The 3 best purple shampoo for brassy hair and highlights

for orange highlights and balayage

Do you have dyed blonde hair?

Would you like your hair to look shinier and fantastic for longer?

I’ve got the solution you’re looking for: purple shampoo.


Many women come to the salon to color their hair blonde.

Some of them dye their hair completely.

Others ask for the new style that´s in fashion this season, like highlights or balayage.

Most of them leave the salon in love with their new look.


The problem appears a couple of weeks after coloring.

That attractive and shiny tone begins to turn ugly.

Really ugly.

It turns a horrible orange or yellow.


 I refer to this color as wig-yellow, because it reminds me of those horrible, plastic, yellow wigs.  The ones that they sell for a few dollars and the people who wear them often believe that they can trick people into believing that it is their own hair.


Many of those women, who had left the salon in love with their new hair color, now come back worried because their hair looks like a cheap wig.

They think their hair was allergic to the dye or the dye was expired.

The most daring ones, dare to offend us saying that we applied the dye incorrectly and that’s why their hair turned that brassy color.

They have even told us that their hair got that way because the dye was expired.


I remember that some years ago, a girl came to the salon who had dyed her hair blonde.

 She showed up shouting and insulting anyone who crossed her. 

I want to talk to the manager. I want to talk to the manager of the salon. She screamed.

I will call the police so they close down this salon for using expired products.

for blonde or light hair

Do you want to know who the person in charge was?


Carina Echeverria.

I had to endure her screams and threats.


After she calmed down a bit, I was able to explain her that it was absolutely normal for dyed blonde hair to turn orange or yellow.


What she had to do, was simply wash her hair with a purple shampoo. That was going to tone down the color and make it look like the day she left the salon.

for orange and yellowish hairs

When I finished explaining everything, the girl couldn’t apologize enough.

She explained to me that she was having some family issues and a hundred other problems, that I don’t even remember now.


For sure, she never came back to the salon.

I guess because she was ashamed.


So that you don’t have to go through all that drama and you don’t enter the salon screaming like crazy, today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about purple shampoo.

  • What’s purple shampoo?
  • How is it used in the correct way? (yes, there’s a wrong way to use it)
  • What’re the best purple shampoos? (the first is sulfate-free)
  • And much more

Let’s start.


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What is purple shampoo and when should you use it? Colored hair, highlights and more

shampoo for blonde hair

Blonde-colored hair can be really attractive.

The same goes for blonde highlights and balayage.

We can agree, if they are done right, the result can look awesome.

But you must take care of it.


 It turns out that blonde-colored hair, tends to fade into a yellowish or orange color with every passing day and every wash. 

Anyone reading this article might think, what’s the problem if the hair turns orange or yellow?

pigmented shampoo

The problem is the hair turns a very ugly orange color and gets worse as the days go by until it reaches a very unpleasant tone.

So unpleasant, that you’re going to want to run back to the hair salon to color your hair again.

Luckily, to avoid this drama, purple shampoos exist. The shampoo helps neutralize those undesirable tones.



The shampoo is in fact purple.

This may seem obvious to you, but more than once, girls have asked me if purple shampoo was in fact purple.

The answer is yes.

So if you don’t want to end up with purple hair, you should read the shampoo instructions carefully.


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Does purple shampoo really work?

from orange to blonde

On more than one occasion, I’ve been asked if these shampoos work or if they are just made up by advertisements.

First, I’ll give you the short answer.

Yes, they work.

Now, let see why they work so well.


Do you remember the color wheel?

Do you remember what color is opposite yellow on the color wheel?

recommended brands

If you said purple, you’ve guessed it.

Purple is across yellow on the color wheel. That’s why to neutralize those yellowish and orange tones, we need purple.

 Purple shampoos have small concentrations of purple pigments in them. Your hair absorbs a small amount of the pigment, which results in a more neutral and not so brassy hair tone. 

purple in fornt of yellow

How often do you go to the hair salon to color your hair?

Once a month?

Once every 45 days?

Visiting the hairdresser can get pricey. Nobody wants to go to the hair salon every week to get color maintenance.

By using purple shampoo you can reduce how often you visit your hairdresser and how much you spend.  Does that sound cool?


Does purple shampoo work with highlights or balayage?

Yes, as long as they are within a range of blondes.


Does it work on hair dyed a color other than blonde?

It may work up to a light brown tone. But no more than that.

If your hair is dyed a color other than blonde or light brown, there are other, specific shampoos for those colors.


Throughout my years as a professional stylist, I have used several purple shampoos.

Some sulfate-free, some not.

We always recommend that our dyed blonde clients use purple shampoo.

But some of them don’t listen to us because they’re playing with their phones or they simply forget.


Let me tell you this.

The difference in the hair between people that use purple shampoo and people that don’t is huge.

People that don’t use the shampoo on their hair, will have to go back to the hair salon much more often.

