How long does it take for hair dye to grow out completely? Longer than you think

woman touches her dyed hair thinking about how much it grows

  • Considering that hair grows around one centimeter per month, in twelve months you will have twelve centimeters of colored hair that’s grown out.
  • If you’re determined to stop dyeing your hair because you want to show off your natural color, you should start a monthly plan that includes trimming your ends and applying semi-permanent hair color. Because this type of coloring doesn’t modify the natural color of your hair and fades with washing. I’ll tell you all the details later.


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Does your hair grow back the same color after you dye it?


Yes, I know. I can imagine your sighs of disappointment so far.


Because  dyed hair takes a long, long time to grow back completely. That’s why many continue to dye their hair. 


Letting your hair grow out until the dyed hair is completely gone can take a long time, and it will also depend on the growth of your hair.

Let’s start at the beginning.


When you color your hair with a permanent hair dye, you change the color of your hair forever. In other words, dyed hair never returns to its natural color.

Dyed hair loses the intensity of the color either when you wash it, when you expose it to heat from heat tools, or even when you expose it to sunlight without protection.

But your natural color won’t come back.


So if you want to stop dyeing your hair and go back to your natural color, you’ll need to come up with a transition plan to grow out your colored hair without suffering in the process.

How? Read on.


How to stop using hair dye while your color-treated hair grows out

woman dyes her hair with its natural color

Let’s break the plan down into several steps. But  a good start would be to apply a dye that’s the same color as your natural hair color. 

This way, the difference between your roots and the rest of your hair will be less noticeable when your hair grows out.

Now let’s move on to the plan.


Step 1 – Never apply permanent hair color again.

I know. It sounds easy, and for the first month, maybe it is. But after two months of no dye, you’ll want to move to the moon because your hair will have grown out at the roots, giving it a messy look.

But those roots will have your natural color. You’ve taken the first step in growing out your color-treated hair.  You can also take the opportunity to trim your ends, removing the most damaged parts of your colored hair. 


Step 2 – In the third month, conceal the color difference between your roots and dyed hair with semi-permanent dye.

Clairol semi-permanent hair color traditional colors

Why? Because  semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t change the hair’s natural color and will also gradually fade with washing. 


Of course, the secret is to apply a semi-permanent dye that’s the same color as your natural hair color.

Also, this is a good time for a major trim. Since the last time you colored your hair, three months have passed. So  your colored hair will have grown about three to four and a half centimeters, depending on how fast your hair grows. 


Take the plunge and trim two inches off the ends. Because you’ll be removing some of the colored hair. And if you’re more daring, you can go for a new haircut, a bob, or a pixie cut.


Step 3 – Stick to your decision to grow out your colored hair without renewing the dye.

I know. Maybe it’s been six or seven months since you last applied permanent hair color. But now is not the time to give up.

 Your color-treated hair has grown between seven and ten centimeters, and you can already clearly see your natural hair color. 


Continue using semi-permanent hair color, and to extend its duration, remember it’s important to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

And don’t forget to trim the ends. Every two months, you can remove two or three centimeters of your colored hair.

woman cuts off part of her grown dyed hair

  You will be closer to your goal after a year.  Maybe now that your hair has grown a lot, you’ll be up for a good cut to remove most of your dyed hair. I’ll leave that up to you.

You’ve successfully navigated the most challenging part of the journey to stop dyeing your hair.


You can also help your hair to grow faster by using rosemary water, which stimulates blood flow to the scalp, and, therefore, hair growth.

Apply a few drops of rosemary water on your scalp, massage it for ten minutes, and leave it in. Repeat the procedure up to three times a week.



Now you have a transition plan to stop dyeing your hair for a good while your colored hair grows out.

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