How often can I tone my brassy hair? It depends on how often you wash your hair

  • You should apply toner every three to five weeks to keep your hair safe from unwanted brassy tones.
  • To make sure you do it that often, you’ll need to make certain adjustments to your hair care routine. For example, spacing out your hair washing, using sulfate-free products, and including blue toning shampoo.
  • If you don’t commit to this care, you’ll have to apply toner weekly instead of applying it every five weeks. It’ll lead to dehydration of your hair.


before and after

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What’s the best thing about the hair industry?

That it never stops inventing great products for hair care. When it comes to coloring, it wins all the awards.


Just look at Olaplex. I can bleach black hair to butter blonde in a single day due to that product.

Of course, like everything else, you need to know how to use the product. That way, you get the most benefits.


It brings us to the fact that there’s no point in applying the toner if you don’t take care of your hair.

Regardless of whether  you use the best toner from the best brand in the world, it won’t last if you use any washing products. Toner should last between three and five weeks. .


If you use any products, you’ll be a toner slave. You’ll have to apply it every ten days or even less.

It means time, money, and above all, damage to your hair. Don’t forget that any toner is applied with 20-volume peroxide.

So, do you want to know how to take care of your hair after toner application to avoid applying it so often?


Then, stay with me because I’ll tell you everything you need to know to make toner last at least five weeks.

  • What influences the toner application frequency on orange hair?
  • How to extend the toner effect on orange hair

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What factors influence the toner application frequency on orange hair?

before applying to hair

Toner lasts 3 to 5 weeks, but several issues may affect that duration.


  • If you wash your hair every day, you may need to apply toner once a week. However, if you wash your hair every other day, you may be able to space out the toner application once every two weeks.

As you can see, the frequency of use will depend on your washing and hair care habits. Of course, the products you use to maintain your hair will also affect the toner duration.


  •  If you wash your hair with the first shampoo that comes your way, you’ll probably have to reapply the toner much more often.  Why?

Because that shampoo may have, among other ingredients, the dreaded sulfates. They’re powerful detergents that are added to the shampoo to clean the hair. Of course, they also destroy everything in their path, including toner.

So if you wash your hair with one of those shampoos, you may have to reapply the toner more often.


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  • On top of that, the water you wash your hair with contains chlorine. It’s a highly corrosive chemical to the color and to the toner.[/su_list].

Ideally, you should wash your hair every 72 hours. It’ll both extend the duration of the toner and make your hair grow faster and healthier. Why?


The scalp releases natural oils that moisturize the hair. If you remove them daily with every wash, your hair fiber will dry out, and frizz will appear.


But good habits don’t stop there. If you want to apply toner every five weeks, you should also consider:

  • Protect your hair from chlorinated water.

This goes for my dear little mermaids who enjoy the pool without thinking about their hair. The pool chlorine reduces the toner duration.  The more you swim without protection, the faster the toner will fade. Also, the more often you’ll have to apply it. .


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  • Protect your toned hair from the sun’s rays.

protect keratin from uv rays

We all like to show off an enviable tan. However, if you like to sunbathe, your toner is in danger. The sun’s rays heat and fade the toner. Solution?

Every time you sunbathe, cover your hair with a beautiful cap. Nowadays, there are many colors, styles, and textures.


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  • Don’t abuse heat tools[.[/su_list]

titanium plates

If you use a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer too often, you should be aware that you are ruining your color and your hair.

Heat causes moisture and pigmentation loss in the hair fiber. Therefore, there’s no point in blaming the toner for having to apply it every week.

It brings us to the next question.


How to extend the effect of toner on brassy hair

sulfate free

Now you know which habits to adjust in your hair routine to extend your toner application to at least five weeks. It’s time for the products you use.


 There should only be one type of hair cleansing product in your bathroom, and it should read in big font: SULFATE-FREE. .

If the label of the shampoo or conditioner you use doesn’t have those two words printed on it, throw it in the trash! It may contain chemicals that are corrosive to toner.


All the big brands have special sulfate-free lines that protect any hair coloring process, whether it’s toner or hair dye. Here are some examples:



You’ll be able to keep your toner for much longer with any of these shampoos and conditioners so as not to reapply it every 3 weeks.


If you want to become an expert at spacing out your toner application, include a toning shampoo in your hair beauty routine.

neutralize orange tones

The toning shampoo contains pigments that go straight to your hair fiber to neutralize unwanted tones such as orange.


Some washes later, after the application of the toner, orange tones may reappear.

Therefore,  to maintain the effect of the toner for longer and not having to reapply it so often, you can wash with blue toner shampoo. .


In this case, you’ll use blue shampoo because it neutralizes the orange. Also, it’s easy to use. You can use it 2 or 3 times a week or just when you see your color brassy.

Frequent use of the toning shampoo will avoid renewing your toner frequently. If you follow all the above instructions, you can even space out the toner renewal for up to 8 weeks.

Do you want to know which are the best toning shampoos for your brassy hair?



All have blue pigments that’ll help you keep your toner longer. You should use them twice a week, alternating them with your sulfate-free shampoo.



The toner neutralizes the brassy tones of the hair. The application frequency is generally three to five weeks.

If you want to apply the toner less frequently, wash your hair every three days, use sulfate-free hair products, and wash with blue toning shampoo twice a week.

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