My Hair Turned Blue After Dyeing it Ash Blonde; How can I fix it?

woman with hair that turned blue after dyeing it ash blonde

  • To fix hair that has turned blue after dyeing it ash blonde, I recommend you check the intensity of the blue.
  • If your hair turned dark or intense blue after dyeing it ash blonde, use a clarifying shampoo. I’ll tell you all the details later.
  • If your hair turned light blue after dyeing it ash blonde, apply a moisturizing mask and leave it on overnight. The blue will disappear when you wash your hair the following morning. And I’ll tell you why later.


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Does clarifying shampoo fix over-toned hair? Only if you use it the right way


Achieving an ash-blonde color is a lot of work. And  to keep ash blonde hair looking flawless, most women use blue toner to neutralize the harsh colors that often appear in blonde hair. 

But after rinsing out the toner, to your horror you noticed your hair was blue. Why did it turn blue?

It looks like you left the toner in your hair too long. The blue pigments saturated your blonde hair and turned it blue. Don’t forget that toner is a type of permanent hair dye.


But even though toner is a type of permanent hair color, the good news is that it fades much faster than permanent hair dye.

Now, even though it fades pretty fast, I’m also not going to ask you to go through life with blue hair if you’re going for an ash-blonde color.


Therefore,  you can use a clarifying shampoo or a moisturizing mask, leaving it on overnight to fix the bluish shade of your ash blonde hair. 

Read on, because I’ll tell you the details below on removing blue from your hair with these products.


If your ash blonde hair is dark blue after dyeing it, use clarifying shampoo

nexxus clarifying shampoo to fix hair that has turned blue

 Clarifying shampoo removes all excess residue on the hair and hair product build-up. 

Therefore, clarifying shampoo will remove the excess blue pigments that made your ash blonde hair turn blue.

How do you use it?

  • Wet your hair with hot water to open the cuticles.
  •  Squeeze the clarifying shampoo into the palm of your hand and apply it to your hair, massaging your scalp and hair. 
  • Leave it on for ten minutes.
  • After ten minutes, rinse your hair and repeat the clarifying shampoo application.
  • Rinse with warm water and apply conditioner, leaving it on for three minutes.
  • Finally, rinse your hair with cold water to close your cuticles.
  • Drain your hair with a towel and let it dry naturally.


When your hair is dry, you’ll notice your hair has no traces of blue. I recommend you apply moisturizing masks at least once a week. Clarifying shampoo takes moisture and nutrients away from your hair.


If your hair is light blue after dyeing it ash blonde, apply a moisturizing mask

woman sleeps with mask to fix ashy hair that turned bluish

You probably bleached your hair to get to ash blonde. And that means you stripped it of color, moisture, nutrients, and protein.

But when you toned it to avoid those harsh colors, your hair desperately soaks up toner like moisture.

 That’s why your hair turned blue. 


 If you apply a deep moisturizing mask and leave it on overnight, your hair will absorb it. Then when you rinse it out, it will expel the blue pigments. It won’t have room to hold onto them. 

How do you use a hair mask to fix your blue hair?

  •  Apply the moisturizing mask to damp, almost dry hair, starting from the roots and working through to the ends. 
  • Cover your hair with a turban towel or a regular towel. Don’t use a shower cap because your scalp needs to breathe.
  • Protect your pillowcase with old towels to avoid staining it.
  • Leave the mask on overnight.
  • The next morning, wash your hair two or three times with your usual shampoo. You’ll see blue bubbles and water.
  • Finally, rinse your hair with lukewarm to cold water.



Now you know you can fix hair that turned blue after dyeing it ash blonde with a clarifying shampoo or a deep moisturizing mask.

Please don’t think about bleaching your hair again. That would be an extreme solution, which would jeopardize the health of your hair.

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