If you add up how much it costs you to go to the salon to color your hair and how much one of these shampoos costs, no doubt, the shampoo will always be cheaper.


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The 3 best purple shampoos

so the dye last longer

Now that we already know what purple shampoo is for, let see which shampoo we should choose.


As I always say, sometimes it is difficult to choose products with so many options out there to pick from.

When choosing a shampoo or any other hair product, for me there is a fundamental rule.

It has to be a brand that assures us really good results.


 I am not willing to recommend mediocre products. I prefer to recommend products that I’m sure work because I use them myself, or because they were used by salon clients and it worked for them. 


Today I am going to recommend 3 purple shampoos.

All three work and give very good results.


Shampoo Joico Color Endure

for orange brassy hair

Check purple shampoo on Amazon


Are you a shy person?

If so, I don’t recommend to you this shampoo.

Because your hair will look so amazing that everyone will envy your hair.


What I like most about this shampoo is that it is sulfate-free.

If your hair has a tendency to dry out, I recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo like this one.

It doesn’t matter if you have completely dyed hair, highlights or balayage, the shampoo gives some impressive results.


Wash your hair with this shampoo and then tell us how it went. I assure you that the results will be amazing.

If your hair right now is a horrible orange or yellow, after washing your hair with this shampoo, it will look like the day you dyed it.

Yes, it’s that simple.


Now, the way I see it, you have two options.

You can continue suffering and be ashamed by the outrageous color of your hair.

Or you can spend a few dollars to fix the problem forever.


for colored hair

See this shampoo on Amazon


Shampoo Clairol Shimmer Lights

Do you want your color to last longer?

What better way than to entrust your hair to a trajectory brand like Clairol.


Clairol is one of the best known hair dye brands. It has been on the market for 80 years. They certainly know a thing or two about hair coloring.


This is an ideal shampoo to maintain the shade of your hair for longer at a very affordable price.

Yes, you read it right. Although it is an excellent quality shampoo, you can get it for a really low price.


for platinum and gray hair

Check this shampoo on Amazon



Shampoo Unite Blonda

I don’t blame you if you don’t know this brand. It is widely used in professional hair salons around the world.

As you can imagine, if it’s the professional colorists’ chosen brand, it must be really good.


It not only gives excellent results for blonde colored hair but also for blonde highlights.


Check this shampoo on Amazon



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Tips for washing your hair with purple shampoo without ruining your hair

tips for caring colored hair

Purple shampoo can be your best friend, but also your worst enemy.

Lets suppose that you already have your purple shampoo.

You’re ready to start using it.

So you use the first day.

And the next one.

And so on.


This is a HUGE mistake.



I will be as direct as possible.

 Purple shampoo isn’t for everyday use. You should be rotate it with a traditional shampoo. The one you use every day. 

Do you remember that we’ve talked about the color wheel?


Well if you abuse the purple shampoo you would achieve the opposite effect.

Instead of toning your hair, you would turn it purple.


That’s why you shouldn’t use it every day. Plus, every day you do use it, you must control your hair exposure to the shampoo.

 Leaving the shampoo in your hair for 3 minutes is not the same as leaving it in for 20 minutes.  

Does that make sense?


People ask me how often they should use purple shampoo.

If you don’t want to damage your hair , I recommend you start small. Maybe once a week or so.

Understand that you might not get the color you want after the first wash. It’s understandable. But after three or more washes you will get it.

How long should you leave the shampoo in your hair?

First things first.

Read your shampoo instructions before you start using it.

The amount of time will depend on the current tone of your hair and the tone you want to reach.

 As a general rule, if your hair turned a brassy yellow tone, you should leave the shampoo in your hair for at least five minutes. 

If your hair turned brassy, but not so much, then one or two minutes will be enough.


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neutralize hair brassy tones and highlights

I’ll put it bluntly.

 If you have colored hair and are not using purple shampoo, you’re wasting your money.  

Why are you wasting your money?

Because simply by using a shampoo like the ones we named before, you can extend the color of your hair several weeks.


You’re lucky because you’ve found and read this article.

You won’t find many hair salons or hairdressers that recommend that you use these shampoo.

Simply, because they want you to visit the hair salon more often.

And thus earn more money.

If you discover the secret so that the dye lasts longer, then you will visit the hairdresser less frequently and their profits will be affected.

Why do I have the courage to talk about this shampoo anyway?


It’s not that I’m Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Far from that.

What happens is that after so many years in the profession, I understand how people act.


People do not like or are not interested in incorporating new habits.

People prefer to leave things as they are.

 When the color of their hair wears out, instead of buying a simple shampoo they prefer to go to the hairdresser and spend a fortune. 

What I want to say is that no matter how much I tell them the secret of how to extend their hair dye, I am completely sure most people will keep coming back to the hair salon. Again and again.

for toning balayage

Check current price on Amazon


Now, let me ask you

Have you ever used a purple shampoo?

Are you about to use the purple shampoo and still have doubts?

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