3 ways to dilute permanent hair dye: shampoo, conditioner and peroxide

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To dilute permanent dye, you only need the dye itself and the substances in which you want to dilute it. These include:

What do you achieve by diluting the permanent dye in one of these?


  • If you mix permanent dye with shampoo, you’ll get a toning shampoo.
  • If you mix the dye with conditioner, you’ll get a color rinse.
  • And finally, you can mix the dye with hydrogen peroxide.


As you can see, when you mix the dye with each one of these substances, you get a new product with a specific and well-known purpose.

 Why would you dilute your dye with any of these ingredients if you can get toning shampoo, color rinse, or hair dye in stores? 


  • First, because it will work well and be much more cost-effective.
  • And second, because it’s much more fun.

Or at least for me, since I was little, I have always loved the idea of mixing things to get something completely new and different.

For that reason, I studied to be a hair colorist because I love mixing shades to get new, custom colors.


But I don’t want to get off-topic, so, if you have a tube of hair dye in your home and you want to know how to dilute it, don’t even think about starting your favorite show on Netflix, I’ll tell you now:

  • How to get a toning shampoo by diluting permanent dye
  • How to dilute dye to get a color rinse
  • How to dissolve dye in hydrogen peroxide


After this, you’ll see just how many secret uses are hiding in a simple tube of hair dye.

And then, at the end, I will let you know what substances you should NEVER use to dilute your dye. Are you going to miss out on this?


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Diluting dye with shampoo to get a toning shampoo

Before moving forward with the topic at hand, let me ask you a question: Do you know what toning shampoo is used for?


It’s a shampoo that is used to maintain hair color for a longer time. Obviously, you can buy it in specialized stores, but in general, it’s a costly hair product.

And besides, the range of toning shampoos isn’t extensive—there are only three colors: blondes, reds, and platinum.


As a result, if you have a golden blonde tone in your hair, you won’t find the special toning shampoo that’s suited for your hair, and you will spend a fortune on a product that doesn’t really work for you.

So, if you want to preserve your color for longer, I will show you how to dilute permanent dye in shampoo to achieve your own and one-of-a-kind toning shampoo.


Materials needed:

  • Tube of dye that matches your hair color.
  • Regular shampoo that is white.
  • An empty shampoo container.


Step by step:

  • Fill half of the empty shampoo container with your shampoo and add half of the tube of dye.
  • Make sure you mix it well until it has a uniform consistency.
  • Once you have the ideal consistency, your homemade toning shampoo is ready for use.


Obviously, it’s not a shampoo you should use every day, but you can use it every time you wash your hair.

Some of my clients even apply it to their dry hair, leaving it in for about 20 minutes before washing it out.

By mixing dye and shampoo, you will be able to maintain your hair color for longer, and you won’t spend a fortune on hair care products.


Now, what happens when you mix conditioner with hair dye?

I’ll tell you that next.


How to make a color rinse by diluting permanent dye with conditioner

semi permanent color

Have you ever noticed that your dye starts to lose its shine and brightness after a few days?

And, normally, it happens.


  • First of all, because many of the hair care products you use contain chemicals that remove pigment from the dye each time you wash your hair.

These chemicals are called sulfates and are similar to the detergents we normally use to wash our clothes and dishes.


  • Second of all, pollution, chlorine, and ultraviolet rays from the sun also affect the loss of your hair tone’s vivacity.

But there’s a solution to revive your color, at least until the next time you need to dye your hair again.

And this solution has a name: color rinse.


All of my clients know this tiny trick because, after all, I want their colors to look the best for as much time as possible.

What do you need to make your color rinse? Take note.



  • A tube of hair dye.
  • Conditioner.
  • A plastic container.


Step by step:

  • In the plastic container, add the conditioner. It doesn’t need to be a special brand—the one you normally use will work perfectly.
  • Then, add half of the permanent dye tube—this should be the same tone as the one you have in your hair, and mix very well.
  • Now, the time has arrived to apply the color rinse to your hair. You must do it from the roots to the tips and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • Once the time is up, rinse your hair, and right away, you’ll notice the difference.

Because your hair will return to life, shining with the same color as the day you dyed your hair.


And lastly, the most popular option: diluting your dye with hydrogen peroxide to dye your hair.


How to dilute hair dye in hydrogen peroxide

fix violet hair

If you want to change your hair color or touch up your roots, you need to use hydrogen peroxide.

If you’ve bought a coloring kit, everything you need will come inside. You’ll see the hydrogen peroxide, which you should mix with the dye until you have a uniform consistency.

Once you have the mix prepared, it’s time to apply the dye, closely following the instructions.


Don’t dilute your hair in any of these ways because the only thing you’ll achieve is throwing away your money

There are some very popular myths that today I’m going to debunk.


  • For example, many women think that by diluting their dye with water, the resulting color will be lighter

And this idea is false! We’re not talking about tempera or watercolor paints; we’re talking about permanent dye, for which to say, its components won’t react chemically to water.

So the dye will not become lighter, not anything like it—you will only be wasting the product.


  • Have you ever thought about mixing dye with some thermal oil or hair-repairing treatment to protect your hair from the effects of the dye?

False, this is absolutely false!


 By mixing your dye with oil, the only thing you’ll achieve is making your hair so greasy that the dye can’t penetrate your capillary fibers. 

As a result, your hair won’t absorb the dye pigments.


  • And lastly, the amounts in the mix’s formula are very important.

You shouldn’t play around with proportions of peroxide that don’t appear in the box dye’s instructions.

If you put in more peroxide, the dye will lose its effect.

What do you think would happen if you put a spoonful of sugar in a barrel of water? Would you be able to make it sweeter?


Of course not, because to make that amount of water sweet, you would need to add way more sugar.

The dye should be diluted in the exact right amount of peroxide to achieve its purpose.


Now you know how to dilute dye.

Lastly, will you be mixing to make a dye, a color rinse, or a toning shampoo?

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