I am a natural redhead, what color could I dye my hair?

dyed redhead

Dark brown, black, blonde and even colored highlights.

I’ve tried everything and what was the result?


A disaster … That was my result. In addition to, of course, damaged hair. I just wanted the earth to swallow me.

 I am a natural redhead and, to be completely honest, I have always wanted to experiment with my hair. You know, I wanted to be a bombshell. 

Hasn’t it happened to you that you get bored of always looking the same?


Well, I was going through that stage.

I tried to dye my hair at home and failed. I tried to dye it in a beauty salon, with professionals, but it was also a failure.

My hair was dry, damaged and with split ends.


Nobody knows how complicated it can be to dye the hair of a natural redhead. Not to mention that not all colors favor us.

For my luck (and yours), besides being a redhead, I’m quite curious. I don’t stop until I get what I want.


I could not stand idly by, nor a redhead. Much less could I stay with my damaged hair.

The decision was made. I just needed a little push and I got it.


 After several months of reading many magazines, watching many documentaries and talking to a host of professionals, I now know what color I can dye my red hair. 

Today I know the colors that favor me and those who, even if they paid me, I would never use them.

I will tell you all about it today.

So … Come on, let’s get to work before it’s too late. There is no time to lose.


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Contrast is the key to success

light skin with freckles

You read that right! Contrast is the first thing you should take into account if you are looking to dye your hair.

Let me explain it to you in more detail.


The contrast between the color of your hair and the color of your eyes and your skin is essential. Trust me.

 You must make sure that the color you are going to choose for your hair highlights your features and of course, the color of your skin and your eyes. 

After all, wasn’t the idea to be a bombshell?


The answer is yes. Come on, let’s not fool ourselves.

However, before I talk to you about the colors you could use according to your skin color, I want to tell you what I did to put contrast into practice.

You know, you have to learn to walk before you start running.


  • First of all, I started searching the Internet for famous red-haired girls with tones similar to mine.

That gave me a clearer idea of the colors I could use to dye my hair.

Although … I must admit: at that time, I never thought I could look that good, but I was wrong.


  • Then, and as silly as it may seem, I downloaded an app that allowed me to change the tone of my hair.

That helped me understand why those girls and celebrities wore these colors and how they got them.

And I tell you: I wish I had read these tips before!

It would have saved me a lot of frustration and, of course, a lot of money.


Choose a color that highlights the color of your skin

short hair

Now. Let’s go into what interests us.


  • Let’s give an example. You are redhead, and the color of your skin is dark.

Then, you could try a yellow shade.

When I say yellow, I mean a reddish brown shade or a light ombré. Nothing like a barbie doll yellow. I also recommend brown tones.


  • If your skin is dark, but your eyes are light, you could try a dark brown.

Trust me, you’ll look drop dead gorgeous.

But, let’s stop there. We will talk about the color of your eyes in the next section.

So … Don’t even think about leaving!

For now, we’ll talk about the lighter skins.


  • If your skin is clear, you have freckles and you tend to blush, warm colors are your best option.

If I were you, I would use a golden brown, a honey color or a golden blond. Dark colors, in your case, will not favor you. I tell you from my own experience.

You know, I’m an expert screwing up.


  • Now, if the color of your skin is clear, but with a paler tone, I recommend you get some highlights.

And look, highlights don’t look good on everyone.

In skintones like yours, the highlights will give life to your hair (in case you see it slightly dull).


If you want to dye it at all costs, your colors are brown or ash blonde and… why not a platinum blonde?

I know it may sound a bit daring, but the platinum tones will favor you greatly.

On the contrary, golden blond could age you and that is far from what we are looking for.


Do not forget the color of your eyes

Taking into account the color of my eyes to choose a color to dye my red hair saved my life.

And no, I’m not exaggerating. Here I will tell you why.


I have already mentioned above that the most important thing for what color to dye your hair is the contrast.

You already know your skin and you already have an idea of the tones that could look amazing, don’t you?

 Well, the color of your skin and the color of your eyes go hand in hand. 


  • If your eyes are green and your skin is clear, a blond ash will look good on you.

If your skin is dark, dyeing your hair a more brown color or a more reddish blonde would be a better fit.


  • If you have blue eyes and light skin, blondes are perfect for you. Although you could also contrast with chocolate and dark brown tones.

Now, if your skin is tanned, gold tones will be great for you.


  • In the event that your eyes are black, or dark brown, then that’s a different story.

If they are black, then darker dyes will make you look fabulous.

You could try dark chestnuts, chocolate or even black. If they are brown (as in my case), I recommend brown and coppery or golden blond.


Have you already dyed your hair? How to moisturize and take care of your hair so as not to ruin the color

I was one of those girls who, after dyeing her hair, didn’t worry about moisturizing it.

My naive self believed that it was not necessary. What a mistake.


  • Hydration is essential after we have applied dyes to our hair.

Include oils and masks to soften and give more shine, as well as rinses and creams.

In my case, I started putting them on wet hair and before drying it, but you can also apply them to dry hair.


  • You should also use a special shampoo.

That is, choose a pigmented shampoo. The kind that keep the color and softness of your hair intact.


Remember that, even if your dyes are of excellent quality, your hair will be damaged… And you will not want what happened to me to happen to you.

Damaged hair is one of the worst things that can happen to you in life.

Recovering it is really difficult. That said, better safe than sorry. Don’t you ever forget that, understand?


  • Last but not least, choose an ammonia, sulfate, and paraben free dye for retouching.

Yes, you already know, but I bet you keep buying them.

Do yourself a favor and forget about them.


Choose dyes that are free of these chemicals and that also contain argan and coconut oil.

Aloe vera and vitamins C and E can not be missing either.

And you’re set.


If you’ve gotten this far, then you already know what color you could dye your hair if you are a natural redhead… I hope.

I know it may seem complicated, but you will see that with a little patience you will find the perfect one for you. Good luck!


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