that  if you want to apply toner a second time, it’s because you want to achieve an ashy or pale color. 

And that takes several applications of toner. With each application, you will manage to gradually correct the color.


But I want to clarify something very important:  you should always let at least 15 days pass between each toner application. 

Because since the toner contains ammonia and is applied with developer, if you apply it twice in one week, for instance, you will damage your hair.

toner and developer

So if you want to achieve an extra light pale blonde or an ashy brown without any trace of orange, you’ll need to be patient. It’s almost impossible to achieve this with a single toner application.

That’s why toning your hair a second time will make all the difference. Here’s why.


Why toning hair a second time makes a difference

yellow hair toned twice - before and after

Toner is a fundamental color tool in salons, and it’s used to do a kind of color correction, to make hair look even.

In other words,  a toner’s function is to add pigments to colored or bleached hair to neutralize unwanted colors. 

  •  If you bleached your hair and it turned too yellow , you should apply a violet toner to remove the yellowness.
  •  If you applied a light brown hair color and your hair is too orange , you should apply a blue toner to neutralize it.


In most cases, once you apply the toner, the color will be neutralized and you’ll notice the difference right away.

But, since everyone’s hair is different, sometimes you need to reapply toner. Maybe it’s because you misapplied the toner. Or it might be because your hair has very intense, harsh yellows. Or perhaps your hair doesn’t absorb the toner as expected or because you didn’t respect the exposure times.

So, in that case, it makes sense to reapply the toner to finish neutralizing the harsh colors.

But to reapply toner, you should always wait at least fifteen days.


First, because it takes three to four days for the hair to finish absorbing the toner.  If you apply the toner the next day , you’ll be saturating your hair with pigments. Eventually, your hair will expel them faster than normal.

Then, the neutralization of unwanted colors will not be complete.


And secondly, your hair needs a break from the chemicals. Don’t forget that toner is applied with developer and contains ammonia, two chemicals that detract moisture and nutrients from the hair.


So toning your hair a second time will make a big difference to your hair color because it will allow you to finish removing harsh colors.

But it’s also important you wait at least 15 days before re-toning your hair.



Toning your hair a second time will allow you to completely eliminate harsh colors, which can be left over from bleach or dye, especially if you want to achieve very light or ashy blondes.

But remember it’s important to leave two weeks between the first and second toner application.

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