Does purple shampoo work on brown hair with highlights?

purple shampoo on highlighted hair

I have brown hair with blond highlights.

It’s a look I love.

I love it.


The problema is that the blonde highlights start to turn a brassy orange as I wash them.

When that happens, there are two options.

Go back to the salon and get the color retouched

Or tone the color with a purple shampoo.

But can you use purple shampoo on hair with highlights?


The answer is yes.

 You can use purple toning shampoo in your hair with highlights or streaks and today I’m going to tell you how. 

And that’s not all. I’m also going to tell you how I did it so I didn’t ruin the rest of my hair every time I used the shampoo.


That’s the history of my hair.

After many years of dyeing my hair, I decided to let my hair fibers rest, which to tell you the truth, they were screaming for.

That was when I discovered the advantage of highlights, which allowed me to give an almost natural touch to my brown hair.

can be used in highlights or balayage hair

I also discovered that purple shampoo can be used perfectly in brown hair with highlights to extend the life of the color of the dye.


Now, it seems easy.

But when the days pass and those streaks that look an adorably honey brown color, take on a chicken, almost orange color, depending on the light, it strikes the fear of God in you, and the only thing you can think of his running to the salon to get your color done again.


I started to search, almost imprisoned by my desperation, and I found the solution: purple shampoo.


I can’t tell you how my life changed after this discover.


But before I get into the details, let me explain to you what purple shampoo is, as much of a blessing for brunettes as blondes. Even though it seems like a lie, purple shampoo has achieved the impossible: unite all ethnicities of all hair colors.


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What effect does purple shampoo have on hair with highlights?

it turns brassy orange

The why is more than easy to explain.

Everything is due to color theory, which includes a magic color wheel where opposite colors counteract each other.

That’s what happens with purple or blue. It is capable of neutralizing blonde or brunette hair dyes that with the passage of time and on coming into contact with air, they oxidize and become an orange color in the case of blondes, and copper in the case of brunettes, and it gives such an ugly look to our colored hair.


 There are also other factors in play that make our beautiful brown highlights turn a horrible red like the sun, environmental contamination and even, unique properties of the hair. 

Now that you know why the purple shampoo revitalizes the color of the hair dye, let’s talk about the benefits of this marvelous hair product.


Stylists will hate me, but you can’t be loved by everyone in the world, right?

 Since I started using purple shampoo, I don’t run desperately to the beauty salon every twenty minutes religiously because the color of my highlights lasts longer and looks meticulous just like I like. 

That means, I save time and money.


And on the other hand, I punish my hair a lot less with mix of coloring products that we all know, no matter how much we hydrate and care for our hair, with time, those chemicals cause a lot of damage from sticky hair to weakening the hair fiber and hair loss.

Now you’ll ask…


What happens to the rest of my hair where there aren’t highlights?

Now, I’ll tell you.

with a smile

Did you think that I had forgotten that detail?

Of course not.


 And the answer is that absolutely nothing happens because the purple tone of the shampoo only works on yellow or orange highlights. 

Do you see why I tell you that purple shampoo is awesome for your hair?


But, yes, there is a but, and it’s not that I’m a party-pooper.

The effectiveness of these results always depends on how you apply it.

So, now, I’ll explain to you the next step.

At the end, I’ll reveal which product I use so that my highlights look fantastic for more than  forty-five days without visiting my colorist.


How to use purple shampoo in hair with highlights

leaving shampoo for two minutes

Never abuse purple shampoo. Remember that in reality, it’s more than just a cleaning product for your hair like an other shampoo, but in actuality, it works as more of a toner.

I do the following.


When I see that my highlights start to lose the color that I like, I wash my hair with my normal shampoo.


After I rinse with plenty of water so that I don’t leave even a little bit of the shampoo in my hair.

After, I apply purple shampoo to my hands and I basically cover the area of my streaks. I let it sit for two or three minutes and then I rinse.


If you have very dry hair, you can use conditioner and it’s not necessary for it to be purple.

In my case, I don’t use conditioner when I was my hair with purple shampoo.

First, because once a week, I do an intensive nourishing treatment with coconut oil.

And second, because I discovered that if I don’t use conditioner after purple shampoo, the color of my highlights looks better.

  But these types of things are only learned with practice, meaning that you have to try the purple shampoo on your hair to know how it will react because the truth is that no two people have the same hair just like no two people are the exact same. 


The same product can work differently on each person, since some hair is treated or cared for better or worse than other people, it’s more or less porous, more or less weak, more or less fine, more or less thick, and I could go one forever with different characteristics.


How many minutes to leave the shampoo on your hair

leaving in hair for a couple of minutes

Another piece of advice that I don’t want to forget is the application time of the purple shampoo.


I let it sit for two minutes.

But this depends on each person.

 What I do recommend to you is that you leave it on for maximum five minutes. I advise that you start by trying out less time first and then more time to see how the results are going. 


Either way, the worse thing that would happen is some of your hair would end up with a light lilac tone, that goes away with one or two washes with normal shampoo.


How often should you use the shampoo on your highlights?

I use it a minimum of once every five days and manage to keep my highlights in good shape. I recommend that you don’t abuse the product, since the properties of the pigments can dry out your hair.


I promised you that I would tell you which is my favorite purple shampoo because there are many brands, but after many tests, some not so impressive, I decided on Fanola’s No Yellow purple shampoo.

on brown and dark hair

Check price on Amazon


The first thing that you will note about this shampoo is its incredible, strong violet color. This tells you about the Quality of the product. The pigmentation of the purple shampoo should be strong to ensure that it gets rid of those yellowish, copperish tones in your highlights.


 Also, despite the fact that I use it every four or five days, it doesn’t dry out my hair. It looks so bright like always and the ends look healthy. I calculate that it could be because It doesn’t contain sulfates. 

Now, my highlights hold onto their color for longer.


I save time and money which I can use on other important things like maintaining the color of my hair like I like it.

I think that now it’s time that you decide.

  1. Do you want to continue being a slave to your colorist?
  2. Or would you like to extend the life of your highlights with less damaging products than the coloring chemicals?

You decide.


And now, tell me about your experience.

Have your highlights turned orange but you haven’t brought yourself to use purple shampoo?

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