Can I Bleach My Hair After Dyeing it black? Yes, but remember these tips

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  • If you have been coloring your hair black for a long time, you can bleach it. However, I recommend you do it at a salon. Removing black pigments may be tricky, and you could end up ruining your hair.
  • If you dyed your hair black less than 72 hours ago, I recommend that instead of bleaching, you use a color remover. I’ll tell you how to do it.


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 Do you want to bleach your hair after dyeing it black? 


I’ll tell you what my mother used to tell me back in my teenage days, “don’t jump in the pool without checking first that it has water in it!”

What do I mean by this?


Bleaching hair is no joke because it’s the most aggressive chemical process you can apply to your hair.

But bleaching black hair is even harder, and it can go right or wrong. I would almost say there’s no middle ground.


First, if you bleach your hair black, you should keep in mind that in one bleaching session, you’ll only be able to lift two shades, maybe three.

In other words, from a black 1, you’ll go to a dark brown 3 or a brown 4.


If you like the color, then you shouldn’t bleach your hair any further. However, you should neutralize the resulting orange tones with a toner or blue shampoo.


Now, you’ve left the black behind. But now comes maintenance.

You need to know about it in advance.


And you also have to take risks. Your color-treated black hair will lack moisture and nutrients. It’ll become drier and weaker, at best. And at worst, you can even burn your hair.


Finally,  you’ll be able to bleach your hair according to how long ago you colored it. 


And it’s important to keep this in mind.


If you dyed your hair black less than 72 hours ago, you could avoid bleaching

color remover for dyed black hair
 Instead of applying such an aggressive chemical process on your hair, you can use a color remover. 


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The color remover ndoesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide and it’s easy to apply. It’s usually a kit that includes two bottles. Before applying it to your hair, you should mix the contents of bottle A with bottle B.

After blending, you should apply it to your hair and leave it on for 40 minutes.


When you rinse your hair, you’ll notice that your hair is no longer black. But, as black is a very persistent color, you may need two or three applications to remove it completely. 


Also, the advantage of color remover over bleaching is that your hair won’t be lighter or darker than it was before you dyed it black. Nor will it leave your hair orange or red.

In other words,  after using the color remover on your black colored hair, your hair will return to the same color it was before the black dye. 


If you have been coloring your hair black for a long time, you should bleach your hair to change the color

bleach dyed black hair in salon
As I said before, black is one of the most persistent and difficult colors to remove.

 I recommend that you make a plan to remove as much black pigment as possible before bleaching it. 

An alternative plan may be as follows:

  • Apply a dark brown 3 dye when you color your hair black again. That way, you’ll have weaker pigments than black pigments in your hair fiber.
  • 24 hours after applying the dark brown 3 dye, use a color remover as the cuticles will be open and you’ll be able to remove more of the black.
  • Wait a week and bleach your hair to remove the residue.


This is a very good option as you’ll be able to remove a lot of color and you won’t need as much bleaching.

Another option to remove the black dye from your hair is the following:

  • Apply color remover three times a week for 15 days every time you wash your hair.
  • Let your hair rest for a week from the process.
  • Then, bleach your hair to remove any traces of black that may have remained.


This option is less aggressive because you don’t have to apply a dye, but you must use the color remover more frequently.

 As a professional I recommend that you go to a salon to bleach your black hair.  You could also ask your stylist to include Olaplex in the bleaching.


This product is for professional use and is used during bleaching because it repairs the DNA of your hair while the process is being applied.

It’s ideal for multiple bleaching sessions on the same day. Its protective action doesn’t allow the chemicals to damage the hair.



If you have been coloring your hair black for a long time, you can apply bleach to remove the color.

But as a professional, I advise you to do the process in the salon to avoid damaging your hair and to achieve an even color.

If you dyed your hair black less than 72 hours ago, instead of bleach, you can use a color remover, which will be less damaging to hair.

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